Colombia, Netherlands · 6 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

Final destination #Bogotá

4 July 2017

Sitting in the plane and can't find any kind of sleep 😴🚫 #toomuchthoughtsinmyhead 💭 For example over 40000 Pictures from the beauty of the world 🌎 or over 40000km of flying, buses, cars, ships, walking or biking ♋️ A small amount of money which is really nothing in relation with such an experience we had. Okay, i don't know the exact amount of kilometers or pictures but only counting a month of traveling with 10000 Pictures, 70000 would be realistic 😂 Maybe i get too sentimental today 👻✌️ But hearing your foreign language again and only want to answer in spanish or just seeing the "Queso Crema" at the dinner which we hated all the time but loved it today. I'm happy that these are quite nice thoughts with which i have to struggle, so it's just what i'm thinking right now and i'm happy to write this positive stuff.

3 July 2017

Last day in Bogotá we go shopping 🛒 the last Colombian souvenirs and eat some nice food again #asalways 😋 Walked through some streets and finally packed our backpacks for the last time. Throw a lot of shit al dentro la basura 👕👖 Sleeping one night to get ready for the last day in Southamerica where we went early to the airport, waiting for the flight in the evening with burgers and ice cream 🍔🍦 We can't recognize anything i think 💭 saying goodbye since two month step by step to the journey, latin america, the food and traveling but can't realize that we fly today back "home"... #felthomefor7monthsoftraveling #attheendofthecontinent 🌎 #incold&hotplaces 🔥 ❄️ #homeiswhereginis 🍸

2 July 2017

#gebordstag 🎉 Is it really a wish to be at your birthday in Bogotá or did we celebrate this birthday one week ago on Aruba for a whole week 🙄 The fixed dates should have been there where you want to have it 😜 But we made the best out of this day with sleeping long, eating nice food, getting a good coffee, and celebrating the journey, the last days in Sudamerica with #einbisschenTequila 🍸 #felizcumpleaños 🎈😘🎈

1 July 2017

Hoy, dia tres just relaxing in Bogotá with nice food 🥘amazing houses 🏡 and living a little bit in Colombia 🇨🇴 It goes up to the end and we can't really motivate ourselves doing a lot of stuff. But as always in a big city we're happy with the little street markets, food and the feeling in another city 😌

29 June 2017

Really being the first time in Bogotá outside the airport 😃 First day with no energy for Bogotá 😃🙈 (Thinking of it like the first picture flying above Bogotá in stormy weather) we get flashed from the nice streets, buildings, sweet Cafés, the Sudamerica live 😍 #breakfast ✅ #lunch ✅ #tea&cupcaketime 😂🙈✅ #relaxinginBogotá 😌 Using our red to-go 🇹🇬 cup ☕️ for the second time of our traveling 😃 #justcausewecarrieditthewholetime 🤓 #bestthingwepacked 👌 #nextdaylunch 😋 #tooomuchhashtags 🤓