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Australia 2017-2018

15 September 2018

Back in darwin💪🏼 walked out of the bus and had some drinks with some random people but ended up in a great night out🎊🙌🏼

14 September 2018

When your hostdad has his own helicopter and takes you for a free scenic flight😍🚁

6 September 2018

Last minute helmet because the other one was too tight😅
Katherine gorge river cruise, we were definitely the youngest😂

1 September 2018

Getting ready for superhero day💪🏼

26 August 2018

Edith falls - great break from work and yeah we jumped from the top (8m), was a bit scary and probably dangerous but we survived🙆🏼‍♀️🙌🏼

25 August 2018

We might have fucked the tyre a bit when we tried to drift on the sand... got stuck for like an hour and finally managed to push it out but had to let half of the air out🤦🏽‍♀️ well a 2wd is just not made for off-road driving but luckily I had s spare tyre so all fixed🤙🏼
Cutta cutta caves - exploring with connor💪🏼

20 August 2018

Bushparty🎊☺️ what a day - worked in a pizza stall for the katherine races until 7 and drove up to Darwin 4 hours straight afterwards just for the party🤷🏼‍♀️😎 but it was worth it💪🏼💃🏽

16 August 2018

Playing basketball again, set up the hoop for it:)

11 August 2018

Crocodsaurus cove with connar

9 August 2018

Back in darwin:)

7 August 2018

Going to the gym and boys club now💪🏼

2 August 2018

Basketball with a view🌅 🏀

1 August 2018

Katherine river😍

27 July 2018

My third time here and will probably come back again because it’s so close☺️

26 July 2018

My home for the next months🤗 yep I know back to the countryside but I actually enjoy it even if it is 15min to the next time and I’m driving this big pick up now which I needed to get used too especially with manual transmission after a year with just driving automatic😅 at least it doesn’t matter if you hit a wallaby on the road with this massive bullbar.

20 July 2018

Katherine show👌🎟 saw my first rodeo🐂🐴 at least I had a little kirmes when I miss the one back home two times😭

19 July 2018

Katherine museum✈️🚙

12 July 2018

Enjoying my last days in darwin before I start working again...
Crocodile jumping cruise🐊 there are so big and you get a bit scared when they jump out of the water right next to you🤷🏼‍♀️😯

10 July 2018

Street art in darwin👨🏼‍🎨👩🏼‍🎨🎨

5 July 2018

Enjoying the party life in darwin and never forget the chips cheese snd gravy before you go to bed😂🎊💃🏽

1 July 2018

Happy territory day🎉❤

30 June 2018

Lake agryle and welcome to the northern territory:)

29 June 2018

Halls creek exploring🤗🏃

28 June 2018

Little breakfast visitor😂 hello❤

27 June 2018

On the road again🚐🤗

25 June 2018

Little update:)
Lombardina beach, the only 4 people on this endless beach😯

24 June 2018

Western beach
Pearl farm and sunrise📸

23 June 2018

One arm point
Cable beach, broome🤗 finally sleeping in a bed again😂

21 June 2018

80 mile beach, most creative name I've ever heard😂

19 June 2018

Mount bruce, 9km hike✔

18 June 2018

Hiking through some gorges👌 lot's of fun and some swimming and water walking included🤗😯

17 June 2018

Kalamina gorge:)
Karijini nationalpark 2.0
Karijini Nationalpark

16 June 2018

Tom price, drove up to the top📸🤗
On our way to karijini Nationalpark;)

15 June 2018

Relaxed day:) and last one in exmouth and at the ningaloo reef😯

14 June 2018

Whaleshark schwimmen❤🤗

13 June 2018

Great sunset:)
Schnorcheln und ein kleiner hike im cape range Nationalpark:)

12 June 2018

Coral bay:)

11 June 2018

Francois peron nationalpark, erster offroadtrack:) liebe es auf sand zu fahren❤
Monkey mia:)

10 June 2018

A bit rainy on our way to monkey mia;)

