United States of America · 8 Days · 30 Moments · March 2018

First week in Virginia, the USA 2018

7 April 2018

Sadly, it was time to leave, and the weather went crappy so it's probably good timing in general 🌧 But Norfolk and the other explored areas of the South Hampton Roads were a lot of fun. I can't wait to come back for the summer ☀️
After watching the Merseyside derby in the early hours, we went downstairs for a quick brekkie 🔵🔴⚽️ It was only the second time we'd managed to get up for it 🍳🍞😅
In the early morning hours, the dog came up onto our bed for a snuggle. We think he knew we were leaving 😭🐕

6 April 2018

In the evening of mine and Liam's final night in the US, we drove up to Ghent and chose Kelly's Tavern for dinner 🍽🍺 Mum ate sandwiches which reminded her of NY bagels, I had a great IPA, overall a lovely evening 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦❤
Dad went back to work whereas the rest of us went to Norfolk Premium Outlets, which opened less than a year ago 🛍 I got some new pairs of jeans from Levi's and Liam grabbed a few things. Then we went to Starbucks before clearing off ⛾
After a late awakening, we first went to a bakery chain called Panera Bread out by the Military Highway. Dad came out of work to meet us too 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 It was pretty nice, though Liam compared it to Greggs in the UK and that's a crime 😂🥖

5 April 2018

Liam had been lecturing me about Wendy's fast food chain and how it's better than McDonald's 🍟 So me and him met dad downstairs, who drove us three to the local one in Ghent. To be fair, it was pretty good 🍔😏
We strolled around the Chrysler Museum of Art next door, but first had lunch in their Wisteria café 🍔 The exhibition included sculptures and paintworks from worldwide historical periods 🖼🎭 Plus modern artworks all from Europe and America 🌎🌍
Today the mother took me to this free glass demonstration in a studio that's part of the museum across the road 🔥 They made a glass vase from scratch, pretty impressive 🏺 We had to get there quite early though as it was busy.

4 April 2018

I went back to the leisure centre to watch Liam play volleyball with a group of local enthusiasts 🏐 I'm thinking I'll join in the summer too ☺
Me and Liam went out to the Blue Moon TapHouse in The Market food hall to watch Liverpool pummel Man. City 3-0 ⚽️😍 Even got a free beer on them 🍺😎 There won't be a blue moon in Manchester tonight 🔵😉

3 April 2018

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped off at this café that Liam and mum had planned to go. It was a pleasing and welcoming place for a snack and a drink 🌯🍵
⬅️ The USS Wisconsin, built in Philadelphia and launched in 1943, was used as a battleship in both the Korean War and the Gulf War 🇺🇸🚢
Today me, Liam and the mother visited the waterside museum known as Nauticus. This massive, interactive and maritime-themed museum is full of US Navy history and aquatic exploration 🐟🐠 Also connected is the iconic USS Wisconsin 🚢

2 April 2018

Liam had been going to this fitness facility nearby since he arrived last week, as there's a free weeks trial. So I joined him in the evening for my own cardio workout 🏋️‍♂️
Right beside the waterside park was an Far East Asian-style pagoda garden. I'm in the states not China but it was a nice little change of scenery 🎎🎋
Me and Liam took the dog on a decent walk to the Town Point Park right beside the waterside district 🌳 Nice and pleasant, being a convenient distance from the hotel 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🐕
The mall me a Liam went to was called the MacArthur Center, adjoining to Tidewater Community College 🛍 Our mother met us later in CPK 🍕 It's rather oddly shaped layout-wise but it's a nice shopping centre in general 👍
With mum at a craft event this morning, me and Liam eventually started walking towards the local mall 🛍 But first, we grabbed a drink from a café on the way. Can't beat chai latte sometimes 🍵

1 April 2018

Liam's Super Mario onesie was quite the giggle 😂😂🎮
Trip to the hotel jacuzzi was really relaxing. Could hardly walk afterwards though 😅💧
Me and Liam had a pleasant walk to the local supermarket shortly after we got back to the hotel 🛍🎒
Before heading back into Downtown Norfolk, dad drove us into Chesapeake nearby to show me the house they're moving into next month 🏠 Very typical American home, but looks lovely.
After the walk, we stopped off at a cafe for some lunch, and I grabbed the Chesapeake Bay Burger on the menu 🍔 It was a nice little place to stop ☺
Today we visited the Atlantic oceanfront boardwork of Virginia Beach. My parents initially compared it to Skegness in England, but that is a bit harsh in my opinion 😂 Though they did admit the weather is a lot better this time around 🌊☀️
Easter Sunday arrived this morning 😊🐇

31 March 2018

Now you can't spend your first night in the US of A without a proper American burger 🍔 Liam advised me the smokehouse burger at Guy Fieri's Smokehouse and it was lovely 😇 That was after we shared a huge and amazing portion of nachos 😍 Welcome to America indeed 🇺🇸
After I cleaned myself up following the travel sweat, the four of us went out to The Market food hall by the side of the river. Full of cuisine from all over the globe, plus a performance stage, it's got an awesome vibe 🗺🎤 We sit at an open bar waiting for seats to be available in a restaurant 🍻
Liam insisted on watching the first game of the college basketball final 4, between Loyola Chicago (who we've got friends going to) and Michigan 🏀📺
After a long journey from Preston, we arrive at the Residence Inn by Marriott my parents (and Liam the last week) have been staying at here in Norfolk, VA. I'm mostly happy to see my dog tho 😂🐕😜