Malaysia, Nepal · 18 Days · 20 Moments · November 2017

Fiona's adventure in Nepal

16 December 2017

14 December 2017

Penang is growing on me! After the initial tourist look of the place, I'm glad to say the culture is still there to be seen. It's a UNESCO site for its mixture of Malaysia, Chinese and Indian people! So I had the chance to produce a piece of Batik artwork with the lively Rozana! And there is a thing about street art here and it grows and changes all the time!

13 December 2017

Wow, tonight's food market in Penang is buzzing! I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it tasted good! I am amazed by people pulling up on their moped on the way home from work and getting a take out, without leaving the saddle!!! It's super warm up here!!!

12 December 2017

Masjid Nejara or National Mosque and museum in KL is well worth a visit!! I travelled there with Arthur and Alexis, who are from the US and staying in Back Home hostel, in too! Then we checked out butterfly's and bugs in the Botanical Gardens! Tomorrow I'll make my way to Penang by bus, it'll take 5 hours, but I'm sure will be worth it!!!

11 December 2017

What an amazing walking tour of Kathmandu! We saw so many things in just 4 hours, including monkey temple on the Hill! Basically the thing I admire the most is that all religions are able to get on well in this country. Even to the point that Buddhist enter Hindu Temples and vice versa! In one square there are five or six different places of worship, but from all different types of believes! How cool!

10 December 2017

Monkeys and cows today in Kathmandu, as we looked around for temples to visit! Then cheese pancakes with Kat, who was also a volunteer with Allhands! !

8 December 2017

The view today!!

5 December 2017

This is the school building site!! We have lunch here near where the locals are living! There are chickens and goats all around too! We are having rice and Dahl and different pickles every lunchtime! It's nice and fresh! Some if the local women have the contract to feed the volunteers!!! The school is coming on slowly but surely! Today we are building the septic tank!

4 December 2017

Laurin and Tim from down under on our way to the school site this morning and a few photos of the view and place!!

2 December 2017

Our site by night!
This is the outdoor living room!!
This was today's lunch spot!! We had momo's, which are really popular here. A kind of steamed dumpling, filled with seasonal veg! They were yum and a plate of 10 cost something like 60p, just to put things in perspective!! This village is very busy with kids running about and women washing clothes and hair at the tap! Nepalese people are really lovely! On yesterday's bus journey a young girl and her two little sisters got onto an already packed bus. As the driver tore off, the guy next to be just took her baby and sat him on his knee for the rest of the journey, they were complete strangers! Imagine something like like happening on the Piccadilly line!! Heading to my first working day tomorrow!!

1 December 2017

Way hay we made it to the site camp, way up in the mountain!! Let's just say everyone was glad to get off the bus that was jam packed and going too fast!! Even the roof had people on it towards the end!! So I've made friends with Laurin from Australia, Fadi from the US and Jamie from Thailand!! All really lovely. We have our tents pitched close by each other too!! So the site is really basic but people are friendly and I guess it works. The area is really remote and roads are not too good! Everyone we have met are really lovely, helpful and curious about who we are and what we are doing! So yeah. On Sunday work starts proper, so looking forward to that!!
The electrical wires in a tangle!!
Busy people were stopping, paying their respects at this shrine and heading off about their business in Thamel, Kathmandu!!

30 November 2017

Made it to alpine hotel in Kathmandu. It's got such crazy traffic. You take your life in your hands!!! Really cool place though!! Off to meet Fadi and Laurin other Allhands volunteers now to get sim and tent!!!!!!

29 November 2017

Wow so after 7 years of putting it off, I finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! It's been a great start, a very friendly taxi driver dropped me right to the hostel, called 'Back Home'. It's comfy and the people are very helpful! Then you top it off I had dinner with the lovely Katy from Orchard! So great to catch up!! We had dinner in Jalan Alor! A great street market!! I started as I mean to go on by shopping in Central Market today!! Early to bed for the next leg to Kathmandu in the morning! Thanks Rose and Maria for getting me to the correct Heathrow terminal this morning, or was it yesterday morning.......!