Asia · 1 Days · 10 Moments · April 2016

Chasing Spring, 봄여행!

9 April 2016

We went for dinner at Jagalchi Market! There's sooooo many seafood restaurants along the market and they fish/seafood are all so fresh!!! You can see the store owners trying to get you to eat at their place as you walk past their restaurants 🤗 We settled in at one of the restaurants there and had some grilled fish and seafood pancakes and also king crab!!! King crabs are so expensive wth. Expensive is an understatement 😂 But their meat are so 😍😍😍😍 SO GOOD!!
See what I mean!!!! I'm totally not photogenic ah but the place really makes a whole lot of difference to the outcome of the photo 🙊
The cliff is just nearby and the view is spectacular 💯💯💯 I'd totally recommend just chilling at the edge of the cliff and enjoy the breeze Plus any photo taken there would is 10/10 instaworthy 😂
Yeongdo Lighthouse! To get to the lighthouse, we actually had to go down a lot of stairs, which we didn't expect at all wth 😂 There also happen to be a seafood market selling fresh seafood which the ahjummas caught in the morning. They have all sort of seafood, from sea urchin, to abalone, sashimi and live octopus. We tried a plate of some stuff which costs us ₩100,000 if I'm not wrong???? Okla, it's probably more expensive because of the abalones but tbh, I'm totally not a fan of sashimi and what not so I just tried the live octopus 🙂
The observatory! It was quite a cloudy day that afternoon, so we can't really see much from the view. But the sea is so blue and everything look so scenic 😍
First stop, Taejongdae Resort Park! It's a beautiful park with cliffs facing the sea. There's a few sites of attractions within the park and you can take the Danubi Train to get to there or even go on a hike! The Danubi Train costs ₩2,000 for adults, and ₩1,000 for kids and it goes to the 5 main attractions of the park. Danubi Train Course Platform→ Taejongsa Temple →Observatory →Yeongdo Lighthouse → Gumyeongsa Temple → Taewon Jagal Madang → Platform We only managed to visit 2 attractions due to time constrain, but these 2 (Observatory & Yeongdo Lighthouse) are the highly recommended/must-go-to attractions!!! How to get there from Busan Station: 1. From Busan Station exit no.7, walk straight until you reach the 3rd bus station which is near a pharmacy. 2. Take bus 101. It will take about 45 minutes to reach Taejongdae Station.
We stayed at Inside Busan while in Busan! It's located among Busan's Chinatown and is also quite convenient to get around (minus the slopes and stairs) as Busan station is around 5mins away and there's also a limousine that goes to this area! The place is really cosy and homely and they have several kind of rooms too!! Totally regret not snapping photos, but you can refer to their website @ for more information. Also, nothing that google can't solve for you ya! 😉 Address: INSIDE BUSAN HOSTEL 13-6 Choryangjung-ro Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea E-mail : | Tel : (+82) 051-442-1057
안녕 부산! The weather is amazing and even the streets look beautiful! Here we are on the limousine that goes to Busan Station from Gimhae Airport. Lucky us, our accomodation is near Busan Station altho we have to go through slopes and stairs (which is nothing new in Korea hahaha!!) Appa's friends came to fetch us at the bus stop when we alight from the limousine and brought us to our accomodation!
Time to transit! We had around 2h to chill before our next flight and since most of the shops are closed, we just hanged around Macdonald's to get some drinks while waiting for our next flight to Busan!

8 April 2016

After months of planning, we are finally embarking on our trip to South Korea!! I'm so excited!! 🤗 Thankful for friends who came to send me off 🙆🏼💕 Korea, here we come!! Flying on Cathay Pacific and we chose a red-eye flight since we have a baby with us so she can sleep on flight!! Also since we're flying CX, we have a 2h layover at Hong Kong before we reach the land of kimchi 🇰🇷 Watch my teaser vlog at: