France, Italy · 4 Days · 16 Moments · March 2018

Florence, Italy

1 April 2018

1st April: Before heading have to our hostel to catch our flight, we sat at a Piazza and enjoyed street artists playing rock covers on a violin and guitar
1st April: We had a few hours to kill before our flight back, so we finally hiked up to the Michelangelo Piazza for a last view on the city
1st April: On easter sunday, there’s not much we could do without waiting in an endless line or being stuck in huge crowds

31 March 2018

31st March: Dinner at a 1950’s American Diner, where the waitresses wore skates.
31st March: getting lost in the streets of Florence
31st March: Once a prison and a place for executions, now the National Museum

30 March 2018

30th March: Settled down for an early dinner in Tamaro’, at the Piazza Santa Spirito
street art
March 30th: Boboli Gardens for 4,50 € - we wanted to visit the Pitti Palace, however the line was long and unmoving
30th March: Crossed to the other side of the Fuime Armo over the Ponte Vecchio, the only bridge in Florence that wasn’t bombed down during the second World War
30th March: Hercules and the Centaur Nessus
30th March: Cathedral de Santa Maria del Fiore - the line to the entrance went around the entire cathedral, so we admired it from the outside
30th March: Late breakfast at the indoor food market

29 March 2018

29th March: View from our Hostel, PLUS Florence, for 20 euros a night.
Flying over the alps
7 hour layover in Paris