9 June 2018

Second one:)
First walk kalbarri nationalpark🤗 nature window:)

8 June 2018

Little drive along the ocean in kalbarri nationalpark🙂
Pinnacles and pink lake🙂👌 sandboarding was amazing🤗

4 June 2018

Back in perth✔

3 June 2018

Night out🎉💄🎶
Football game, westcoast eagles lets go;) won the game🏈🎉

2 June 2018

Kleines roadtrip update🙂

1 June 2018

Auto putzen und endlich duschen nach 6 Tagen😱😂

31 May 2018

Wave rock🤗

30 May 2018

Frenchman peak, little hike🏔😯
Cape le grand Nationalpark🤗
Lucky bay, the sunrise was amazing❤ and the kangaroos at the beach are super cute🤗

28 May 2018

Great ocean drive📸

27 May 2018

Ttying to be at the four miles beach for sunset - I would say we failed😂🙆
Lost the mirror on the way, the road was so bad and definitely not meant to be for 2wd and it was 50km to the highway - took us 3 hours to get there with driving no more than 30kmh😦🙆 I was never so happy to see a sealed road again😂
Mount maxwell lookout🏔
Our beach camp📸
Love our rooftop tent😅🙆❤

26 May 2018

Albany - jumped out of the car before it was raining again...
Honey and toffee factories - forgot to take pictures of them, but it was so yummy🙂
Green pools❤

25 May 2018

Climbed the tree, it was so scary and they closed the climbinh when we were at the top because of too heavy wind - great conditions😦😂
Flinders bay and waterfall walk👍
Cape leeuwin🙂
Had to sleep in the car - too rainy and stormy for our tent. Everything was so wet and disgusting because we had to cross the road to go to the toilet🙆

24 May 2018

Cape naturaliste & bunker bay, finally walked at least a bit (3,4km)💪

23 May 2018

Preston beach😍

22 May 2018

Way down again🚗

21 May 2018

Cooking time🤗

20 May 2018

Perth city📸

19 May 2018

Rottnest island - bike trip around the island 22km, made it💪🙂

18 May 2018

Amazing group for the past 3 days, time to say good bye again😯
Kings canyon hike today, another early start or should I call it sleep in, it was at least better than the last days😅 4:15 - 4:45 and today only 5:30🤗

17 May 2018

16 May 2018

Hiked the olgas or kata tjuta✔🏔
The time lapse of sunrise in pictures👍
Best travel buddies❤

15 May 2018

Finally get to see uluru❤ plus an amazing sunset🌄

14 May 2018

Stuart highway - my favourite road at the moment😅
Devils marbel🙂

13 May 2018


12 May 2018

Sleeping under the stars🛏🔝🌜
Katherine george - sunset🌅

11 May 2018

After party🎉🎶 and last day in Darwin bye bye😦 tomorrow darwin -> alice springs🙂

10 May 2018

Last waterfal, unfortunately without swimming - crocodile safety😯🐊
Second stop rockholes❤
First waterfall, welcome to lichtfield Nationalpark🙂👌
Beautiful morning at our campsite☀🏞

9 May 2018

Bottom pools und zweiter wasserfall👌❤
Top pools😍

8 May 2018

Lookout point🙆
Aboriginal paintings🙂 kakadu Nationalpark😍 Lots of driving today😦
Bush fires😯
River cruise🐊🚣

7 May 2018

Waterfront lagoon😍
Crocosaurus cave - found some new friends🐊🐍🐢👌

6 May 2018

Welcome to darwin😍 Mindl beach sunset markets🌅🏜
Bye bye brisbane, let's start the adventure🌏😢😍

5 May 2018

Pizza and ice cream, last day with the kids😞😣

4 May 2018

Bye Brisbane, last dinner with my family😯😭
Last week😢

28 April 2018

Last night out in brissie🎉💃
Soutbank mal wieder😅😍

24 April 2018

Kleines mount barney update🙂👌

22 April 2018

Mount barney🏔 camping🏕

16 April 2018

Movie and playtime at home🙌🙂

13 April 2018

Already our last day here😢

12 April 2018

Celebrating my birthday on moreton island was just perfect❤🍻🍰☀
Blue lagoon & south end👌🏊

