Turkey, Netherlands · 19 Days · 24 Moments · July 2015

Summer University '15

16 August 2015

Welcome back home indeed. This was my best trip / holiday ever, and I already miss the Middle East sorely ya alla. 💕😢

15 August 2015

So I decided that on my last day, I should try a hammam. It feels like I just paid 15 euros to have a Turkish guy beat me up, but damn am I clean.
Extra day #2: lets get in some extra Antalya sightseeing on my own before I leave to Istanbul tonight.

14 August 2015

The last beach time! Of course we got a 5TRL indirim. We didn't have any bathing suits so underwear swimming it is
Extra day #1: fresh from the club we go to see Antalya city with the remaining Spaniards + a Czech.

13 August 2015

Last day of Summer University, so let's eat some more spicy kebab.

12 August 2015

BOAT TRIP TO PARADISE!!!! Honestly the nicest beach / clearest water ever. After that: tall cliffs i jumped from. And we went banana skiing.

11 August 2015

scuba diving: Fish are such nice people
Mountainbiking for the first time: difficult when you're 6'0

10 August 2015

Roman ruins of Olympos + old Ottoman castle that we scaled a really steep wall for

9 August 2015

The 11 hour bus trip was worth it: Antalya so far is like a dream with treehouses and this historical beach

8 August 2015

having fun in the "dick mountains"
Ürgüp, Cappadocia - after a devastating night of drinking we went exploring the mountain cave houses and a Turkish guy showed us an ancient secret church, p neat.

7 August 2015


5 August 2015

the old city of tarsus: smoldering heat, sheep heads being sold as snacks, fresh grapes that make you an instant hit among the population.. also historic buildings and a general beautiful aesthetic

4 August 2015

We begged the organizers to see Adana old city center and they finally took us mashallah! So beautiful.. apart from the old men staring at all the girls. Whaha

3 August 2015

TURKISH NIGHT!!!!! God Damn the turkish know how to cook. Our organizers (and their mamas and grandmas) pulled out all the stops. It's a day later and I still feel full

2 August 2015

Travelling over dusty roads, closer to Syria than ever, to a sea that is hotter than the tea at breakfast

31 July 2015

Biggest mosque in middle east? I had to wear a big dress and headscarf LOL i was sweating like a puta in iglesia
lookout point! cukurova university seems so nice

30 July 2015

got invited to a spontaneous dinner party with a bunch of turkish people the minute i arrived in adana! and now drinking coffee with aegee organizers
guess who finally set foot in another continent then europe? me. yes. at last. Also turkish people are nice and airplane babies can be cute
it took several hours of trudging thru limburg and there is virtually no wifi here but i made it to düsseldorf airport and i dont look too deceased yet. updates on this exciting nonsense tomorrow

29 July 2015

here goes nothing #yay