United Kingdom · 5 Days · 8 Moments · June 2017

Fiona's adventure in London, United Kingdom

25 June 2017

Ate lunch at a new restaurant in Brentwood on Saturday with Heather and my parents.....before heading back to the hotel to meet the Virgin chauffeur for the airport run. It was such a busy week with no time for prior planning giving the last minute. It was good to successfully meet a few friends and family during meals for a catch up. Parents - joined in by staying at the same hotel. Sue and Adrian on 21st after my mum planned that while I was at the Great British Women event. Met Sylvia, Pete, Rob and Tanya on 23rd then Heather on 24th. ......busy busy busy..... It is still surreal but I am proud of myself. 25th June - this was the best. I got back home for cuddles and Breakfast with my 2 favourites. Steve and Isla.

23 June 2017

Dinner at the Nags Head, Brentwood. Pete & Sylvia joined us for a drink while Rob and Tanya joined us for dinner. It was nice to see them. Planned last minute on the day as after seeing my news on Facebook they realised I was in the country and wanted to meet up. Given it had been so long since I saw them....it was a lovely catch up.
More from the Dunton InWED.
International Women in Engineering Day Held at Dunton Engineering Centre. 84 school girls from 7 schools joined in. A fun day promoting work in the Auto Industry and STEM.

21 June 2017

Kerry Smith whom I previously worked with in Dagenham and Mary Islam (Powertrain Quality) were also some of the lucky ladies like myself. Leah Bruce won the manufacturing category. Kerry, Leah and myself were within the Manufacturing catergory.
Autocar Great British Women......Top 100 women in the car industry 2017.......and I am one of the hundred - wow. It is still surreal. Xx
Wow.....I am one of the lucky people to be ranked in the Top 100 Rising Stars, Autocar Great British Women competition. Thanks Ford Motor Company for the nomination. Now it is event day, the secret can be shared as the event is the same day as the media release.....so I could now tell people (Facebook and What's App). This was very surreal but a fantastic privilege to get this recognition.

20 June 2017

Twickenham Rugby Stadium, home of English Rugby. .....for one day only (21st June) it will also be home to Autocar Great British Women recognition event for the Top 100 Rising Stars in the Auto Industry 2017. I stayed at the Marriott Twickenham by the stadium for this 1 night. My parents arrived mid after while I was juggling work audios......so I met up with Mum and Dad around 5pm after the meetings finished. Andy McKee who was working in Staines also arrived around 5:30pm. The 4 of us went for a wander and found a lovely Indian restaurant - food was great. Andy was surprised to here my news and why I was there 😀 it was still a secret until 21st so had to gag him......