United Kingdom · 29 Days · 89 Moments · August 2017

Ffion's trip to Brazil

12 September 2017

Brazil things Tall cage bins Funny phone booths Can use card!! Food food food Cake for breakfast Acai Paçoca Farofa Feijão black beans Catupiri cheese Bis wafer chocolate Fandangos Cec's fave corn crisps Moqueca and acaraje up north Cocada apparently -the sugar and coconut stuff we had in Colombia Coxinha Tapioca Pao de queijo Brigadeiro Caipirinhas Skol beats Farro Funky w lots of booty
Flight So first flew to São Paulo for our connection to Heathrow. Started watching my first film as it's the same airline. Of course at lots, watched lots of films and slept little. Not our fave journey as we on way home!! And planes are much less comfortable then the long buses we've been used to! Basically so sad that this trip is over and would live to make it longer and travel travel travel waaaah
7th Aug Rio to home Have much of the day in Rio before having to go to the airport. Pack breakfast and get ready before we just go out for a couple of hours. First supermarket for necessities for the journey aka snacks and paçoca. Except there was no paçoca! Funny thing - we were walking in and through the parking barrier - and cec walked through as it was going down and it whacked her on the back of her head!! Haha. Walk to flamengo and to the bay for a little walk before we had to go back to prepare to leave. Sat on the beach a little. Buy kilo of paçoca on the way back jaja- oops! Couldn't get a smaller one sooo. Then uber to the airport to get our flight 😩
6th part 3 I mainly was with zina and cat and some Irish girls - one who Felipe was in love with and had sent her flowers and everything hahahahahaah. They were going to a favela party and I was so so tempted but when everyone was going I wasn't ready wasn't dressed didn't have money etc etc. And last night out was last night, flight tomorrow not packed - basically wasn't planning to go out and shouldn't but on the other hand it's the last night!! Anyway didn't go and it was far away and they spent a lot and wandering round the favela at the end trying to get home - though they did have fun there. Anyway we watched a film thriller which was good and probs was a bit late to watch so so tired.
6th part 2 Stayed there a long while after the sunset too, some more of Matheus friends came and it started to be a their thing and we were planning to go for dinner and hang out with people at the hostel tonight not Matheus friends so we eventually caught a bus back to lapa. Where we bumped into people from the hostel on their way through the arches to get noodles from the food stalls. So we joined them and got some noodles, took them back in front of the tv and chilled. Omg so much food. And Henry and Matheus in the same room eating dinner.. Henry knows the whole sitch he's cool with it thinks it's funny I think. Watched some orange is the new black on the tv with people while still waiting to feel prepared enough to move haha. Eventually started socialising after Matheus left and even had a drink in the end. Cec spent all night sitting talking to Henry...
6th Aug RIO Omg last day! Given yesterday especially we wanted to have a full day out. Had alllll things at breakfast - toastie included! Matheus was coming to meet us for the day and alex was coming for our day trip. And me cec and alex accidentally had a maroon uniform hahaha- he spent enough time with us that he's now dressing like us too!! Went to lagoa, and had a walk round it. Nice family place! Had a Frango catupiri tapioca for lunch - nice grassy sit down and lovely sunny day. Oh Rio!! Then to ipanema to where people at the hostel were at the beach so we went to meet them. For a sunbathe and a snooze! Then over to urca for sunset - so me cec alex and Matheus some girl Julia and gija went in Uber's. But tbh when we got there not sure why this is a top spot for sunset in Rio! Lots of people there along the wall by the water with beers and what not, definitely a chill out place and yes it was nice but would have been nicer from where we already were before I think!!
5th part 2 Went to the cachaca bar for actually a really long time, talking and drinking. Then Time to go out, not a big crew tbh. Cec was back to Henry again.. and there were lots of boys but no one I knew that well or ahem wanted to know that well. And just a couple of girls I didn't know well going out. We went down the streeet in lapa with all the bars, see if we fancied any of the music. Reggaeton was unlikely but what me and cec really wanted. Or funk would do! Last night out and all. Mel mentioned about a street party that was just the other side of the arches and in my head I was like yeah like Salvador! But we went and didn't find anything. Just the wrong side of the arches again. So back to the street. So much wandering the streets in lapa! Ended up in a shitty club and dancing while cec was with Henry and some of the guys picked up some girls and just dancing but not wanting any of the guys to come too close... so not the best last night out.
5th Aug RIO Woke up at Matheus 's no idea what time as I didn't have my phone. Did fuck all all day literally - slept and showered and ate and waited for cec to get ready- then he drove us back to the hostel which we did not get back to until 5pm.. in last nights clothes... jeez. Oh yeah and when we got in last night, not even that late like 2ish, Matheus dad was back drunk from a night and we were talking to him oh dear. Went to snack bar round the corner from the hostel and had not a coxinha cause they didn't have any but they did have the same filling in a different shape. And some pão de queijo. Chill in hostel, watching orange is the new black on the sofas. Recovering still from the night before.Missing happy hour - can't handle that and also maybe better stay clear from the caipirinhas anyway...anyway lots of new people around tonight and busy busy, music, drinks...met a Welsh guy the night before and was talking Welsh to him!!Playing beer pong etc etc.