11 April 2018


10 April 2018

First adventure🙌 champagne pools and honeymoon bay☀

9 April 2018

Beach day and beautiful sunset❤🌅

8 April 2018

First day😍😱

7 April 2018

Lego meeting in the shopping center😍

5 April 2018

They are flying🙌🎉
Ice skating😃🙆

4 April 2018


3 April 2018

Only one more month, I will miss them😢

2 April 2018

Blue mountains🏔

1 April 2018

Coogee to bondi coastal walk☀

31 March 2018

Little walk around the city🏙

30 March 2018

Watsons bay🌅
Ferry drive🚢 & sydney by night🌇
Welcome tp sydney😍

29 March 2018

Swimming lesson😅

25 March 2018


23 March 2018


22 March 2018

So cute❤

20 March 2018

Is there any chocolate left for the cake?😛😂

18 March 2018

Suitcase rummage - zumindest ein paar Sachen weniger😂

17 March 2018

Happy st Patrick's day💚🍻

15 March 2018

Bye bye julia😫 Was a challenge to get up there😂😂😂
Crazy hair day😛👧👦

14 March 2018

11 March 2018


10 March 2018


9 March 2018


7 March 2018

Finally got them to do it🙆😂

5 March 2018

Rainbow beach🌈

3 March 2018

Fraser island❤❤❤

28 February 2018


24 February 2018

Goma und art gallery - künstlerischen tag gehabt😂😬

20 February 2018

Having fun in the supermarket😊

18 February 2018

Springbrook nationalpark😍

16 February 2018

Benji is going to ballet😊

14 February 2018

Botanic gardens❤🌴☀

12 February 2018

Benji ist diese woche zu Besuch bei uns😎😍 kindy dog😂

10 February 2018

Surfers❤ weekend trip💪

8 February 2018

Wein zum Frühstück heute mal😅🍷 Vogelhäuschen self made😬

7 February 2018

Hätte nie gedacht das die da echt alle reinpassen😂😂😂
Monkey bars - did it all the way on her own, so proud💪😍

31 January 2018


27 January 2018

Mt coo-tha & city tour by night🏔🌃

26 January 2018

Happy Australia day🌏🍻

25 January 2018

Wasserrohrbruch:/ kein Zimmer mehr😱

17 January 2018

Fun in the snow❄⛄😎

15 January 2018

Wildlife tour😱

14 January 2018


12 January 2018


10 January 2018

Ankunft in Jackson Hole😍❄

9 January 2018

Last day already😞 Tram, schokoladenfabrik & sciene museum💪🙂

7 January 2018

City tour🚐
Golden gate bridge💕😱

6 January 2018

Finally arrived in San Francisco😎 seelöwen😍

2 January 2018

Miss you guys💕😅

1 January 2018

Bondi beach🏖
Fireworks🎉 happy new year💕☀🍾

31 December 2017

New years eve🎉🍹

30 December 2017

Great ocean road sunset tour😍😎

29 December 2017


28 December 2017

Bathing boxes & st kilda👌

27 December 2017


26 December 2017

Christmas in australia👌🎄🎁😎

25 December 2017


22 December 2017

Christmas decoration & fireworks🎉🎁
Christmas parade🎄

21 December 2017

Hinze dam👌

20 December 2017

Tree top walk👌
Bird feeding😍

19 December 2017

Bike ride👌😎 #helmpflicht😱 #gutes vorbild😅

18 December 2017


16 December 2017


15 December 2017

Cedar lake😍🏞

12 December 2017

Mein erstes santa-Foto😅😍

11 December 2017

Open air cinema

8 December 2017

Besser spät als nie😅👌

6 December 2017