Ireland · 1 Days · 4 Moments · August 2017

Reunion in colorado

1 August 2017

The next day we went down for breakfast... absolutely amazing. There were muffins, fruit loops, orange juice, apple juice, cereal, milk, and a lot more. We checked out with a full (and happy) tummy.
I finally arrived. We went to the baggage claim and left to go on a bus to rent a car. After that, we drove to our hotel. First we went straight into the (horribly cold) pool. Luckily, there was a hot tub. Way better. Then we left to have dinner. A nice hamburger and chips. Everyone was half asleep as soon as we sat down! Food: 7/10
Next flight. Chicago to Denver. 3 hours. How hard can it be? I sat down on my seat and the plane lifted off. There were really cool entertainment devices. You could play Angry Birds on that thing! I got an hour of sleep which is good for me. But rough landing. Overall, pretty good flight! 9/10.
The airport was better than I thought. The queues were faster than usual and we made it to our flight. Going on an 8 hour flight from Dublin to Chicago is hard sometimes. Good service... the problem was that they didn't have personal entertainment devices. They just played depressing movies in French. The food wasn't good, either. I got no sleep at all. Again, good service. Tiring flight.