North America, Australia and Oceania · 89 Days · 49 Moments · April 2015

Feroz's trip to United States of America

20 July 2015

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

19 July 2015

Finally I meet my cousins for first time. This is their hotel in Gold Coast called Savannah. Great place.
Brisbane, Australia journey begins.

8 May 2015

Today I cruised in Red bus sightseeing around uptown and downtown NYC. It took all day.

7 May 2015

Night life in NYC
Back in NYC 🚦🏢

6 May 2015

Trip to DC cupcakes 🍰❤️❤️

5 May 2015

Had a great time today in Times Square NYC.

4 May 2015

Tonight I visited the world famous M&M store in NYC. It's amazing place. Loved it.
Welcome to New York.
Off to New York.

3 May 2015

Santa Monica pier. World Famous.

2 May 2015

Just arrived Los Angeles. It was good bus ride.

1 May 2015

Roadtrip to Los Angeles in Megabus. #megabus
Fisherman's Wharf
We had lovely soup Clam Chowder here at Boudin.
Crooked Street. San Frans

29 April 2015

Dinner out with sis and cousins.
Trip to Napa Valley.
Lunch at In-N-Out Burger. Double Double burger :)
VT Mocha Frappachino

28 April 2015

Night walk around Sacramento
Dinner at PF Chang in Sac. Lovely food.
Governor's Mansion in Sacramento.
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento CA.
Tower Bridge Sacramento CA.
Old Sacramento and California State Railroad Museum.
State Capitol Sacramento
Welcome to Sacramento ❤️

27 April 2015

Drinking to relax :)
Almost there :)
Greyhound is awesome bus. Very comfy ride. Includes free wifi and we are allowed to eat inside. And it also has PowerPoint on every seats :)
Bus riding to Sacramento ❤️
Greyhound ride to Sacramento :)
Too cold

26 April 2015

Brunch at LakeChalet

25 April 2015

Golden Gate Bridge.
Lunch at Pier 39 with family.
We off the SF city.

24 April 2015

With family in Oakland CA.
Getting closer to SF
Halfway to SF on Interstate 5.
Near Bear Trap road.
Road trip to SF on Interstate 5. 360miles approx 6hours

23 April 2015

Jurassic park studio tour.
On my way Universal Studio again.

22 April 2015

Awesome rides in Universal Studio LA
Universal Studio tour :)