France, Guadeloupe, Dominica · 14 Days · 13 Moments · April 2018

Fiona's tour through Dominica

7 May 2018

4 May 2018

So about 10 days in now guys and getting into a good routine. I'm totally wrecked physically, but doing good as well. Everyone in the village and the volunteers are lovely. Theres a great sense of giving back and the locals are delighted to have there school back on track. Today we visited the principal in the temp school and we are going to do some fun activities with the kids for six weeks on a Friday afternoon! Cannot wait to get stuck into this and get to know the kids too!!!

3 May 2018

This is our little walk to work everyday and 2 other volunteers, Candice and Hannah.
This is Thursday morning here in Paix Bouche, in North West Dominica! It's a week that I'm here yesterday and it's flown by!!! Today it's a bit cloudy and there's a nice breeze, but it'll be warm later on too! Luckily we are working on the ground floor of the building, so it's shaded! Yesterday was tying vertical metal to horizontal metal to make sure the structure is secure if there's another strong hurricane or earthquake. I was working with Tony from London, but lives here and Hai Yen from London also! We are living in Mrs Monet's house, who has rented it to the organisation! Next door lives the pastor and his wife! You can see the view from the balcony in the photos! The locals are really lovely people. My favourite so far are an earlier lynne couple who are sitting out on their verandah as I walk down to the work site, they always check I'm fine and wave!!!

28 April 2018

So today was really fun, we headed out to scuba dive. The Caribbean sea is so warm and there was lots to see there. Heading out of WiFi now will get back to you

25 April 2018

OK I'm on the last little demi-heure flight now!!
Last night in a cosy bed with ac! Last leg of the journey today and I'm there!

24 April 2018

Rum cocktail is very strong!!
Looks pretty awesome but I'm waiting for the Atlantic instead!
So I've landed in Guadaloupe. It's really beautiful alrite and the taxi driver was great! So yep not sure what time I'm at as it's 4 hours behind here and we just had an eight hour flight! So why not have a ginger beer, sans alcool! It's really gingery and good! So an early flight in the morning again, so looking forward to a good sleep here tonight before the Dominic fun starts!
Who ever said French people are unfriendly? And late night arrivals are not a good idea! Leasing to one €50 taxi drive to a F1 hotel, where the credit card machine doesn't work and you are trying to spell out the letters of your surname to an intercom to get a bed to sleep in! A very nice French guy arrives, who understands me and English send helps out. A porter awakes from his deep to let us have a pin for a room! It's about midnight by now! Following morning, there are no taxis! As it turned out I save about €45 by train, bus and tram journey to Orly airport and here we are about to take off to Guadaloupe! The photo shows the directions from 2 very nice and helpful ticket guys! Things are going yo get hotter I can sense it, people are looking very summery!!