India · 3 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Exploring South Goa

8 June 2017

A hidden gem for most tourists and locals. Netravali Bubbling Lake has small bubbles rising to the surface, and is a natural phenomenon to witness. You can spend hours listening to nothing but your own thoughts.
With not a soul on these roads, you can even think of lying down on the road and soaking in the sun.
An old Portuguese house, partly converted into an art gallery with a cafe at the end. Sip on some coffee and dig into a hearty breakfast in the most arty backdrop. If you're lucky, you can attend or at least witness a creative workshop in progress.

7 June 2017

A hidden treasure in South Goa where a small lagoon faces the vast sea. Monsoon waves are at it's deadliest best.
Coming up on this road feels like it's going to lead you directly to the beach.
Never go so fast that you can't just stop and admire the view. Who knows when you'll find a bright coloured bench in the middle of almost nowhere.
Drivers love the smooth roads. Passengers love the view.
Zeebop. The beach side restaurant with the perfect view and the yummiest food. Also a popular venue for beach weddings.

6 June 2017

Possibly the slowest way to get Goa, but beautiful views in the monsoon. Mandovi Express.