Italy, Lebanon · 8 Days · 23 Moments · March 2017

To the Motherland

12 March 2017

the iconic clock tower.. goodbye lebanon, see you again soon! ❤

11 March 2017

after all these years, there it is!! deir al qamar, the village of my partial origin. we only caught glimpses of it bc most of the time we were having coffee with uncle Antoine Abu Hablé aka my distant uncle!! i'm !!
a haze of partying i love The Gays

10 March 2017

old souq, mosques, hammams, a very happy hijabi seller.. this is trablous, baby
Pretty much on impulse we came to Trablous, city of instability.. but it's actually pretty chill, even the soldiers. Heres the Tripoli Citadel

9 March 2017

I cant believe we looked this good right before we got black tar stuck on our feet and jeans I GUESS THATS WHAT WE GET FOR DESECRATING THAT KING DUDES TOMB
its the famous byblos harbor!! and the most amazing lemonade ever!!
the byblos ruins!!! eclectic history of thousands of years stacked on top of eachother. featuring: the obscured tomb of a pre roman era king and me climbing trees feeling my fantasy

8 March 2017

the old jewish quarter of saida and the battle of the pregnant cats
the old french castle with eager impromtu guide (thanks 4 the history lesson!) followed by the old Water castle from the 13th century where we got arab price:D
bc we were running a little late, we decided on Saida instead of Sour. Of course saida just happens to be the most strictly Sunni, saudi-loving city of Lebanon, as well as the least touristic - but ashtagfirullah if that souq isnt cute.

7 March 2017

The Holiday Inn hotel of civil war fame followed by our slightly belated meeting with Christopher, burgers and tequila in Mar Mikhael!
The amazing American University of Beirut aka the biggest "safe space" of Lebanon, introduced to us by twitter buddy Rani and her friend Elias who invited us over for many snacks
the iconic beirut pigeon rocks also we met a lebanese guy who spoke dutch and used to study in leiden??! life is so weird
Lets have ice coffee in the exact cafe where they stopped a daesh terrorist 2 months ago bc why the fuck not #yayhamra

6 March 2017

armenian eatings at Badguèr, featuring guest appearances of our first Beiruti electricity cut and an entire bottle of hard hitting Armenian red wine🍷
Welcome to Bourj Hammoud, or more accurately, little Armenia 🇦🇲
the bus dropped us in byblos but we got back to jounieh and harissa via old men taxis and pure determination. also feat. hummus lunch and jouniehs most photogenic cat
Goodmorning Beirut! Breakfast till 12.. my kind of people.

5 March 2017

Breh look at this food in our hostel.. thank you gay god
We took a long walk through the richest parts of downtown Beirut and ended up on the boulevard! I really feel quite at home in Lebanon. 🇱🇧❤
Beirut is a chaotic beauty I'm gagged
Let's go habibtis