New Zealand · 19 Days · 158 Moments · January 2019

Fiona's trip to Anna and Brendon’s Wedding

2 February 2019

Awww sweet
The food , the cake was surfers.
I just love the way everybody is thinking ... what a better way to spend a lovely summers evening...catching up with old friends.
You know that moment when Brendon you can’t help but you are bursting with pride 💖
It may be hot but there are some mother in laws that equal the temperature.
Anna what can we say ... “The dress is gorgeous ....”
Brendon and Anna’s wedding full of the “ I love you bro”
Loving the atmosphere and occasion.
The KINNAIRD siblings after 13 years back in one spot in NZ.
Everyone making the most of the beautiful scenery...what a fantastic spot Anna and Brendon.
We have arrived..the KINNAIRD wedding 🎩👰 coach.
Willy in his wedding outfit, what a beautiful boy 💕🐥🐶🐇🐳🐢

1 February 2019

Is that another beer Dan I see you are acquiring from that there fridge.
Camp KOHOUT getting ready..
Morning of the wedding and the last minute touches.
Views of Orewa from the house.
Late into the night Michelle’s sisters chat and catch up. Plans are made, Pinot noir discussed.
Look the three Kinnaird siblings second generation gathered for a reflective moment as Brendy thinks “ shit man this is really happening”. Royster does a speech.
Brendy and the boyz...chilling and having beers 🍺
The Black Apron catering has a nice ring to it.
The last supper, Nerissa director of operations, Kaylene chef extrodanaire, Royster wine taster, Geoff and Belinda “the hired help”...Alex and Cila catering corps...
All having a cool dip, and remembering this is Brendy’s last night as a bachelor. The Royster reading over his speech. Peter on watering duties.
Willy and Dad having a bonding moment, Dad I cant see you ..says Willy?
Willy having a swim with Cila and Alex. What cuties all of them.
A well earned drink before the big day. Did we mention Nana is suppose to be looking after Willy, it’s thirsty work Steph 🍻

31 January 2019

Busy bees visiting cheese shop, and then I get to drive Stephanie’s car back to the hall. That’s Nerissa in the passenger seat 😬
Finishing touches...
The crew need sustenance as well, and Michelle heroically buys chips and mussels for them.
A trip with Willy for lunch, he and I abstain from fried mussels ..a wise choice Willy. Kaylene enjoys her lunch but had to buy a lemon for 2 dollars to do so, I feel your pain Kaylene. George tries to help a kiwi tourist open her bottle of drink. If it was a hip replacement I don’t think they would have come out a winner...ha ha 🥤
Director of operations is doing the ironing...#underthethumb. Meanwhile the ladders are just not tall enough Brendy.
The flower arrangers, or should I say scavengers are going great guns....more vegetation Peeeteer !!!
While back at the hall, things seem to be coming along nicely. Willy is testing out the strength of the barrel and giving us the go ahead, “sure Grandad, we can fill this one with ice and stubbies.....hide it round the back away from the boys, so we have some for Sunday” 🍻
If the walls could talk, maybe best they didn’t, it was a bit sad in places, last drink for some when you read some of the descriptions.
The pub was something else, not just a watering hole..
The wanderer is having a wee break at lunchtime and visits Puhoi library. She tells the librarian that she heard about her library on a podcast in England.
Fiona sneaks off to see Catholic Church to find George and Kaylene there. George can’t believe Puhoi was settled by Bohemians (Czechs).
Th crew arrive to set up the hall, and the transformation begins.

31 January 2019

Swimming and eating, life before the big day. The dinner table laid out with great food prepared by the Aunties....well not all the Aunties.
This is how we entertain ourselves by planning scrabble with Aunty Elfreda and Stephanie, Brent and Willy jump on the trampoline.
Look at the gorgeous place Michelle booked for us to stay in Orewa. It is Absolutely Fabulous🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂
Packing the booze in the chiller to Orewa. Nerissa freaked about pulling the trailer. We left Stephanie behind, to finish the cake. She needed a bit of help to get the job done and it was not from Willy. We left Kaylene and George buying a top up card for the GPS but they arrived the same good navigators after all.

