Portugal · 4 Days · 5 Moments · May 2018

Ferragudo, Lagoa, Portugal

27 May 2018

Today we went to a place called “zoo marine”. It’s a really cool place but we saw a dolphin show and I cried through it because I felt sorry for the dolphins. Other than that, it’s a really cool place to go. There’s heaps of rides for the kiddies to do. They went on the carousel 3x, we went on the Ferris wheel 3x (Dan and Indi went once by themselves!). There was also a mini train and a crazy spinning one where you squirt each other with water. Dan and Lucas also went on the rapids ride while Indi slept in the pram. Then Lucas went in the pools which had a bucket yay! It was a cool day and the kids had lots of fun. It would be hectic in summer there. For dinner we went to a grill place in the middle of nowhere but it was a stunning setting. Unfortunately our salmon was old and we didn’t eat it and dans steak overdone. They had a playground though and Lucas made LOTS of friends. He taught them all “the floor is lava” and there were about 10 kids playing it! So cool to see.

26 May 2018

Today we went to explore the caves... and oh my gosh they were INCREDIBLE! We had one of our best days ever. Starting at the car park we walked down along the wooden paths that took us to our first caves, which astounded us! The colour of the water is truly spectacular there. The kids really enjoyed exploring and hiding in the little caves. Next we kept walking around to our lunch spot which was a restaurant set amongst the caves with a beautiful view. From here we went down the stairs next to the restaurant to some epic caves. Dan saw some local kids jumping off a really high cliff into the water and decided to do it too! It took a bit of courage and he did it! It was cool of the boys to show him how. After an awesome day exploring the caves we went home for a swim. It was a super hot day so nice to cool off. I cooked tonight so we didn’t have to go back out.

25 May 2018

Today started off lovely and slow. I made a water play for Indi and Lucas swam in the pool! When Dan got up we went to the beach, yay! It was a little busier and when we tried to sit where we did yesterday, they tried to charge us... so we just moved to where it was free haha. Dan dug big holes and trapped Indi in for kisses hehe. Lucas and I made heaps of sand castles! We ate lunch at the same place but dan and I both made bad lunch choices so it wasn’t as good... dam! After lunch we played on the playground for a while - Lucas found a cute wee English boy and loved having an English speaking friend to play with! We went for a drive to check out the other side of the inlet but it wasn’t quite what we expected - but a cool resort. It kinda reminded us of the Denarau of The Algarve! We keep seeing the most amazing nests made by storks. They’d be about 1.5 metres wide and all on chimneys or lampposts. We’ve never seen anything like them! Dinner in town was nice!

24 May 2018

Today when we woke up it was straight to the beach! We started off at the park of course. We played for a while and I got a nice espresso just above it. From there we went down and found a good spot on the beach (we were literally the only ones in the water today!). Indi really embraced the nudity from around Europe and loved every minute of being free haha. We grabbed lunch from the same place I had my espresso, just baguettes which were nice. After a few hours we went for a drive and then checked out another beach which took my breath away as I walked down to it - completely closed in by cliffs you walk through a bar/restaurant into this incredible beach - it was STUNNING but such a shame the waves were a bit too intense for the kids. Although they had fun playing for a bit in them with dan! After that it was supermarket and home! And of course Lukie got in the pool! Lots of swimming today so I cooked and we had any early(ish) night! (Netflix on the big screen haha).

23 May 2018

Oh the Algarve. I couldn’t even try to explain how much we truly truly loved our stay here. We can’t wait to come back 100%. It is AMAZING. We found some incredible spots coming into the Algarve and were stunned by the colour of the sand and water - truly beautiful. Driving from Lisbon to here “the scenic” way wasn’t overly scenic or worth the extra few hours though. We had decided to book a villa with a pool for the soul purpose of having some “downtime”. The kids were straight into the pool on arrival, so I was in with them! Although it was not heated, so Indi didn’t stay in long but Lucas was hard to get out! We drove about 5 minutes to the beach playa grande and had dinner at the Club Nao for dinner which was nice (for me, dan wasn’t into his). The beach is ammmmazing. So well groomed and has a playground for the kids. We knew exactly where we would be headed tomorrow!