Peru · 19 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

Finca Rosenheim #cafe ☕️#peru ✨

26 May 2017

Walking through the coffee plants 🌱, relaxing, and living in the middle of Peru for some time. #timetosaygoodbye 👋 #afterthreeweeksonthecoffeefinca 🌱 #takinganovenightbus 🚌aLima #andbookingonthesamedayarriving 🌝 #aflighttoCuscotwohourslater✨ The Book of Peru 🇵🇪📜is almost finished for us, just a last thing is waiting for us...

22 May 2017

Today we went to Oxapampa (a austrian-swiss-village 30km from Villa Rica) where we took a normal car and a curvy road through the rainforest for 1 1/2 hours. In Oxapampa we went to an italian restaurant and buy some milky-products from an regional company. That's all we do 😃

19 May 2017

Walking through the plantations and getting an idea of all the process of Coffee 👌🤗☕️🌱🍒 And one day we were by an Swiss Restaurant 😋 where we saw an album of butterflies 🦋😧
One day ☝️ we want to help by the Cosecha. Picking up the read cherrys 🍒 from the coffee-plant 🌱 and resuming 10kilos for both of us in 2hours. #jennyhad6kilos 😉🙈 #rainingveryhardonehour ☔️ #gettingreallywet 😬 #nicepictures 😜 By the way the regional coffee-mans picking up 130kilos of the cherrys in one day; one man 😧 #thatscrazymuch 🍒

10 May 2017

Every day we're celebrating our breakfast on the Veranda looking on the Coffee-processing-station and just enjoying it every morning 🍳🥓🥑☕️🍞 #homemadebread 🍞 #eggsfromtheownchickens 🍳 #coffeefromthefinca ☕️ #cheese&butter&meat #made30kmaway 🧀 🍖 #juiceswithfreshfruits 🍍🍋🍌🍎🍷 Yes always the same picture, but a different morning 😜

9 May 2017

We saw some animals on the Finca, especially birds 🐦 #tukan 🦆 #mariposa🦋 #papagei 🐤

8 May 2017

After this bus journey we arrived at 07:00 in the morning at Villa Rica, getting picked up from the mum of Mark and we eat selfmade bread 🍞 , avocado 🥑, own honey 🍯, own eggs 🍳and the coffee of the Finca ☕️ for breakfast and love this place from the first time 😍🌱 Doing a lot of stuff this first day. #drivingthroughthecoffeeplantation 🍒 #buyingfoodfromVillaRica 🧀 🍖 #milk&meatproductsHechoenOxapampa #makingthebungalowreadyforliving 🏡