Spain · 5 Days · 15 Moments · March 2016

To Granada with mom

21 March 2016

We thought we were done with Spain, but Spain wasn't done with us!!! Three hours and counting delay in Barcelona.. Thank the French. 😡

20 March 2016

Going out for dinner in Alcaizin was worth the climb, and we ended up in the middle of a Palm's Day procession on the way back!! Incredible..
The last bits of Granada. We missed some stuff too, but I feel pretty confident we got a good picture. The weather really came down on us tho, plenty of rain and even hail!!

19 March 2016

Alcaizin !! Lots of climbing, of course, on the winding streets where you can find many lookout points, the still-not-quite-restored St Nicholas church, the mosque, the wall (with live African music), and loads of friendly doggies wandering about. Also this buffet with lots of tapas.
In Sacromonte, people live in the craziest of caves. But i'll be damned if i wouldn't love to live there among the cacti
Pretty good/challenging walk (a lot of it over BMX trails) around the Generalife into Sacromonte to burn off that dinner(s) from yesterday.

18 March 2016

At last, at a beautiful terrace, nosotros tomamos. ;)
Oh, i was wrong. Churches here don't pull punches
This has GOT to be the kitschiest church i have ever seen with my own two eyes
Even more alhambra stuff, also impressive, and including a cat who looks like my cat at home lol
Alhambra on 💯💯 feat. some crazy ceilings

17 March 2016

In spite of deathly tiredness, we traverse around the Alhambra, meeting some playful dogs and a band of cat brothers. Also a little bit of Granada before we finally crashed at the hotel
Arrived and starving. City is gorgeous and we're very happy to find the hotel is literally smack dab in front of the Alhambra, but we need pizza desperately.
earlybirds at the airport!