Chile · 7 Days · 17 Moments · February 2017

Fin del continente y vuelta

20 February 2017

First people at the Hostel are the Chilean guys 😍😃 Sure 😁 They arrived the day before and told Eduardo (the host from the Hostel) that we will arrive.That's why Eduardo reserved a dorm for us 😍 For the people who come back. Sharing a room with St.Pauli-guys who arrived two hours later 😄🎉 Feeling like home and so happy at this place taking a shower 🚿 and eat a burger 🍔 right around the corner. #nomorewordsforallthosefeelings 😊 We do laundry ✅ Getting the best breakfast in Argentina with eggs 🍳, jogurth, fresh fruits and the lovelyest host Eduardo 👌😊😍🤗 #thepictureisthedayaftercomeback 😉😜😂 #allmyclothesweredirty 😅👔
Dia Ocho: This way gets strange not knowing some places and walking very fast with a small breakfast, 3 dried apricots, 2 cookies 🍪 and tea ☕️. The last kilometers takes so long on small rocks sinking with the foot in it. The backpag gets heavy, but at 2:30pm we finally arrived at Fin del Camino, where the street begins. We asked two ladys with two dogs in a cool van for hitchhiking (For the bus at 19:30 we had to walk 7km more...) Sure with lovely music and a warm feeling we drive along this road getting to Punta Arenas 😍👌🤗

19 February 2017

Dia siete: The timetable tells us 11:50. Walking the way we were walking in the night takes three hours, but one we walk in the woods instead of climbing the rocks. It was so worse i had to scream a lot of this shit way up and down in the woods 👿😤😫😣😖😡 Crossing the sea easily and doing a fire at the same place we were waiting for a couple of days for the low tide. What can happen? The Chilean-guys came through the woods and also the St.Pauli-guys. Now way this deja-vu 😍😃😍😃 After an hour enjoying and eating the last instant purée de papas getting ready for the way to the first camping side. 👌👍💪 #refugiofeelslikehome 😃 #youseemecrossingthewoodsovertheriver 😮😁

18 February 2017

We walk this way back, climbing the rocks and saw that this way is way more easy with a low tide 🤓 Arriving after some hours at the third river thinking about how low this one was for three days. Yeah, it was really high we can't cross it and had to wait (timetable says 23:30 is low...) {You can take a look at the wood in the water --> and the first time we cross it} It gets dark and i try it at 21:30 but it was cold and to high because you don't see the bottom in the darkness 👀. Half an hour later looking like Gandalf with a wood in a hand checking the dark water. Walking with water up to my stomach. #itworks 🎉 At the camping ground we found fire from the two St.Pauli-guys 🎉🎉 The Chilean-guys where gone to the second river...
These big hopes a guy told us in the tourist information that he take a fisherboat backwards. We build up our tent again... We sleep soon doing the return the next day. #it'spossibletwice! Again at the morning the beautiful sun told us you can do this. But the last 1km up to the Cruz on the mountain we didn't go. This really means that we got no energy for nothing 😒 Dia seis -->

17 February 2017

Dia cinco: This day we know it: we take a ship 🚢 backwards!!! We pack our things, doing breakfast and waiting for the sound of the ships 🔊. We can't walk this way back! #never #greatpicturethough 😜 The day gets longer and longer and we feel so save and warm with the fire 🔥 the whole day long sitting around with our friends and were the last 6people at the end of the continent. #stayingthereforawholeday 🐥 #nobodyarrivesthisday

