North America, Europe · 8 Days · 9 Moments · December 2016

Barcelona, Tenerife, Sevilla & Morocco

6 January 2017

Leaving after 2 days in Sevilla...very interesting city and much different than Barcelona for certain. We decided to cough up money and do a tapas & wine tour, as those are a few things Sevilla is known for, given its proximity to the water and as a port city. The seafood was excellent, as was the wine. Though I learned sherry was not my favorite and I could live without ever having it again...I also had some of the most expensive pork cuts ever ("Iberian Jamon"-- pigs aren't available in the US) and squid ink pasta. Sevilla is rich in history, as it host one of the largest Catherdrals in the world, and was the center of the Spanish Inquisition. It was a little difficult to navigate since it is such an old city, but we managed to do so nonetheless- including fighting a crowd during the "3 Wiseman" parade, going out on the Epiphany holiday, and running to the market for last minute MAC Cosmetics during the Black Friday equivalent. Would definitely return to Sevilla again!!

3 January 2017

Along with the volcano 🌋, we went on a hike to find these ruins of a structure. Ironically, NO ONE on the island knew about this structure so we were kind of on our own to find it (Even though it was a national park)!!! 3 hours, 6 miles, and 74 stories later...found it and couldn't actually get in, which was a bummer.
Went on an adventure hike in the Northern part of the island today!! There's an inactive (well inactive since 1789) volcano about an hour away from Tenerife, so we rented a car and decided to drive up. Not my first volcano hike (CC: Costa Rica), but for sure my first experience driving up a mountain in Europe! I felt like I was in Mario Kart on the tiny, windy roads in a small little European car.

2 January 2017

Made it to the Canary Islands! Tenerife is beautiful, lots of people from all over the world on "holiday." Excited to explore ruins, hike a volcano, eat fresh seafood, and have some r&r on the beach for a couple days!!

1 January 2017

Went to CDLC (Cadow Diem), a popular nightclub in the Port Olimpia neighborhood for New Years celebration. Keeping in mind, it is 🇪🇸 Spain, so it's not unusual for partying to take place from 1am to 6am...and that's exactly not what we did!! 🎉

31 December 2016

NYE in Barcelona!!! December 31st was an adventure filled day-- in addition to it being New Years Day, we decided to make the most of our days and visit Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, FC Barcelona stadium, and anything else we could. It was exhausting, but doing the Hop On-Off bus ended up being a savior on maximization of time.

30 December 2016

Finally made it to Barcelona! It's almost noon here and after the overnight flight, I am running on fumes!! But that's not going to stop anyone from exploring the city today!! Off to see some sites 💁🏾

29 December 2016

Made it to Newark...just in time for a 6 hour layover. And look who I found--one of my trip buddies! Off to to the American Airlines Admirals Club to make this insane amount of time a little less painful!
First step of the journey-- traveling from DCA--EWR for a red eye flight to BARCELONA!!!