Indonesia · 1 Days · 2 Moments · August 2015

Mary Anito

Ferries, summits, and pirate ships!

12 August 2015

Purpose of our boating adventure: see Komodo dragons! We got to our boat, had some food, and were then told we wouldn't be leaving soon - they had bought illegal fuel and the 'police' had to 'clear it up'. They bussed us to the beach, we returned, sat on the dock, ate, and finally got underway around midnight. Only 8 hours late. We stopped at some more beaches, ate rice galore, saw a Komodo in the wilderness (+ one tied up for the tourists) and made some more friends as we commiserated over our hostage situation. Eventually we abandoned ship, thankfully, and got to enjoy the nice town of Labuan bajo. Originally a Dutch settlement there remained lots of European influence and we had an airbnb overlooking the harbor. Made it to more secret waterfalls, where J could practice cliff jumping and swimming upstream. Had some amazing Italian food and tried to prolong our final days before our return to the real world. Final night in Bali with great meal @ St Regis then SG!
After achieving our zen, we continued on to our beach portion of the honeymoon, starting with a fast boat to sengiggi. While the water was choppy and the rain came a pourin', it was a pretty quick trip until we landed in a flood at Sengiggi realizing we were two hours from our hotel for the night. Luckily we found a closer airbnb with a private pool on the beach and enjoyed an AWESOME meal at The Square in Sengiggi. We got back on our moped to explore some areas outside of town, venturing to favorite surf beaches, secret waterfalls, and eventually up what I would call a flood plane/river bed up the start of Rinjani. Our eleven hour 12 mike round trip hike to the crater was trying but amazing too. Thank goodness for the amazing Japanese and Malaysian hikers who shared some water. We had one final rain soaked day at the Sheraton resort, enjoying amazing massages and our first experience with reflexology. And then it was time for our pirate adventure to begin!