Thailand · 14 Days · 8 Moments · September 2017

Northern Thailand

26 September 2017

Early start today in our sweaty hotel room. We’ve booked 2 nights closer to the town. It has air con also so this was a no brainer. We took a taxi to Huay Tao Lake for the day. The lake was just gorgeous. Beautiful views of the mountain landscape too. To make things even cute-er, we had our own little hut where we had food and Chang beers delivered to it all day long. We spent the day chilling out and reading books/writing our journals. For the most part, it was a seriously chilled day. That was until a rowdy Thai group consisting of 2 young couples came and played shitty music through their speakers came to sit in the hut next to us. The uncomfortable part for us though was the men (who we came to realise were a lot older than the young girls) seemed to be grooming the girls and plying them with more drink and we clocked on that the men weren't actually drinking themselves. Sure enough, one of the girls ended up completely para and started throwing up into the lake. Not so scenic..

25 September 2017

Today we attempted a lie in, but of course the room was the stickiest place in the world - like the middle of the Sahara desert - hot! So we got ready and looked for a cafe which did breakfast and had wifi so we could sort some plans out for the next few days. We hailed a red truck for only 30bhat!! Way cheaper than tuk tuks. We arrived at Overstand Cafe, pretty cool in there with Cards Against Humanity and Uno cards on the tables. We ordered breakfast - I went for chorizo and RB went for egg and bacon sandwich. During this time we managed to book 2 extra nights in Chiang Mai for our trekking trip up to Doi Inthuanon on Wednesday, can't wait for that. We also booked a couple of nights in Pai in cute little bungalows. Whilst we were researching, we couldn't believe it when Josh & Sunny (American couple we met at ENP) came strolling in!! They sat with us and we had a lovely 2 hour convo! We got to learn a lot about them and vice versa and they gave us some tips for the states!...

24 September 2017

Back in Chiang Mai after leaving ENP this morning. Cute hostel but waaaay out of town and very fucking hot. Only a fan blowing hot hair. HOT! We decided to take some stuff to the laundry and walked into town (about 40 mins walk) half way through we decided it was time for meat! So before we knew it we were googling "best burgers in Chiang Mai" which lead us to 'Rock Me Burger' where we both stuffed our faces with BEEF! And actual proper fries. After the meat sweats and the mild food coma we decided to head to a sports bar for a few games of pool with a beer. Of course, Ryan won every time.. We then headed over to THC rooftop bar and found the scummiest toilet of all time!!! Literally like the train spotting toilet (see photos). We headed up a few dodgey stairs, nearly breaking our necks as we scrambled up ladders! Nice views & a few beers at the top. As we got comfy in bed to watch GBBO - of course it was caramel week meaning we HAD to nip out to 7/11 to buy some Twix to kill the urge!

17 September 2017

Woke up in lovely lebua this morning with an unbelievable view to ease the early start. Headed down to cafe mozu for our complimentary breakfast! We checked out of the hotel & headed with our scruffy backpacks in tow to Don Muang airport. Journey started off smoothly but bad turbulence on the way down - vile. Got to Chiang Mai safely & got a taxi to our ‘interesting’ hostel - me you the dorm. The bright green walls & fluorescent pink bedding was a shock, then we put our bags down to a huge THUD. Basically a wooden slab for a bed. Not only this, but the bed was covered in dead bugs - quite the difference from last night! However, we decided to make our way out to explore the beautiful Chiang Mai. On first impressions I prefer Chiang Mai to Bangkok due to its more laid back vibe. We had the best Chicken Massaman curry for lunch! Our waiter asked for a photo with us, which we obliged feeling flattered! We finished the day with a pad thai at the market & happy hour at the Lost Hut Bar!

16 September 2017

Bit of a reckless day (well completely reckless) we decided we wanted a break (already) from the backpacking life so we booked in for a last minute one night stay at the Lebua hotel! To get a 5 star luxury hotel for the price of a travelodge back at home, it was hard to resist.. we will be proper backpackers from here on out though, we swear! After checking in and admiring the unreal views for an hour or so we caught the BTS over to Chatuchak Market and walked around the miles of different stalls for a couple of hours. We then rushed back to the hotel to make the most. Feet up, room service ordered, it was time to catch up on Great British Bake Off! How very British of us. Our pizza and chips arrived and we ended the night in our HUMUNGOUS bed watching Hangover 2 (very apt).

15 September 2017

We headed to the beautiful Lumpinee park (take two). If you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, head over to this peaceful green space. You could chill all day with a book or do what we did & hire a swan pedalo! We were very lucky to spot about 5 monitor lizards. After this we hailed a tuk tuk to MBK shopping centre. This place is insane, Trafford centre on steroids. After some lunch at Chicken Bon Chon, we headed over to Caturday Cat Cafe! What a delight this was. Although Ryan & myself don't like cats, it was still great fun. We caught the BTS back to our hostel & got ready for a night on Khao San Road. What a place, anything goes! We opted for a bucket of JD with a side of scorpion! A few drinks down, a familiar face was at our table, an old friend from Llanfair!! So we caught up with him and his friends before heading to a Ping Pong show! One of the ladies was kind enough to shoot a moist banana out of her juju & straight into Ryan’s hands, so that was fun!

14 September 2017

Temple day! We woke up early and had a red Thai curry for breakfast before hailing a tuk tuk to Wat Pho. We then walked over to the Grand Palace - it was literally like Disneyland in there with tourists everywhere. We decided to try Wat Arun instead as it looked a lot quieter. After catching a "ferry" over to Wat Arun, we explored the gardens and the temple. Next on the agenda was a pizza at Ciao Pizza just off Silom Road. After that, we decided to be kinda reckless and head over to the Sky Bar at State Tower. The views were absolutely incredible but it was literally daylight robbery in there! I had the Hangovertini which was about £15, KINDA reasonable for a cocktail. Ryan however ordered two half pints - HALF PINTS - totalling £34!!! Crazy. The views alone were worth it though. We ended the night with a quiet drink on a rooftop bar near the hostel.

13 September 2017

After the long flight, we arrived in Bangkok absolutely knackered so hailed a taxi to our hostel (Glur Bangkok Hostel and Cafe). As it was our first night & we just wanted to sleep, we paid a couple of extra quid to stay in the rooftop duplex private room & had a few hours sleep to rejuvenate. After waking up about midday we decided to roam the streets of Silom Road. This place is insane, people everywhere and crazy smells from every corner. We decided to visit Lumpinee park which was about 30 min walk from the hostel. However, as soon as we arrived, ryan fell off a step and opened his toe when it immediately began to thunder and lighting. Great start. So the rest of the first day was spent finding a pharmacy to fix Ryan's toe. We did however walk (or in Ryan’s case, hobbled) around Pat Pong (Bangkok's small version of the Red Light District). This is where I experienced my first street pad thai - beautiful. We found a little Irish bar and finished the night with a few beers!