30 January 2019

Another pre wedding dinner...but tomorrow we go to Orewa.
Willy having a cool dip 🐳
Getting pampered for the wedding, hair done, and great result. Guess what Steph found Kaylene’s hat... she thought it was a Crocodile Dundee hat. Had my eyebrows shaped and coloured 🤪

29 January 2019

Anna was chair of our pre wedding meeting. Nerissa interrupted throughout.
This was the gathering to be briefed on wedding business. Anna chaired and we all knew what we needed to do to help ... Steph in charge of cake making 🍰Kinnaird Aunties to help set up hall and put the greenery around hall 🦄 There was even a stocktake of the alcohol. According to official wedding sites most guests at a wedding consume 400 bottles was that beer Anna or wine.
More photos of Willy of course 🐥🐇🐶🐥🐇🐶
Getting to know Brendon and Anna’s friends.
The beginning of operation wedding prep 💍
Went to visit Steph and Willy in Te Awamutu ..lovely home.
Visiting Cilas and Graces cafe..lovely coffee and food.

28 January 2019

Nerissa bought wedding balloon for Cila and Alex.
Another night at the Kinnaird’s.
The market was held in the church grounds. They had a band playing in the church. The name badges on the wall inside the church are for regulars to wear. Good idea for newcomers.
Fantastic market in Cambridge. Didn’t know where to start !
A portaloo kiwi style...translation shit box 🤣
Visiting Elfreda at her new place. The photo of the flowers are Mums old tramping boots.

27 January 2019

I love my Mum says Willy.
Looking at old photos Stephanie’s Oscar not Archie putting make up on with Stephanie. The one of Brendon in just a T shirt is what was replicated for Brendon’s stag do. At this point it is wise to know that he was not wearing anything underneath which is what Michelle tells us. This will be for both ocassions digging in the garden and attending the stag do 🤣
We picked Peter up from the airport and bought him straight to Sunday in the park. Food set up in Hamilton gardens and then we met up with Anna and Brendon’s friends for Pre wedding get together. Lots of man love from Dan.
Images of life in the Kinnaird household.
Breakfast and then off to work with Roy and the cows.

26 January 2019

Poor Anna did she know what Brendon liked about her the most, was it her knees?
The girls having a giggle, during Anna’s hen night.
Delicious food, and Anna looking like Moana.
Stef..looking lovely
Anna had her hen lunch at the Gothenburg.. very plush restaurant in Hamilton.
Elfreda and Michelle before Anna’s hen do.
Loving more supermarket Hamilton.

25 January 2019

Rapaura wine for the wedding.
Alex’s friends and Graces boyfriend eating Nerissa lovely plum cake. Plums from the garden.
Family and friends descending to say hi, typical Friday night at Roysters.
Getting some bits from Chartwell shopping centre. old Mout at its finest.
Babysitting duty with Willy and Grandad.

24 January 2019

Anna and her thimble of champagne. Mums old tea set. First night in Hamilton.
Stephanie, Cilia’s, and Alex’s house they rent out around Waikato.
Sun protection NZ style.
Marlborough sounds
Saying goodbye to the Wither Hills.

23 January 2019

Last meal, and images of Marlborough. Just walking along to drop bags off the wineries are advertised, it is a real tourist attraction now.
Images of Waikawa. Spotted Deans old batch and there is no boating club or shop !
Love this wall 💖
Looking around Picton. It has developed and has much better access to harbour.Very choppy the day we visited and foreshore had someone eating chips 🍟
Images of Picton, a trip with George.
View of Shakespeare Bay where the cruise liners come in to dock.
This is the lookout that Joyce and Adrian had their photo taken in 1999.Changed a bit now.
View of Picton.
Then a quick peak at Jan and Johnny Archie’s home.
Waikawa as it is now.
Lunch for Dads birthday at Rockferry new vineyard. I had fritters yum.
Visiting Heather and Peter PHILLIPS. They had a photo of Jean there in a magazine, that I took a photo of.
Met up with Debbie DAVIES for morning tea.

22 January 2019

Visiting where I used to work when I was in primary school.
We visited Kaylene tramping friend. House has been in house and garden a few time ..just a few. Her her husband is Georges Michael the winemaker.
Wine tasting at Wairau River and Nautilus. There is a few now, but some older wineries have closed down like Mud House.
Brayshaw Park needs a bit of PeterJacksons money to help tart it up. Couldn’t find the Jail ! Though Mary Lou thinks that I should have bought the old planes over they would have been invaluable.
My old High School. All changed now and they are going to make it co oed.
Biking along Opawa river to see Doug and Shirley. Had a great catch up about their family. Doug was having his tablet for his Parkinson’s and Shirley was as lively as ever.
Visiting my godmother Margaret WEBB. 88 and doing so well. We had tea and ginger kisses. Photos of Peter, GRAHAM and Ann. The old house that I used to play in. Still the same colour.

