South Africa, Mozambique · 5 Days · 22 Moments · October 2017

FSIPS's Mozambique & Swaziland tour 2017

18 October 2017

Watching the local kids from Zitundo dancing before dinner. All the excitement was too much for Isla who never managed to finish her meal as she passed out - bless her. πŸ˜ͺ😴😌
Pool time.... Then Isla and Steve sipping on my fruit cocktail.
While eating lunch the tide was making its way in. This clear object with the blue is called a blue bottle. It stings you if you catch the blue section and it needs vinegar adding to it. The tide was high and was washing such creatures up on to the beach.
Lunch time. Our table was on the beach this time. Beach picnic for 3.
Some views around the resort.
Breakfast on our own veranda before going out on the boat for the ocean safari. The ocean safari was eventful. 3 humpback whales; mum, big child and baby. Then a school of dolphins. The came very near the boat. We got out to snorkel and they were very close. Basilio had a hold of Isla. Isla dud not stay in the water long as the dolphins swam away (before I could get in) but she was excited to have seen them. She said seeing them was fantastic. Everyone quickly got back on the boat (which I never got off), then we chased after them and got out again. I managed to get out this time. I heard Isaac the main instructor is coming in your direction Fiona. So I swam towards where he was pointing. A few of them were in between us all. We have no photos but a great memory. (Bas had Steve's underwater camera and I think while supporting Isla he forgot to press the button). They they drove the boat over to the reef. Isla did not want out this time so stayed with Steve.

17 October 2017

Private dinner for us some family selfies needed. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ
Isla.....foing the Bubble Maker course. This is basically the same as the discover scuba but as less than 10 yrs, they are not allowed on their own and do not do the test items in the water. Isla however was a natural fish and within a minute mastered the breathing. They took her buoyancy aids air out it and she did not realise.....she was swimming at the bottom of the pool and she did not realise. She was a little Star (fish). πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
Bless him......the room cleaner decorated the bed.
The clean beach, clear water and some of the sea monsters we found along the way (plus crabs)
A little play in the pool for Isla before we all went on a very long walk along the beach. We walked approximately 5-5.5km.....and there was no one else bar us, Basillo and thousands of crabs. Isla and Bas both wore off their energy chasing the crabs and trying to catch them. Some the dug out their holes, others they caught in the water. It was like a comedy show watching the crabs run and change direction with those 2 trying to catch them.

16 October 2017

After breakfast we walked down the deserted beach. We saw 1000 of crabs and jelly fish. Isla showed Baz how to ride a horse.
Some fun.
Breakfast on the first complaints about the view.

15 October 2017

Sun setting as we walked along the beach on the first evening. Beautiful. Dinner. The menu was not good for us fussy people but they agreed to make sure we get food we like. The F&B manager, Amos, was the same as last year. He gave us a big welcome back when he saw us at dinner. This year our butler is Belmiro. At dinner we saw Jonas our butler from last year.....he was over the happy to see us. Some of the bar staff remembered us all came up through the afternoon to shake our hands and say welcome back. It was lovely (even if the are paid to remember people). At dinner Amos told us the called back Basilio from leave when they realised we were on the first list. He will finish his leave when we depart - bless him. Poor Basilio. That must have been why the driver had him in the Car at the border. Not just collecting from church but from leave. 😢😐
Our first night's sunset
The end of the first day relaxing having a nice meal. Isla and her besty mate Bazillo.
Arrived at White Pearl Resorts. While filing out the paperwork as we arrived at the resort.....Isla disappeared with Bas. We assumed to the activity centre so went to the room and thought we will go back for lunch in the bar next to the activity centre. Isla was not there.....the duo had gone for a walk on the beach.
After an early start from our rest stop on Pongola, we crossed the South Africa/Mozambique border at Kosi Bay. Isla is on cloud nine. While we were filling in the papers at Moz side of border, a voice from behind said "Hello". We all turned around at it was the rescue swimmer from the resort we were heading to. Isla's friend that she saved the turtle with while we were there last year. Basilio. And she recognised him as once she looked at him she threw herself at him for a hug. He had been at Church in the village by the border and was with one of the White Pearl drivers. They did church then came to the border to collect a guest. Isla asked him to come back to the resort in our he did.
That's our overnight stay at a guest house in Pongola finished on route to the Mozambique border at cosy bay.

14 October 2017

Hitting the road family selfie. 😁