3 September 2017

4thpart 4 We got an uber back and apparently I threw up on the side of the door... and when we got to his we both opened the doors and started throwing up... I threw up on Matheus apparently... oh god... and slept on the bathroom floor... until I woke up and went to the spare office room and took a curtain as a blanket cause there weren't any... basically a mess. And apparently he had bought us skol beats on the street - as if we needed more!!! Christ.
4th part 3 Then all of this is mostly from what I've been told, not from memory as leaving the hostel I don't remember much - walking the streets for what feels like forever! Anyway apparently everyone was following the Irish guy through the other side of the arches which we were not supposed to do in the night.. who follows that idiot! And Henry and Matheus were like what the hell there's nothing that way!! And I remember having a chat with Henry and saying about Matheus and apparently I said yeah maybe back off tonight, and then apparently he walked off. And that's when we lost him. And alex left with us but thought Helena his lady lover had already left but turns out she hadn't so he disappeared back to the hostel to get her. And yeah we kind of lost people along the way. And ended up going to this flat which was a club which was shit or something but I have no recollection of this. In the end basically Matheus escorted us back to his. Cec and Matheus had been getting together.
4th part 2 To ccbb museum - which was about an artist and wandered that exhibition - very cultural day for us!! Then decided to head back. So Friday night out, drinks and happy hour at the hostel, dangerous caipirinhas! Chatting to people we already knew and making new friends. Started on the vodkas... apparently alex and cec had a fun time laughing at two guys trying to hit on me at the same time.. Liam and this other guy. TBH not interested in anyone in the hostel which is annoying, although there are lots of guys. So getting pretty drunk, cec wanting to ward off Henry as Matheus was coming tonight, but he doesn't turn up until we are leaving, and by now a lot drunker than I thought, we take out a skol beats for the road- silly idea. We go downstairs to leave and the Irish guy of all ducking people has turned up and I think I laugh and run away!! I don't even remember properly.
4th Aug RIO Breakfast at the hostel, of course that was a requirement for hostel number 75 and final. Granola! Fruit! And ham and cheese rosaries which we took for lunch. Me cec and alex wandering round the centre and nearby today, cloudy chillier day nooo. So really we made the most of what we could with the weather. Went through the arches which we were very near, to the steps- colourful tiles and busy!! Found a Wales Cymru tile in next to no time, and then a Welsh dragon too woo. Got our band photo at the bottom of the steps and wandered all the way up them. Very pretty. Wander to the teatro, and some fancy looking buildings, went to the library which was under scaffolding but did a free tour which zina told us about (bumped into her at the steps- she'd done a walking tour of the area earlier) and then we saw her again at the library tour! Got a cheap churro from a street cart.
3rd part 5 I need my dancing music reggaeton r n b etc not jumping around music. And everyone jumping around my toe put me a bit on edge. Anyway crowd started to thin and it was time to go out. Wasn't planning on going out, zina and alex retired, all the boys were hitting on cec, it was mainly just guys jumping to the shitty music who I didn't really know, didn't want to get with. But it was raining so Felipe was like fine we can stay in the living room but we're playing musical chairs- I ended up coming second but there was some cheating going on so really should have come first 😉 and So I danced in the circle, cec was getting with Henry, despite the fact we would be seeing Matheus this weekend. And Henry was really the only decent looking guy there. Which was a bit disappointing cause I wanted a guy to get with this last weekend and so the Irish guy wasn't the last guy I got with which alex likes to keep reminding me of.. Anyway then bed.
3rd part 4 We were thinking about going to meet cec at the beach with the hostel peeps but the wind had really picked up so we went back to the hostel. Where yes there had been a sand storm of sorts at the beach haha so they were back. Lots of people around and atmosphere everyone chilling and also waiting for happy hour. We met zina (uk, indian) who had just arrived. And sat with a group at a table which included Henry (Aussie, working at hostel). With our 2 for 10 reiais caipirinhas - dangerous and very strong!! Basically chatting and what not for a while, cec and alex were getting ready so me and zina were meeting people and started with happy hour. Then the dancing began! And then the music changed, and Felipe was all like this is what I like and I'll play what I like and it was 90s rock and stuff like that and Abba and whatever. Which is fine for one night at a hostel but I can't do that every night.
3rd part3 Look out over to the bay and pão de azucar, over lagoa, and to dois irmaos and Pedro de gavea. Got our photos of Christ from the floor, yes we lay down to get them haha, they even have mats on the floor for this. So they had wifi up here and alex started calling people so I tried to get hold of the fam and they weren't answering. So I was just soaking up the views. Then they just caught me so had a short chat with christo in the background!! Then we headed down and got the van back down. We were feeling a snack and there were stalls here and got the chocolatiest pastry thing with chocolate squeezing out the sides and all over our faces, so a messy eating sitch. Earlier I was getting a banana but I only wanted one so he said I could just have it for free weee!
3rd part 2 So today was a nice day and it wasn't forecast to be nice over the weekend what 😶so thought it would be a good idea to go to Christ the redeemer while we had blue skies. And we arrived by lunch time. But cec didn't want to pay to go cause she'd gone a few years ago or something. And apparently it's so big when you're up close you can only see his feet?! So me and alex went. Got an uber to a square where the vans up to Corcovado were. You shouldn't hike up because people get mugged on that route, and the train up gets booked up. So can up it is! More expensive than pão de azucar since no student discount, but is cheaper generally. Easy to get the van up, but funnily get to the gift shop toilets bit and have to change to another van to go the rest of the way up... there's a big platform around Christ and then stretching away from him without amazing views in every direction.He is big but you could barely even see his feet! His little sandalled feet.
