United States of America · 1 Days · 19 Moments · April 2018

First camping trip of 2018! Gee Creek.

15 April 2018

Well our trip came to an end early. 😭 At midnight last night torrential rains and wind came. We stayed completely dry but it's not supposed to clear up until 4-5pm and it's nothing but downpour until then. Not being able to cook or do much else but wait it out for hours in the tent, we decided to grab what we could and head home. We are coming back this evening to pack up the rest of our things, and hopefully stay dry while doing it. We had a blast though. Can't wait until this is a more permanent thing for us as we travel and explore our world.

14 April 2018

My husband and Raven... Caught unaware?
So sweet. Close up and perspective pic.
Pretty rocks and feet. Thanks Emma!
Warm up time. Burrrrrr.
Metallic colored (seriously shimmery) river sludge. Looks disgusting and beautiful at the same time.
Fresh water river muscle.
Crazy girls!!
Emma and Raven dunking in the freezing water!! Lol. And a couple of sweet little girls playing in the rivers edge with their Dad.
Looking for arrowheads
He was a really nice guy. Love the people you meet in the mountains.
Nice fly fisherman we met!
My girls Emma and Raven in the river. Lol. Raven says it's too cold!!
Our home away from home. I prefer this home actually.
Smores in preparation!
The after math of cooking fried potatoes and hamburgers on the grill! It was so good!
My baby getting ready for the swimming hole!!
Raven and Emma getting their towels to go swimming.
It is nice out today but of course I'm still burning up! It is 1:02pm and we just got our tent set up. I have been looking forward to this trip for months!