21 January 2019

Visiting Mum and Dads graves. Kaylene had been out the week before and cleaned the lichen off them both with Glenda.
We stopped for ice cream and milkshake and then had a quick look at the new Wairau Hospital. Notice the style Adrian..every inch of corrugated iron..the new look. See us KINNAIRD’s on the wall, me as a baby sitting on Roy’s knee, who is sitting on Father Christmas. Nerissa is there too.
We waited to see the steam train at the railway station. It was a real treat to see the train, and see the passengers board for the trip to Picton. I bought some bits, as gifts from the Kiwana shop.
Donors for the new arts theatre, Kay and Vern are there Gold and Silver !
Back in town to do some transferring of funds at ANZ. Kaylene took us to BV her favourite coffee place.
We stopped to see Bev DOOLE in Rarangi. Her house is lovely.
We see a weka in the morning and listen to the birds, tuis in the trees. Coming back over from Whites Bay there are great views of Rarangi.
Nerissa, Kaylene and I head off to Whites Bay for a camping trip. We swim in the sea and see glow worms.Fun staying in the camper van.

20 January 2019

Swimming in the sea was a slight challenge !
Charmaine and David visited yesterday.
We have to enter at our own risk.
Church on Sunday at St Mary’s. Kaylene not keen but pleased to have gone.
The goat is getting a cuddle.
Pink socks and jandles and deer heads...all happening at Farmers Market.
Visiting Farmers market Saturday morning. I bought pine nuts, honey and french patisserie.
Orange Gerberas.

19 January 2019

Glenda, Phil, Joanna and Lester visited for dinner, great night with friends.
Cycling to see relatives..
More of Peter Jackson’s exhibition. Also a section there to display the poppies that were knitted across the country for WW1 centenary.
Fantastic Peter JACKSON aviation heritage exhibition. This is the fall of the Red Baron. The flag is the original from his plane and the boots were separated for years until recently.

18 January 2019

Our church that we married in 20 years ago. Into its 2nd century and colours look really nice.
Recognise the church Adrian. Driving back from NELSON to Blenheim.
The day after, everyone good no hangovers, but looking forward to kiwi breakfast in Kaiterteri. We also hooked up with the lovely Johnnie Archie and kids.

17 January 2019

Picking Susan up from the airport, and then meeting up with the girls. What a great reunion. All my school friends in one place for the night, fantastic. We caught up with old primary school buddy Paddy Fairweather. We hit Motueka town, with a Thai and a boogie at Hotel Motueka.
Famous jeweller who made Shirley’s wedding ring, also made The One Ring 👍
Pelorus ...the cicadas were deafening !

16 January 2019

Nerissa arrives and we have our first meal. Kaylene is too cold for Blenheim weather tonight. Kots the cat. Czech name for Tom cat.
Everyone loves pak and save
Images of Blenheim, and the sun keeps shining.
Visiting a New Zealand supermarket, always so exciting
36 Stephenson street
Kaylene’s last shift before she finishes for holiday
Nerissa arriving to Blenheim International airport
Went for a early morning walk ..thought just have a quick look at Wither Hills and 1.5 hours later get back to Kaylene’s. Lets just say it took longer than I thought and even one walker stopped me, as he recognised me from the beginning of my walk. “Have you been right round ! “ Saw Salt and Peppers NZ cousin 🐇 Just look at that Blenheim sky.

15 January 2019

Rewarded after great hosts Kaylene and George cooked amazing lasagne at lunch. Beef, fresh garden vegetables and NZ potato’s for dinner with homemade creme brûlée for pudding. I could use to this.
I used to live here I think aged 4 to when I was about 11. Had my 4th birthday in this house, and lots of memories associated with it. I think we moved from Redwoodtown, Cleghorn street to here. how many times, did I roller-skate up and down that drive!
Kaylene, shopping for an ipad. In what I remover as the old cinema now furniture store.
Images of Blenheim high street..The old post office, looks like the ugliest building here, what a big lump of dirty grey. Rotunda still in Blenheim, wonder how old it is. Shops I still recognise, Farmers, Vogue, McRaes..and they have moved the ANZ bank, how could they. Mr Barry’s bookshop is still in Blenheim and Mr Barry, I didn’t dare go and say Hi ..
Kaylene took me to the bank in Blenheim and I saw this outside the supermarket, made me laugh. The captions keep coming into my head, I thought Adrian would appreciate..”Loose woman in Blenheim loose sweet corn”.
Flying into Auckland, seeing a giant kiwi sums NZ ...always have to have large “things” on display. Imagine coming across this as a foreigner with jet lag, frighten the life out of most people. Well at least I am in the right country.