3rd Aug to RIO Didn't end up cheaper to buy all the individual transport back to Rio so we booked a transfer - got us a boat to angra dos reis and then a mini bus all the way into lapa. Didn't take too long! Hard to find the hostel as it didn't have a sign on it! Just some books hanging outside haha. We were using Alex's maps me which is his fave thing eva. So we went for a party hostel, go out with a bang, go hard and go home haha. Lots of other nice looking hostels but the atmosphere was the most important. So two very hairy topless guys there at the desk to check us in ... one was Felipe the owner a little chubby and hairy Brazilian and ed who was English and worked there. We got shown around, hang out dining area/bar, kitchen , lounge with tv and Netflix, etc. We got put into a 4 person room instead of a larger one we paid for so they could put all 3 of us together. The room obv used to be a kitchen cause it had the 4 beds and then kitchen cabinets on the other side haha.

29 August 2017

2nd part 2 Alex was more tired as he did the sunrise hike to parrots peak this morn, and obv there's my toe and all of us tired from all the hiking. But no a hike back it is!! Me and cec were changing, and alex spotted a monkey running to the bushes so cec panties runs with a sarong round her, I struggle to get pants on and then with a sarong try to run but end up hopping because of my toe... alex is finding all this hilarious. Anyway I don't even get to see the monkey! On the way back we had music on, as with the way, and went all the way along the road so it's easy. Dancing and singing, fun walk. Gets dark of course! For dinner we went to the kilo place next to the and owned by the hostel and had a variety! Of course ate lots.
2nd Aug ILHA GRANDE Hike today! Surprise - hahah. Two hours today, and planning to get the boat back. Classic steep incline, til we get to a jeep road (which we could have followed the whole way) then an easy incline to the top. Then down down down, went through a bamboo forest and finally to dois Rios. Very small strange village with the old prison, just the walk left. And we went and had a read of the history. Then to the beach!! This was the best one. Big but not as big as the first day, and so much more empty. Beaut. Nice relax and sunbathe! And a lil walk- where found a spot where I could bathe in with my foot up!! Where the sand was a bit higher and created a pool of sea water (like in Whitsundays). Had to hop through the pool! And was walking along the beach in a sock. So turns out there's no boat today, and we were counting on that!
1st August ILHA GRANDE Today's hike was to feiticeira waterfall. (Witch) which was about an hour. Asthma really playing up and there's something on this island that affects it! As usual for this island, foresty walk with uphill uphill uphill then highest point and downhill. Sat a little by the waterfall and there were a group of French guys in their swim stuff with food bodies so we had a bit of fun watching that... then climbed up the side and sat in the sun at the top of the waterfall. Before heading back to the hostel and then onwards to crena beach which was a few beaches away down the coast. Supposedly the best for a sunset. So we still had a bit of sunbathing time left, but it was a bit cloudy so we didn't get much of a sunset. Sore toe of course after walking all day and trying not to walk on it properly. Hot dogs with patatas palha for dinner - classic Brazil everything with patatas palha.
31st part 2 Went and sat on another rock instead that I could actually climb and when I looked down there was blood dripping down the rock from my foot- turns out I'd cut up my toe!! I went to wash it out in the sea and it looked kinda bad so I walked the whole way back in the sea cause it wouldn't stop bleeding and the salt. I'd walked quite far to the other side of the beach!! Sunbathed until we had to go then put a plaster on it and had to hike the two hours back to abrãao, lifting my big toe up as I couldn't put pressure on it. Fun times 👍 also it got dark while we were walking - it's dark by 6 in Brazil as it is winter after all!! Looking at my toe in the hostel turns out it's worse than I thought... big gouge and a split and quite deep! Had to dig some dirt out and alex was cringing holding the torch. Antiseptic and bandage the rest of the trip 👍
31st July ILHA GRANDE Free Brek at the hostel, lots there but not a major fan of a lot of it. Today's plan to hike to the third best beach in South America, Lopez Mendez. It's about 2 hours there, climbing up and down in a forest trail. Hard parts and my asthma was playing up. But stops along a couple of cute beaches along the way. Lopes Mendez a massive stretch of beach. These waters are so blue turquoise. Straight into the sea for a dip!! Then alex and cec went in and disappeared for ages and I got annoyed as they left me with their stuff. Went on a walk with music as soon as they got back, walking along the water the whole way to the other side which took a while. To some rocks that you walk through to get to a smaller beach. Decided to climb a rock that didn't have anything to use to put your foot on to climb up, covered in little shells and limpets. This resulted in me putting my foot on a bit of vertical rock and trying to climb up ... and slipping- got a scratch all up my leg.
30th July to ilha grande Had to get up bloody early and we went to bed bloody late so got barely any sleep. Bus to the ferry, ferry to Sao Sebastiao, bus to Angra dos reis then boat to ilha grande. But that last boat ended up costing a lot more than we wanted - the cheap one didn't leave more than once on a Sunday grrr. Slept on and off for most of the bus. Staying in abraao the main town bit and where the boat goes to. Hostel not far from the boat, saw alex on our way there (he was meeting us at ilha grande for a few days) he was on his way to see sunset but he showed us the hostel and we checked in and went with him to a beach and saw all the pretty colours but the sun had already gone behind one of the hills. So back to hostel and then that night we went out for dinner, got a deal for caipirinhas, got a meal with chicken milenesa w salad rice black beans..

