Around The World · 24 Days · 43 Moments · December 2018

Family trip to the USA

6 January 2019

Last meal in Washington DC. Off to the airport.

5 January 2019

4 January 2019

3 January 2019

Arrived at Washington DC, now for some pizza.

2 January 2019

1 January 2019

31 December 2018

30 December 2018

29 December 2018

Flight to NYC, and quick walk around the city. 5°c as a starter, let's see how low we can get.

28 December 2018

27 December 2018

Going across the bay to Sacramento for Mexican, that is some nice aged tequila and lamb, MmmmMmmm
San Francisco and the beer scene, yes :)

26 December 2018

Venice Beach, and shopping day.

25 December 2018

24 December 2018

Christmas Lights in LA
Mojavi Soda Flats and an abandoned lodge

23 December 2018

Vegas Strip
Grand Canyon, eish that's high!!
Hoover Dam

22 December 2018

Goodbye Orlando, hello Phoenix.

21 December 2018

Disney Magic Kingdom

20 December 2018

Tornado warning, and raining at Hollywood Studio

19 December 2018

Epcot Globe
Disney Epcot: Mexico, Norway and China

18 December 2018

Chick-fil-A, actually very good chicken, went spicey
Atlantis Space Shuttle
Kennedy Space Centre

17 December 2018

Universal Studio
Universal Studio
Universal Studio

16 December 2018

Eating with hands and watching jousting

15 December 2018

Flight coming in, the car I wanted, the van we got. Main clubhouse at night and what looks like Jurrasic Park in the morning. It's a little foggy today, but no worries, we off to Sea World.
Need some proper coffee, none of that meh stuff on the planes :P

14 December 2018

Bye Cape Town
That's the plane taking us to USA