Italy · 7 Days · 11 Moments · June 2018

Fiona and Pat go to Tuscany June 2018

23 June 2018

Pizza in Pisa!!

22 June 2018

still feeling bereft this morning as we view where Our Boat used to sit. where had it gone? and without even telling us. thus ..Our Mission was set. after our usual breakfast on the terrace while gathering thoughts about our day ahead (another hot one), off we set. firmly focussed. across to the other side of the canal (the port side) and ..holdy on tho …isn’t that one of the fish restaurants recommended by our airbnb host? with the unpromising name of lucifero. looked lovely but closed. however , sticking our noses against the window worked a treat and the owner opened the door to welcome us in. and bingo! we had our table booked for our last evening. onwards with The Mission. a peek into the huge shipyard - they had started on another (smaller) boat- then to the reception to ask the smart looking youngish guy what they’d done with Our Boat. i think it took him a while to realise we were serious. or maybe it was just fiona’s faltering italian. nonetheless, he did tell us it had been

21 June 2018

So few photos! Boat in state of preparedness for launch - but when? Tuscan countryside route to Lucca today. Parked just outside city walls. And cycle up on walls then about turn and part way back and through city. Climbed Torre for fine view of city. Dinner in promising restaurant outside in courtyard - with Chinese family adjoining. Underwhelming white light event on longest day. Puccini in tunnel in Orta Botânico and couldn’t get into Duomo. But unexpected night choir in church was highlight. Head to autostrada. (Pat a whizz as always at wheel. Cool n calm.) and home ...but... Alas!! Our boat has gone !!

20 June 2018

Quarry details One of two caves previously railway tunnel - 600mx2. 400m above and below. Extraordinary quality for M Angelo. Family run 3 blocks per week €8000 -3000 per ton max block 35Ton - max 100 ton per week. Blemish free safety record. Tx to virgin M effigy. Undercut with vidium saw blade then drill holes either side and feed in diamond studded cord which rotates at 150km/hr to cut sides of block then metal cushion either side filled with water under pressure to split it at back and allow grippers to pull out. Need a Concession lasts 29 years from Carrara city - pay 3% of profit as well
Boat arrived on out terrace Morning swim quiet tho not very clean. And then jellyfish sting. Out in a flash. Coffee at bar with advice on bee stings. Not medusa - just requires salt water caldo Long hot drive to Carrara / Fantiscritti not Colonatta. Fab tour of marble gallery - 15!!! Bliss. Then Pietrasanta walked past king of sculpture in his studio wearing his newspaper crown. Tickets for dance and dinner at Jiulo, and unexpected gallery in old church - exhibition of Manolo Valdes (Spanish) of heads etc. Norwegian dance Kaboom by Subjazz - fabulous in civic centre. Home - watched huge boat transiting the city across our terrace view

19 June 2018

Tourist info lovely chat then coffee pastry in cafe by market square. Torre del Lago by car long way round the lake to start in Massaciuccoli and tour on lake - kingfisher!! Purple Herron, cormorants, sterns, Reed warblers, botanic gardens with Lucia as guide. Dinner in de Gorgio in Viareggio- classy fish restaurant.

18 June 2018

Apuane Alps and walk in Orta Botânico with Zoe then Home in torrential rain to shop in Lidl and bruschetta/pasta dinner on terrace
Pietrosanta via coast road through Viarregio. Sculptures from car park with exhibition of heads in main square where we had fab bruschetta before moving on
Sculptures around town.

17 June 2018

Breakfast on terrace after wander down canal to sea. Very busy frontage. Faded late 1920s architectural grandeur bedecked and surrounded by more recent tat. Fiona’s hat making frequent escape bids. Afternoon exploring Viarregio - the pasagiatta, Balina baths, stopped in park and lovely Villa Argentina, housing exhibition of viareggio beach photos - and a few jaunty swimming costumes (some knitted) from 1900. Relax on terrace, planning - and dinner across canal in R Fronte del Porto. All fish. Did we not leave something at the restaurant?

16 June 2018

We arrived!! Collected hire car and set off with google map. Met Martina in flat and dinner in fabulous Leone’s restaurant round corner fronting canal.