24 August 2017

29th part 2 But didn't look like he was gonna show so we walked back, supermarket stop and cycled back to the hostel. It was super cloudy for the sunset haha. Tonight the girls were gonna come over and we were gonna have a reggaeton night cause we were craving it. Listened to a bit of funk first haha, Gustavo was there and Amanda but Leon and a couple of mates took ages to turn up. Drank some skol beats, listened to reggaeton all night, wanted to dance more haha. Maria was getting with Christian and cec had an awkwArd moment in the kitchen with Leon as he confessed his feelings to her.
29th July ILHABELA Last day today, still never managed to go snorkelling so that's gonna happen today. Cec was napping first and I sunbathed by the hammocks and then after lunch we cycled and met the girls at the bus station and walked to the beach across from the island. There's usually a strong current but it was extra windy today so not sure it would have been a great idea to try and swim over. And that's where the good snorkelling is. We used the snorkels in the shallows by the beach anyway but it wasn't very clear and instead spent more time on the beach. Wasn't sure if Leon was gonna come meet us for sunset cause when the girls left so did alines 3G.
28th part 2 Until the girls arrived and we went to the beach down near us which was quite nice and quiet and layers down some more relaxing. It was quite windy at times and got absolutely covered in sand. Went to a more northern beach in the Dutch boys roomies car to watch the sunset but it was a bit cloudy. Anyway last shift tonight, supposed to be 3-7am after cec s shift so I went to sleep early, but everyone was in bed at 2ish so cec woke me up to help her close up and then I didn't need to do me shift at all. Yay! Easiest job ever.
28th ILHABELA Stop at the viewpoint on the way down and lie there for a bit but after I've seeen it and everyone has their eyes closed I'm just like well can we go so I can catch the breakfast and then pass out I'm literally dying of lack of sleep SO tired. We go to Leon's parents hotel where he is living for breakfast and I am falling asleep at the table and have to say can we leave after we sit there chatting for fucking ages. Then we go to Maria and alines pousada to have some of the passion fruit and strawberry cheesecakes Aline made which was lush. And finally back to the hostel where I shower and then try to sleep in the hammocks but tbh the moment that I needed passed and I just relaxed there.
27th part 3 But cloudy though and the stars were not particularly bright. So so windy at the top and went from being hot climbing in a vest to putting all my layers on and shivering cold. Sat there a while while the light started to come, realising we may not see the sunrise because of the clouds.... behind us where the sun would come from was super cloudy, and you could just see the next hill, and in front was the sea and looking across to Sao sebastiao and we could actually see that. Colours got pretty, pinks and blues, clouds zooming past. Still pretty but shame we didn't actually see the sun baha. We were there literally for two hours before we headed back down and I was so tired. Usual climbing down pains on the joints and fun bit of clambering down the steep bits. Suppose this is the next day now!!
27th part 2 Supposedly a 3 hr trek so we were gonna go after my shift and go for sunrise at the top. And hopefully before first light so that we could see the stars too. So me cec and Leon headed from the hostel and picked up his mate Christian who we met before climbing the wall and the two girls. But aline as not sure if she was going to come as she was scared it would be too steep and dark. She came but left a little after she started walking. Which was maybe best in the end if she wasn't feeling too confident there were some steep parts. It was a decently tough climb but nothing we can't handle!! In the dark, bit of climbing lots of steep bits and Leon in front checking for snakes haha. At one point he did walk into a spiders web and had a spider dangling from a web from his face! Made it to the top in about two hours in the end so got there about half 5 so it was still dark!
27th July ILHABELA Hammock morning chill and sunbathe. Plan to go with the girls later to snorkel at the island. Took the hostel bikes - which are the cuuuutest- those ones where you sit upright and has a basket in the front. And mine was like a bright greeny colour. Lovely cycle along the cyclovia along the sea all the way to balsa where the ferry goes across. Then planning to walk from there as it's just 2k but hilly. Met the girls at the bus stop. At this point it was quite late so we decided to just go to a nearby beach and chill. Got an once lolly. Then when it got chilly as it does quite early, we had a nice sunset ride back to the hostel. And then went back down to the sea for the sunset - or well the after sunset colours which is the inpressive bit. Pink and orange and then to purple. Not quite as nice as the night we arrived and also a little cloudy but still nice. Had work tonight but only had to close up and stay up til we were gonna go climb baepi!! One of the mountains.
26th part 3 So us Leon Gustavo and the Dutch guys who arrived went. You can already tell the difference with the social ability of Brazilian guests who we see none of and as soon as the Dutch arrive they are already socialising. Also find it better with the whole English thing it's much better. Anyways I was just feeling pretty bleh which was annoying cause I had been looking forward to going out. And when we got there I hate the standing on the side of the dance floor half dancing looking like you're just waiting for someone to come ask you to dance. Just no. Anyways Leon quickly got cec on the dance floor and his intentions clear about wanting her. And she had to avoid his face all night. Gustavo was dancing with me but no dodgy attempts so it was fine. It actually made me feel a bit better stomach wise dancing! And cheered me up a Bit. The girls Aline and Maria came out too and danced with a couple of guys, the Dutch guys didn't dance (harder for guys I guess) .
26th part 2 The rest of the group were getting in but it was cold in the shade and we didn't feel like getting in for the sake of it. Oh I forgot to say about the snake!! On the way to the beach there was a really big snake on the side of the path that everyone was around- which then went up a tree. Big one!! But it wasn't dangerous- it eats poisonous snakes haha. Anyway had to go back in the jeep what felt kind of early at 4pm but I guess it's so we do the road in the daylight. Tonight's plans - forro night. So me and cec made dinner tonight for Leon but after some snacks and that I just felt so bloated and it stayed through the whole evening! So even drinking some skol beats wasn't helping and I just felt bleh all night. And not feeling going to the forro. Basically couldn't be assed with the whole dancing with someone else thing. Don't like it when you can't just dance. Anyway this is the thing to do on the island on a Wednesday.
26th July ILHABELA Got the jeep tour to castelhanos beach - no other way to get there! It's along a 4 by 4 road that's very bumpy. Few others in our jeep but Brazilian couples so didn't have much to do with them. About an hour and a half to get to the beach with some stops along the way. At a little water pool, some little waterfalls and lookout points. We get to the beach in the middle of the day and chill on the beach - nice beach with red trees along and then behind them some bars and stuff. The tide came in and just got me just before we were leaving! And I had the back of my top undone and jumped up!! But had to go to the waterfall walk to gato waterfall if we wanted to do it Before having to leave back on the jeep. Most of the group ended up going. A little hike through the trees and across some cute bridges to get there. Similar to the waterfall the day before, but a much steeper slope for the water to go down.
25th part 2 Lush sunny day and sunbathed up the top for a while. Went to the supermarket on the way home and did a big shop for the week. Here we said bye to the girls. Then we got an acai on the way back with paçoca and granola - it was actually really cheap in Rio for this compared to what we paid today!! Leon cooked us and Gustavo dinner which was nice. Cec had evening shift which consisted more of her eating dinner and chilling. Then I had the night shift where all I did was close down and sit for a while but everyone was already in bed. lol working.
25th July ILHABELA So our brek is free as we're volunteers, and it includes granola!! Yay. Today we went for a day trip to a waterfall called Paquetá in the south of the island with Leon. Drove to the place where you start the short walk through the forest. It used to be closed because the water used to be used for drinking water. Met two girls at the bottom who weren't sure where they were going so they joined us- one from São Paulo Alina and Maria from Spain. We stop at the bottom of the waterfall and swim in the pool at the bottom- very cold!! And then sunbathe on the rocks before heading to the top. The waterfall is more like a slope with the water running down. Then we climbed up the top of the water fall which had an amazing view at the top! It was like an infinity pool looking over the side to the sea. It also had a little stream into the pool which we used as a slide but the rocks hurt your bum!!
24th part 2 Cool little hostel- cute garden with hammocks, a newly built climbing wall. Which we watched them playing on for a bit as they had just got the holders for the wall. Leon we met in la paz and he probs just saw us being drunk most of the time! And his partner in the hostel was Gustavo who we just met now. Amanda from São Paulo was also volunteering at the moment and we were in a 4 bed with her. Me and cec sharing a volunteer spot so paying for one bed and splitting the hours. Cec had her first shift tonight but I basically also did the shift as Leon taught us everything. It was supposed to be 11pm to 3 am but he finished showing us stuff around 1am and everyone was in bed so he said you don't have to stay til 3. Hostel pretty quiet and empty tbh!
24th July to ilhabela Early bus to ilhabela. Caught the bus to the bus station in Rio and mattheus was catching the same one for work. Then 7hour bus to Sao sebastiao. Got a coxinha at the lunch stop station - a bigger version of the party food chicken potato thing I had in Floripa. Got to the bus station and Leon had said he would pick us up at the ferry but we couldn't get Internet to tell him when we would be at the ferry... caught the ferry across to the island which is free for pedestrians which is cool I thought! Sun was starting to set and the sky was so pretty. So he had been at the ferry but left so we had to get the bus - and we ended up getting the bloody long one that took a roundabout route!! But made it there in the end. Had to walk up a hill from th bus stop which wasn't fun with our bags

