Singapore, Indonesia · 1 Days · 4 Moments · April 2017

The Cruise that goes Nowhere

14 April 2017

Back in Sg for early dinner! Nothing that pizza can't solve 🤗
Spent the time exploring the cruise ship and taking some photos, but other than that, there's really nothing much to do except GAMBLING 🙂 We actually thought of staying longer or even stay overnight or spend a night at Batam, but given that there's nothing to do, we end up leaving earlier instead 😂
Upon reaching the cruise, we had to 'check-in' and off we go to get lunch! The sight that greet us! The cruise ship is literally floating in the sea, with no destination to go. We actually had to transfer at Batam and a smaller boat brought us to the cruise We didn't know what to expect and my father was telling us sisters that we can go and swim etc while the adults gamble but..... Lo & behold! There's actually nothing that we can do on the ship except for GAMBLING 🙂
Going on a day trip on a cruise that goes nowhere! To be honest, it's my first time hearing about it too and I don't know what to expect 😂 Off we go after breakfast! And bless us for the queue to board the ferry is soooooo long!!! We queued for at least an hour!!