Myanmar · 315 Days · 15 Moments · July 2016

Farhat's adventure in Myanmar (Burma)

12 May 2017

View from my parents' room at Hotel Esperado in Yangon 😍

8 July 2016

The Essence of Myanmar

6 July 2016

Always select a hotel that offers a buffet breakfast, and also make sure you load up every morning before you head out. Never let hunger slow down your travels!
Wanna take a midnight dip with me?
Absolutely loved this hotel. It's like a treasure hidden away from the city in the heart of which it is situated.
It's amazing how very different Burmese cities are from one another. Each city is worth visiting.

5 July 2016

Industrial vibes at the Holly Hotel, Yangon

2 July 2016

Semi ripe mangoes dressed and seasoned for the gods 😋😍 Only in Yangon.
Oh and did I mention Yangon is a great place for fruit?
Breakfast at Hotel Esperado, Yangon
Beloved Hotel Esperado, Yangon
Burmese cuisine is the best food I've ever had 👌

1 July 2016

View from my room at Hotel Esperado, Yangon 💟