23 August 2017

23rd part 2 Who'd have thought we would have been going to his dads birthday?? Lol! Lots of family and it wasn't awkward cause we sat at the end with mattheus his best mate from school who we met before and could chat between us and a lot in English too. This place was an all you can eat place- buffet with loads of stuff and then they come round with different pizzas and you have as many slices as you want! And then sweet pizzas too! Ate so much, story of my life hahah. Finally got to watch the first ep of game of thrones then when packing back at his.
23th July RIO Mattheus left his phone in the uber last night so quite a late start. Went to leblon to pick it up and sat on the beach waiting and it was lush warm and sunny. Then he wanted to take us to an out of the city wilder quieter beach but it was like an hour away and the afternoon was getting on so we went to an outer city one a bit closer - reserva. Nice beach and everything but would have probably been better to stay in leblon and make the most of the day - it was so windy at reserva it was just too cold. So after a bit we left and just went back to his. Bought our tickets to ilhabela etc and then time for his dad birthday dinner!

21 August 2017

22nd part 4 Not my fave type of music and not the dancing I enjoy but wasn't too bad. My face basically got attacked by two guys (as in they went to kiss me when it wasn't on the table) even after the conversations we were having- yes it was kinda flirting but talking about how their lines don't work on European girls and bla bla bla and that's when they think they can stick their tongue down my throat. Lol. So it was kind of funny because I just had all the power. Eventually mattheus and cec started violently making out then fighting etc etc. Eventually went home in an uber everyone fell asleep.
22nd part 3 We sat there a while just chilling. Before heading down and through vidigal the non shortcut way and getting some acai w granola aaand paçoca. Sun setting at ipanema again beaut. Went back to his with gija and used the sauna which was absolutely bloody boiling!!! And the jacuzzi which was a bit cold for a jacuzzi. Then showers and some dinner that Martha had left and we headed to mattheus fave drinking square where we met some of his other friends. The square was são Salvador I think near flamengo. Had some skol beats and spoke lots of Spanish- Argentinian girl and Chilean guy and this Peruvian girl that lost her friends were there so I was practicing with them. Then their fave club was playing rock n roll but like 89s rock n roll and we went there.
22nd part2 Anyway in the end Dois irmaos was the plan and we picked up his best uni friend gija or however he would spell it (we met him thurs) and went to vidigal where we met his friend dani who lives there. Walked through vidigal which was interesting and definitely felt better being with Brazilians whether it was safe or not. Took a shortcut route which meant sooo many stairs. And stopped at a building dani had the keys for and had a good view looking down the favela to the sea. Finally got to the start of the hike and literally it was just us like scaling the rock. Quite steep, rooty and rocky. So more fun and more of a reward getting to the top! Good view on the way up of down to mattheus area. Funny we bumped into the English couple from the first night in Salvador! And guess what korbi had been in their room in their hostel in Rio...the view at the top was incredible!! Looking down over ipanema and copacabana and the city.
22nd July RIO Mattheus taking us out for the day today and we head out in the car towards the mountains. He lives by Pedra de haves which is the biggest one and people go paragliding off it and land on the beach by him. Drove and stopped at a lookout point - Chinese view. Could see Christ and out over Rio. Slightly cloudy day today so not the best visibility. Rio has such cool geography city by the sea but all these interesting weird shape rock mountains. Then we drove to jardim botanical area and went to parque lage, where we had a little wander. Didn't feel like in the middle of the city actually so quiet!! Bit of changing of plans with whether we were climbing dois irmaos two brothers or going to some July party thing. For the hike you go through vidigal a favela but a rich safe one apparently haha. But there was a shooting there last night- turns out it was someone shooting at a tourist helicopter?
21st part 3 We got back a lot earlier than him, he works quite late. So we had a rest and a nap. He was taking quite a while and we were wondering about dinner.. and when he came in he had his food while we were 'napping'. I think the consensus was we didn't need to go out, save it for tomorrow, we were quite tired. We suggested a movie night and he suggested ordering pizza. So we had some more Frango catupiri, watched Donnie brasco which I took no notice of, found it uninteresting and was mostly on my phone.
21st part 2 Sitting in between lots of groups of teens in tiny bikinis and tiny speedos playing keepy uppy. Ipanema with dois irmaos at the one end just looks pretty cool, and when the sun begins setting such a nice pink colour!! We get a churro as we need a little snack and head to metro as now it's getting dark.. metro back to Matheus 's metro and then the walk back from there- pretty simple walk like 20mins but we were feeling a bit unsure about it in the dark but he says it's a safe area.
21st July RIO DE JANEIRO Matheus in work today so touristy things to tick off today while it's just us two. His dad's driver (lol) drove us to pão de azucar (sugarloaf). Even driving round to show us how to get to the metro after. Thank god for our student card and student discount or it would've been super expensive to go up sugarloaf! Touristy paid stuff in Rio is expensive! You get a cable car to the first hill, morro de urca, where you get a good view - looking down to the bay, up to sugarloaf, down to copacabana, over to Christ... there's a helipad and helicopters(tourist ones) are taking off. After enjoying the views at this level we head up the next cable car - first having to go through the queue though!! More great views from up here. Great weather today and lush sun, not cloudy so good visibility for all the viewssss. Afterwards we go to the metro and get off at one near ipanema- go to see the beach and enjoy it before the sun goes.

17 August 2017

20th part 2 Martha the maid had food made and we had more or less a linner haha before getting ready and going out to meet mattheus after work. He was going for after work drinks in botafogo. We got the metro there. It was basically a bar where you drink and sit in the street which was quite nice, and we were standing most of the time so that made it easy to change who you were talking to and everything. People were speaking English, and different people would talk to us so it wasn't a situation where mattheus had to babysit us which is good.
20th july to Rio Alex had a flight later the same day so came with us in an uber to split the cost. Flight was a couple of hours, got a window seat so we could see the sea but it wasn't just down the coast view the whole way anyways. Bus was easy enough to catch from the airport to mattheus place who we were staying with. Gave us good instructions on where to get off etc etc. His place is right on the beach in São conrado, the next bay along from ipanema. So a quieter beach. The maid was there (yes they have a maid who does their cooking) and we were staying in his brothers room the first night as they only come on the weekends.
19th part 2 Went back to acai hostel which is always nice but a bit weird to go back when the people we were hanging out with weren't there. I wanted to see korbi again just because I wasn't happy with the Saturday night thing haha but when we left on Sunday morning he was completely dead to the world. The French girl was there though! We went to the same place we had acaraje with korbi again but with alex and had abara this time - essentially the same thing but it's not fried. Think I liked it better because it was less dry. Really feeling a night by myself in my pod so we got snacks and settled in for the night.
19 th July to Salvador Travel day back to Salvador. Last breakfast was a lot busier than usual as there were more people around last night / this morning. Journey back was better as I was not hungover m but we had to take a slightly longer route as we got lucky with the bus we got last time we had an extra leg to do. All three of us travelled back together. The last boat the skies were cloudy and grey but then blue and there were rainbows so kinda cool!