16 February 2017

Maybe because of the high tide and the raining it was hard to walk this way and on a point of no return we have to climb a wall up to the forest 🌳 I do this twice with the backpacks 🎒 getting much adrenaline. After this we only had to walk on small stones in the dark getting a warm fire 🔥 at 11pm by our always be and only lovely group Chilean-St.Pauli-equipo. Getting so happy to see those four people at the end of the continent and grilled some toasts with cheese at the fuego 🤗
It starts to rain ☔️ The stones get wet 💦 Our foots are getting heavy 👣 On the Mirador "Piedra la Momia" we saw the Cruz 👀 and fire 🔥 from the camping 🤗 #onthelastpictureawhitecruz ♣️ But people we saw coming back were saying: "It gets difficult, you have to climb, and from now on it takes 1 hour and 10minutes" So we know that we need more time...
Yep it was easy to cross this river and the euphoria hold on for the next three hours climbing rock for rock and stone right next to the sea 🌊. Taking a break on a river where we get drinking water (wasn't possible on the river before because of salty water). We cleaned ourselves and take a warm meal when we saw dolphins jumping in the water 😍🐬😍🐬 Crying and happy as possible we go for the last 3,5 kilometers......
Dia quatro: What a beautiful sunset 🌅 in the morning, where we take breakfast 🍳 and get so much energy for the day 😍. Checking the timetable and cross this third river was so easy because the time was fine 😏👌.

15 February 2017

After the crossing we were awake and decided to do a midnightwalk with the St.Pauli-guys to the next camping area, cause they way might be short. They take our cameras 🎥, our saco de dormir because some climbings are taff, so the two guys help us soooo much this walk! With headlights at 21:30 (the sunlight is very long these days) we walk and walk and arrived at 23:30 at the camping. They give us a rope to get our food up to the woods #thefox 🐺 #sleepingat01inthenight 😴 This bird we saw everytime and he knocks out a fish on a wood 🌲🐟🐦 #threetimeswesawitondifferentpositions
At 5pm we arrived at the second river, where two Chilean-chicos y St.Pauli-guys where doing fire and relaxing because the river was too high to cross. Our timetable (yes we informed us before) showed us that we had to wait some hours. 3 hours later after some breads with cheese 🧀 and salami and getting warm at the fuego we had to cross the sea 🌊. Now we understand the timetable: tides! Some people walk up to the head through the river, and we wait to get through the sea up to the underwear at 20:30. Yep it was cold 😅 #thefirstoneiswaytoearlyattheriver #thesecondoneiscrossingtheseabylowtide #thethirdoneisme #andtheChileanguyslostashoe 😅
Dia tres: The sun ☀️ and the warm and fresh air in the morning gives us energy. Also the two St.Pauli-people, so we decided to walk up to the next camping ground ⛺️ after fresh cereals with Dulce de Leite and dried fruits. Jumping over the river, cause there is no bridge. But it was easy😏. Everything says to us that the decision was a good one. #takealookatthepictures 😍

14 February 2017

So we walk and walk into woods, over stones on the beach and arrived at 6pm at the Camping ground with a refugio and a river where we get some drinking water 💦, wash ourselves and do fuego 🔥 with two other people from Hamburg. After this long walking we decided to go back home, we get really insecure and far away from civilization. We sleep in the refugio on the ground and place our food on a higher place because of the fox 🐺 at a windy 💨 night.
Dia dos: Early in the morning we walk on the little stones a long way to a lighthouse: many people do this for one day, also the Chilean Mitilary 😃. But we walk along the way into the forest to a nice place looking like the "Karibik" and saw DOLPHINS 😍 We got so happy, eat something and walk along the way. This way to the first camping ground is planned for one day, but with the early bus... So we did this trip in two days and had time to chill and enjoy the nature 🤗.

13 February 2017

After a little bit of walking into the sunset 🌅 we saw THEM, we never ever expected in the sea 🌊 #WALES The two boys are walking away cause they don't see anything and we fall into natures beauty 😍 🐳 crying of happiness. It takes so long and they swim with us and we feel save in the darkness with them ☺️. But it get's darker and we search a place for our carpa and found a small place sleeping in the nature...
Dia una: We get up early to catch the bus at 7:30 but recognizes soon that we miss it. So we prepare ourselves for the trip the whole day to get the late bus at 6pm a San Juan. It takes an hour and and a half to the point we have to walk to the end of the continent called Cabo Froward. Planned: 4-5 days ida y vuelta Way: 70km ida y vuelta 🚶🏽 On board: snacking 🥘 camping stuff ⛺️ 🍳 cameras 🎥 So go for it!