North America, Asia · 2 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Felix's journi to Thailand

11 April 2017

I made it to Our House Hostel in Ko Phagnan. Apparently, I was the last person to check in for the full moon party. I took a top bunk in a 12 person room. This was very much an island guesthouse with crappy AC. The door to the room was secured with a keypad lock and when I opened it up, there were 6 beds on the left and 6 on the right. The floor was a painted red concrete and the room was dark. Lockers were directly in front and the shared bathroom to the left. I met Frankie, a British guy from Manchester who had the wildest stories. Always in good spirits and had a positive attitude. He spoke of Martial arts training and hustling in England. Prior to him coming to Thailand, he had to shut down his business - and alcohol and laughing gas supplier and delivery service to clubs, raves, and bars. It was called: Liquors and Creams :)
I took a bus to the ferry pier that takes you to Ko Phagnan. Waiting at the terminal, I met Moti. We boarded the ferry together and shared a few cigarettes. Moti was a 30 something Israeli that lived in NY for a few years to bartend at clubs. He served in the Israeli army and was on his way to Ko Phagnan to meet his buddies. Moti was telling me how Israeli's are happy with Trump. He says that they constantly live in a state of fear with air attacks happening. If you don't make it down in a bunker in 10 seconds when you hear them, you're going to die! It was interesting to hear the perspective from a foreigner where war is constant. On a brighter note, Moti suggested that I go to Tel Aviv.
We landed in Ko Samui and it's was beautiful! You can feel the island culture immediately at the airport. Now I had to figure out how to get to Ko Phagnan for the full moon party. I have 2 choices: speedboat for almost double the price of a ferry. I decide to take the ferry and bus ride.
I got to the airport and realized I had left my flip flops at the hotel. That was the first pair. In the future, I'll find out that losing flip flops is a hustle on the islands. I knew I needed something on the islands and in the hostel, so I grabbed a cheap pair at the airport that were 280 baht. I find out later that that's expensive :/
I checked out of my backpacker hotel and headed to the airport. The flight was at 9:30am from Bangkok to Ko Samui. I learned it was cheaper to go on the street and get a cab than doing the flat rate 500 baht van booking at the hotel. We would be going against traffic, so we breezed to the airport. Driving around their was nuts with scooters zipping in between lanes and the alley type roads are narrow. Anyways, I saved 50 baht.
I woke up to find my toiletry bag was ruined by something. It was so weird! It was if the bottom had been burned or there was something acidic eating away at it... I bought it at Nordstrom rack for $10, so it wasn't too bad.

10 April 2017

I landed in Bangkok and everything went pretty easy since I had all my belongings with me. On the plane, I messaged Condrad. Condrad is my uncle Rudy's friend who lives in Thailand. He came to the airport to escort me and even booked my hotel by khaosan rd. We walked the crazy streets of khaosan and had some dinner. People were dancing on the streets and street vendors were cooking food and selling goods. It reminded me of Cancun at night with all the open aired clubs facing the street, except it was much narrower here.
My layover was in Seoul. The airport is really clean and the windows reminded me of the top floor of the Seattle library. The moving walkways passed by flower beds of orchids which made me kinda smile. Nice touch. I was glad the layover was only 2 hrs, and since the flight over was delayed it cut it down a bit. I didn't have to pass through customs and I transported via train to the terminal. People wearing SARS masks worried me a bit :/
Delta business class upgrade is legit! The chair basically transforms into a bed with the push of a button. I got fed 3 meals and all drinks are included as well. I had my own over head cabin, and I didn't have anyone next to me. I had been feeling kinda sick a few days before the trip, so I pulled the trigger on the upgrade thinking it would be good to get some rest with the least amount of people around potentially getting me more sick. It was a good move. I slept for 7 hrs on the flight, watched 2 movies, and got some work done.

10 April 2017

My flight was at 9am and what a whirlwind it was. I almost lost my passport at the kiosk, I upgraded my seat to business class, the flight was delayed, and I took advantage of delta sky Lounge's free food. Too bad that was after the crappy scrambled eggs and potatoes at the airport restaurant. I kept a good mood about everything though and I made the flight!