18th July MORRO DE SÃO PAOLO Rainy morning which was annoying so even when we were ready we sat for a bit waiting. Eventually it stopped and we just decided to go. And when we got to the beach it was sunny! We were fooled by the rainforest. Anyways went to beach 4 which was nice and quiet. But it starts getting colder fairly early and because of the angle of the beach the shade appears sooner on the further beaches so we walked back towards the town and got an ice cream- doce de leite and paçoca! And sat on beach one eating it. And stayed there watching the zip line and the sky turning pink. Got joint stuff for dinner and had a lovely tomato aubergine salami pasta thing - Alex's idea. And then there was the real music jam tonight. People from outside the hostel came and it went on all night, basically just chilled and drank a bit.
17th part 2 Back to the hostel and got stuck there as it was raining, waiting to go out for dinner. They were having a little bit of a jam sesh which we said we'd join once we came back from dinner. Went to the main square and sat outside at one of the places and had yummy chicken parmeggiano and a very long dinner sitting there all night chatting just me cec and alex. Somehow aswell he knew about the Irish guy so wondering how that got around and also damn. Stayed at dinner so long the jam was over when we got back haha. Oops
17th July MORRO DE São PAOLO CHIll morning on hammock while cec is doing shit of course. Free breakfast at the hostel good but pretty dead. Haha, cheeky egg sandwich for lunch later. Hostel run and built by Argentinians and they are all around working on it and often topless. Didn't find them all particularly attractive but needless to say it's quite nice. Went to the second beach this afternoon. They number their beaches haha! Chilled and sunbathed and relaxed and then somehow alex (from Salvador who we knew was coming to the hostel today) found us. When it started getting a bit chilly/ sun going down we went for a walk down the beach - to 3 and 4. 2 is the busier one with all the bars and 3 and 4 much quieter.
16th part 2 So we had wanted to stay at one love the hippy community but were told it's closed but we figured lets just have a look so we find out where it is and struggle there with our bags and yes it is closed 🙃 so then we find where the bambu hostel is and it's far out and hard to find so when we eventually make it there our backs are killing and super sweaty. Hostel is in the forest and quite cool, still in progress too. Really quiet evening no one really around but after the last couple nights I'm ok with that. We just go to the shop for food.
16th to morro de são paolo Hungover travel day- omg terrible. Had to get up earlier than I'd like for sure. Struggles with breakfast and we headed to the port - had to go down the elevator! But just for brief moments then we were already at the port to catch the bumpiest boat journey which just made me feel so sick as if I didn't already feel sick enough!! I literally just followed cec on the journey couldn't handle it. Then got a bus where I slept the whole time then kind of a speed boat which was much better. Got there in good time.
15th part 7 They are quite young but these are the girls I danced with all night. And copied haha and basically got taken under their wing. Meanwhile I didn't really talk much with the Irish guy and he ended up getting with one of the girls the rest of the night. Korbi was there or thereabouts most of the time flitting around here there everywhere. Then the English girls show up!! Thought they were bound to have gone. So then had them to hang out with too. One of the girls even took me to the bathroom linking arms and everything, bear in mind there wasn't able to be much communication between us all haha. Anyway fun dancing proper Brazilian night! But annoyed about everything with the German and the Irish. We stayed out quite late got back like 6ish all 6 of us got a taxi together.
15th part 6 We go to get a drink and korbi is not taking any notice, I'm hanging out with the Irish guy but it's a bit awks feel like he thinks he's gotta look out for me. Then I go to say let's go find some people and dance and he goes in to kiss me and I just let it happen... then turn round and the German guy is waving at us from down the st to join him 🙈 the more I think about it the more annoyed I am at getting with him cause he's actually super arrogant and a bit of an idiot. And I wanted to get with the German guy but on the night with what happened before I didn't want to give him the chance. Stubborn me. Not that he tried anyway. Anyway we went to join him and I got the girls to start teaching me to dance to this Brazilian funky. Which involves the ass of course and they're so good dancing and I feel like I'm doing alright but no idea what o really look like. And compared to them especially.
15th part 5 As we ponder going in alex and joe just go in anyway as do some of the other I don't really know, korbi goes in to check and comes out saying no- and also something about how the people are the same and if he wants to get with a girl something something blah blah.So I'm like well fine he's already wanting to get with just some girl so right that's it. And he was just being sort of an annoying drunk running around. (Found out later that he had done Coke while we were on the streets at the start soexplains a lot). So then me him Irish guy and the two girls go to head somewhere else. The boys stop to talk to people and the girls carry on and so I end up losing the girls and we go to the streets and of course korbi is just kind of not there and the Irish guy is all don't worry I won't leave you on your own bla bla and being all protective.
15th part 4 And I go maybe too far trying to make it look like I don't like him or whatever and just don't really go to him but at the same time he never comes to me so whatever. Anyway I figure we'll go out and start hanging out then. I don't even go in a taxi with the girls but with alex and joe who are supposed to be looking out for me now haha. We get to Rio vermelho with some of the Brazilians driving - maybe not the best idea but we made it. Raining when we arrive yay. Meet up with the other car then me and the two girls take ages to go to the toilet. We all go to the street where the Brazilians are dancing and are there for a little bit then get lead to the same club by the same guy again!!! The music sounds better but I got a thing against going back here as do others.
15th part3 So korbi tells us about this Irish guy that's turned up who's fun and getting everyone drinking. He's decent looking and maybe he could be Cec's for tonight and I think I'll be with the German guy. Anyways go out for dinner at Zulu and have moqueca with fish which is lush - me cec and korbi share and have some laughs. Him and his excellent story skills. Back to the hostel and get ready and then start again on the caipirinhas. Start sitting and actually talking to korbi but then dancing to some reggaeton and then cec gets in an argument with the caipirinha guy, is in a mood, convinced not to go out cause there's just loads of guys and thinks I'll be with korbi. So bit of an annoying end to the pres and I don't really see him and I wanna go out and get with him but don't just wanna go out with tons of guys and make it look like I'm just going to get with him. There are two English girls who are going so my new friends for tonight.
15th part 2 Got some acai with banana and granola but the proportion of the acai was way too big and not enough granola. Chilled for a bit on the beach until there was no space between the shade and the sea haha. Then walked towards the lighthouse to watch the sunset. Sat on the hill with everyone else and chilled. Some lady came round with brigadeiro so had some of those- had a white one, caipirinha, dark choc...lots of paddle boarders. And omg people clapped when the sun went down. then we had deja vu on the way home with the Brazilian guy and buses...didn't catch one before dark at all. Walking back and forth before eventually getting one. So me and the German guy weren't flirting all day but there was like an underlying thing going on. Get back to the hostel and have a little chill before going upstairs and chilling with peeps.
15th July SALVADOR Lots of drumming noises coming from the centre today so after a hungover breakfast me and korbi went to the square to have a look while cec took another nap. Then went with the French girl and an Argentinian that works in the hostel. Drumming was cool and a bit of atmosphere then wandered round a bit even though we did that yesterday it was quite nice to. And towards the elevator we saw a monkey! A small one that was very flighty and running away but led us to her baby!! Which was sooo cute and just chilling on the tree with a little cheeky smile!!! Then after a bit we headed back to get cec etc. We planned to go to barra to the beach. Me cec korbi alex and this Brazilian guy. Who was annoying to the Austrian girl and hassling her so we were a bit like ahh great is he coming. And he was sure he knew how to get there by bus but he really didn't..so it ended up taking us ages to get there because we kept moving bus stops.

