Singapore, Philippines · 2 Days · 3 Moments · June 2017

Florence Mae's adventure in Singapore

6 June 2017

And we are at Raffles Town Club. The place is huge and neat. We are really excited for our rooms. We had 2 rooms, but mother wanted 1 room for all of us. We would eventually transfer to a suite room tomorrow morning. The rooms have bath tubs that can turn to jacuzis (learned too late) and own frig and snacks. I had a warm bath at the tub that was so relaxing. havn't had this oppurtunity for the longest time and I'm really glaf we did took this trip. . .

5 June 2017

We're here at Cebu Mactan International Airport waiting for our Flight to Singapore. Arrived minutes before 9. I met with sister and nephew. We waited a bit for our mother then proceeded for check-in. This is our first international flight together and so we opted to come here early. And glad we did. We found out that we needed to purchase travel fees and pass thru migration. Kathy also made us food for lunch so we didn't have to buy expensive airport food. I couldn't resist the nearby coffee shop so we got ourselves drinks, coffee for me and tea for Kathy. Kendrick was sharing with my coffee. He almost consumed it all. We are currently waiting for boarding and with fingers crossed, hoping for a safe and memorable adventure ✈️
We have just arrived at changi international airport. It was so huge that we have to take the skytrain goong to terminal 2 since we landed at terminal 1. We were so lucky Uncle Teck Mean was there to fetch us. We had to exchange our money to singaporian dollars. It was much cheaper here than in tge Philippine airport. Mother regretted to have exchanged some of the money there. And we're on our way to the accommodation. . .