16 August 2017

14th part 5 I was feeling kinda sick from all the sugar in the caipirinhas probably and had to sit in the front. When we got to the hostel me and him went upstairs to get water and he had Cheetos and were chatting a while. Then went down stairs and were brushing our teeth and everything and he started asking if I had a boyfriend and it was all kinda a bit weird but then when we were in the room saying goodnight he was like can I kiss you (terrible thing to say of course) And then yeah haha.
14th part 4 but then the rest of the time we were there which was not long, nothing happened apart from dancing in a circle with people and shit music with the odd arm and comment and cec trying not to let the English guy get too close and therefore holding my hand and putting her arm round the waist so it was kinda difficult with the German guy haha. Anyway then we left (holding hands haha) but joined these people out side with music from their car trying to dance while we waited for the uber the Brazilian guy ordered
14th part 3 It's busy on the streets there, along the waterfront all the Brazilian cars are parked up blasting music and they are drinking and dancing on the street to Brazilian African style music and obv lots of ass. We go to a bar which is packed and it starts pouring outside so we are stuck in there for a bit. Had to buy a drink to get in. Then we got led to this club by a Brazilian guy who knew the owners of the hostel but it was shit music as it was rock and roll night but we stayed there a while and tried to request some tunes but the dj was having none of it. So this is when the German started hitting on me - funny way to go about it tbh haha I wasn't sure he was actually at first - asking which guys I liked the look of etc then I asked him back and he started saying his type or what he liked then I realised he was talking about me...
14th part 2 But it wasn't open yet so we went to a cafe nearby which had a good view out over the sea in the sun for a snack. I had these tapioca and Parmesan things. We stayed there a while til the acaraje cafe was open. I'm not sure what acaraje is still, but we had this orange paste sauce with a big fried ball of something that had a bready consistency. And some prawns and salad. Nice and proper Bahian food. A chill at the hostel for a while before some caipirinhas at the hostel. Us, korbi, French girl that worked at the hostel Elena, Brazilian Elaine, anouk the Dutch girl, and maybe some others mostly chilling and drinking. Oh and two British guys alex and joe. Joes weird didn't really like him. But didn't get ready first so had to get ready after already having drinks haha..anyways didn't need to go out early we in Brazil. It's Friday night btw. Rio vermelho is apparently the place to go so we order Uber's over there.
14th July SALVADOR Free brek was eggs ham cheese fruits cake....then today me cec and korbi the German guy went for a wander round the centre part. Very colourful houses and banners across the streets. Cobbled streets all very nice and old and cute. Use the coloured banners to see where we as tourists are def safe to go haha. Saw a square with some guys dancing capoeira a fighting dance. They were playing instruments and got the German guy to go play one with them. We even paid to get a photo taken with a woman in traditional dress lol something we never usually do!! Went to the square where the elevator goes down to the part cec s mum told us not to go to. Went on the museum that was there but didn't interest me much it was about some governors. Then back to the banners, went to the food museum but it told us more about the tool rrather than the actual food like we wanted. Then to the hostel to see if they knew a good place for acaraje which we had been told to try.
13th to Salvador Flight from Floripa to Sao paolo to Salvador, so travel day. Not feeling great on the first flight, migraine coming on. Easy transition to second flight. Get to Salvador and we download uber as it's so much cheaper than a taxi and we didn't really want to get a bus that would take forever when it would be getting dark. The uber took forever, so it got dark while we were in it. So much traffic. Another car nearly went into the side of us aswell bloody hell. Anyway get to the hostel, acai hostel in the old historical centre pelhourinho. Nice hostel not too big, got pod beds with curtains and lockers and shelves and everything yay. Unforch on top bunks hehe. Spent the evening chilling at the hostel, met some people, an English couple who were leaving tomorrow, German guy that was in our room, Dutch girl from our room.
Floripa part 16 Last day, and we hadn't made it to lagoa yet. Doing a day with nena her daughter and the daughter of nenas sons gf... so Portuguese day yay. I tried to just take it as being able to walk with just me thoughts. Did a walk at costa de lagoa beside the lake, decent walk with climbing and twigs and all that, and nena is 60!! At the end of the walk we stopped at a restaurant on the lake side, had caipirinhas and lunch which consisted of prawns Milanese, fish rice and the fish purée stuff. Today was disappointing weather wise- very grey. Especially considering yesterday. Caught the boat back from there back along the lake to the car. Got dropped off at carols and chicos and we had a chill night with pizza and lily before going back to the grandads house.
Floripa part 15 Sort out Day today but gutted we didn't make the most of the weather because it was really nice. Unpacked everything, made sure everything was washed, sewed etc. Had a hairdressers appt in the afternoon, not amazingly happy with it but needed to be done. In the evening we went to a Farro party with carol and her friends (same ones) in joaquina. So staying with her again tonight. Fun night, drank some vinagry white wine in the car, upstairs was the farro of which we just knew the basic steps, danced with carols friends and even carol herself haha, and some other guys that asked to dance. Fun but also quite repetitive after a while because didn't know anything else or get taught anything else. Some reggae or some other kind of chill music downstairs which we danced to for a bit too. Standing outside at the end chatting before we left and then Cec was getting with one of the friends lol.
Floripa part 14 Then back to pick carol up, a lunch made by their made and she even clears your plates for you and everything. Then we went with carol to meet two of the friends from sat night and another one to do a hike from armacao and matadeiro to lagoa d'este and finish at pantanal do sul. We left a car at armacao and another at pantanal so we did the long walk to the lagoa via the coast which was beaut, the beach was deserted and the sun was setting so lovely pink skies. Cool with the lagoa right by the sea. Then the shorter harder walk (in the dark by now ha) to pantanal, where we then drove the other car back to armacao to carols car. Probably my fave trip in Floripa! And nice to do a proper walk again not just a stroll or something super easy. Went back to stay with Cec's mum and had pizza and Cec's fave frango catupiri.
Floripa part 13 Still staying at carols, but her parents were back now. Carol was out last night so one of us on the floor mattress and one on her bed. In the morning Marla wanted to take us to santinho where they had been that weekend. Nice beach and a little walk along the coast where there were old rock carvings in the stone. History of the name - santinho is little saint- one of the rock carvings was believed to be of a saint. A priest stole this carving as no one was going to the church but instead to the carving. Lol

14 August 2017

Floripa part 12 In the afternoon instead we went with Chico to have lunch in the shopping centre, at an a kilo place so tried bits and pieces of different foods including feijão (black beans). They weight what you get and you just pay for that. And his parents gave him their credit card haha. Then we went for a coffee, for cappuccinos but had no idea we shouldn't have done this! They were so so sweet and now we know to avoid cappuccinos in Brazil. So dinner at tia nenas. Not the best evening of my life. Turns out there were a lot of people going, all older and therefore no English. Separate table for us and cec disappeared when we were getting seated for food. Just all a bit overwhelming. Nice food and everything - prawns. But just a bit shitty for me. One fun thing was opening a champagne bottle with a saber (big sword) how lavish.
Floripa part 11 We left and went to carols friends house nearby where there were three guys (and two dogs) and we went and got alcohol and sat on the grass by the lake with their guitars and stuff haha. I was pretty tired tbh and one of them couldn't speak English so there was a mix of languages going round. Next day we were supposed to be meeting her cousin for lunch before going surfing in the afternoon but her cousin is flaky and that didn't happen. And we decided not to try and squash the surfing in as we were supposed to be at tia nenas at like 6pm... so none of those things happened. I got up and went for a run in the morning though, along Beria mar which was nice- joined all the Sunday brunch walkers and runners! It was cloudy otherwise I may have been a tad too hot haha.
Floripa part 10 This is andrei and his mate at the surf rental shop btw. So I didn't appreciate any of that. Anyway then we went surfing and we had one foam board and carols board but hers was too small so we went and swapped it for another foamie. Felt really shit didn't do well at all! Bless him though he stood in the water helping us catch waves and we were just not doing well at all. Improved a bit but it was like starting from scratch. BUT we saw a penguin!!!! Just one that popped up near us a few times. They get caught in the wrong current sometimes and end up there haha! In the night then carols cousins birthday was at a bar in lagoa (close to joaquina) - lagoa is the lake. Which was a bit awkward with just Portuguese of course but it was loud and some music and not sitting around a table. Also didn't stay that long. But there was brigadeiro!which was tastyyyy.
Floripa part 9 We planned to get up early and go surfing with Andrei the son of Cec's mums friend who's a surfer. But I think he took a bit of a lie in...so we went in the afternoon basically instead. Went to joaquina, carol came with us and spent time on the beach. Not sure if this guy was gonna be a bit creepy to cec from some of the messages he was sending but he was okay in the end. I was gonna use carols wetsuit as were a more similar height, cec was getting one from the surf shop but they saw carols and thought it was smaller so then cec ended up with that and they were trying to say I was too big for the other one they had picked out which actually looked like it would fit me fine thank you very much, and brought out a bigger one which looked too big for me so I was like no this one is fine thanks. And it did fit and yes it was tight as a wetsuit is supposed to be but they were still like hmm is it ok.
Floripa part 8 Next day, another part of the coast. To amacão beach - little walk out to the headland, watch some surfers, then to matadeiro beach. Where it wasn't quite warm enough to lie in bikinis.. did some abs ahah. Made friends with a cute black dog and ran down the beach with him. Watched some paragliders. Then in the evening carol picked us up and we went to one of her friends with her- they were just chilling for the evening. Started off a bit awkward but then they spoke English a lot and we played uno. Then we went back to carols because we were gonna stay with her for the weekend, her parents were away for the weekend so we got to stay in their room in their amazingly comfy and large bed.
Floripa part 7 Pizza was nice and had Frango catipiri (chicken and a soft cheese you can't get at home) which is Cec's fave. Actually I'm not sure we actually did have that pizza this night... but anyway. These are family friends and the kids are carol and Chico, she's not much younger than us and in uni and Chico is like 18 and also in uni. They also have a pug dog lily (pugs make me sad but soon fell in love with Lily of course haha). So in terms of English, the other night with nena most was in Portuguese and sometimes people would explain something to me, and I actually understand more than I thought because of similarities with Spanish. Tonight there was less understanding and explaining on my behalf, but the kids speak English. That tends to be the case- the younger gen can speak English but all the older people can't. At the uncles flat they all can though.
Floripa part 6 City day today, went to a viewpoint see the Hermicilio Luz bridge which has become a symbol of Floripa but you can't cross on it anymore as it's dangerous to. Then to the cathedral and a plaza with a super old tree, bought my brazil bracelet from a stall to finish off my travel bracelet collection. Then to the palace which also got called casa rosada which is now a museum. Everything here is colonial style buildings with white borders and then pastelly colours like pink yellow or blue. Very Portuguese. Best thing about the museum was the fact that we had to wear slippers over our shoes because of protecting the floors- so we just slide around everywhere messing around. From there we went straight to tia Marlas for the evening where we met Cec's mum. We were walking there from the bus and they come up and scare us from behind and grab our bags. If it was Marla who got me so I turn around to someone pulling on my bag and there's this woman I don't know laughing jaja.
Floripa part 5 Thought we were gonna have a night in doing nothing tonight but then the family turn up and say quick lets go we are going to a Churrascaria because it's the only day all of us could go and when it's cheaper on weekdays. So once again ate my weight dear lord. So this is like a meat house where they keep coming round with different cuts of meat- so many different ones coming all the time so you eat a lot of tasty meat!! Seriously I should never be hungry again. They had to ask cec if they could close the buffet as she was the last one eating out of the whole restaurant 😂
Floripa part 4 Next day another day trip just us two to a similar area of the island to Daniela. Small town where cec used to have a beach house and there are apparently alligators roaming around- they have now put a fence up and they were hiding right now. Walked from Daniela beach all along until the fort. Deserted beaches and climbing over some rocks where the tide was in in places. With some leftover party food as our lunch. Almost went past the fort and were climbing further round the coast over rocks before we realised we were right below it. After the fort we walked to jurere a super posh neighbourhood that reminded me of posh suburbia in the states. Then we got the bus back. We decided not to confine ourselves to getting back over the bridge before certain time and it was fine.
Floripa part 3 That night we had tia nena and her husband over for this party food that they have - little potato balls with chicken, little sausage roll type things, tiny pastels (their empanadas- had one at santo Antonio today), etc. So naturally ate a lot as more kept coming out. Then out came a cake made for us- with us and sandy on it!! Made out of icing lol. Cake with like 5 layers of different things like brigadeiro and nuts. Today also tried paçoca which is a peanut based thing too which I now love.
Floripa part2 Next day day trip to santo Antonio de Lisboa on the island - cute little Portuguese town, one of the oldest I think. It was a bit cloudy to begin with but then the sun came out and the water is a nice turquoise and all the mountains in the distance. We walked along the coast from there to sambaqui and back. Then because we have to get the bus to the centre and then across the bridge to the mainland (and apparently the queues are terrible at rush hour) we had to get back across around 4ish to miss it.
Floripa part 1 Got picked up at the bus station by Cec's mum and uncle Nando and then her aunt and uncle were at the flat didinca and Marco. And all of us staying in it. Her grandads flat and her uncle lives there, he's looking after him as he's ill, the rest were just visiting. (He actually had a tumour on his head and had the operation while we were there). Flat on the mainland part of the city - half is on the island (the main part where most stuff is) and the other half on the mainland. Me and cec sleeping on the floor in the office type room. We arrive and are greeted with champagne and oysters lol. Oysters with cheese on them otherwise I don't think I would like them.. also crab which was nice. So fancy! But due to the location of Floripa seafood is a big deal. We don't do much today, have a nap and take it easy basically. For dinner we have tasty sushi which they love here too apparently.
3rd FLORIPA til the 13th July Gonna do a mass post to make this quicker or ill never catch up! And I've managed to record this entire trip so don't wanna fall so far behind I never catch up now.
2nd part 2 So I'm writing this a fair while after so will be brief.. went up in the plane only paid for 10 thousand ft but the other girls paid for 12 th and we ended up also doing 12 with them!! View was cool with the waterways - could see the river and mist of iguazu from a far away, the damn, and the bridge to Paraguay. Much colder air this time I could feel it!! Fun free falling of course and messing with the camera a bit and a nice scenic paraglide at the end and steering etc. Fun but not quite as amazing as the first time just cause it wasn't the first time. But better views I think. Then back to the hostel where we chilled by the pool and got taught some acro yoga haha. Before our evening bus to Floripa. Overnight.
2nd July FOZ DO IGUAÇU And from above today!! skydive time take 2. This is our savings from taking buses all over Argentina instead of flights haha. Got picked up from the hostel in a minibus and a girl from our room was also coming with a friend. Pretty chill, also feeling pretty chill. But making myself nervous? It was all very relaxed. The field outside the office was where we take off from and land in haha. The others went first and then we went with two mexican girls. We paid for 10,000 ft but they paid for 12000 so we figured we'd probably just be jumping out earlier or something. Watched the others land and we waited for the plane and also some of the instructors who were doing it with one from that group and one from our group haha. That's what my instructor was doing, he literally just jumped then came and did it again jaja.
1st part 2 Then we actually ate it waiting for the elevator and this was a bad idea- the coatis have such a nose for food and they could smell our little sandwich! And they have signs up all round the park saying don't feed them, don't eat in front of them, and pictures with people with bleeding hands. So we basically had to run away!! It was climbing towards us on the railings and looked like it would jump on us ngl a little scary!! Then hostel, supermarket and all that, pesto as a treat hahaha and of course the free caipirinha but packing and bed in prep for tomorrow.
1st July IGUAÇU FALLS BRAZIL Falls Day number 2, Brazilian side. Didn't rush off as much less to do on this side it's just a couple of hours out. What we're astounded by is that we can pay almost everything with card after Argentina and Bolivia we are happyyyy. Bus there and then there is one main trail that we took slowly. Coatis roaming around again! First start off seeing it from far away so you get a good view of lots in one which is nice to see, but initially I am thinking well this isn't quite as impressive as the Argentinian side. But then we get closer and closer. And get to the point at the end where you have to put your raincoat on because of all the spray. And you walk out on this boardwalk into the waterfall, well up to it and over water haha. And you get soaked!! So much spray. And rainbows and up close, so that's fun. And a lift up to a viewpoint which is a good vantage point. Where we took some food with a views hehe. We haven't posted in forever.