Netherlands · 9 Days · 13 Moments · July 2016

Family Trip to the Netherlands ❤️

24 July 2016

Yesterday we drove to Gent in Belgia. And we ate the worst frites ever -.-

21 July 2016

We spent the day in Middleburg. We had a very great view at the Lange Jan.

19 July 2016

We spent today also the whole day at the beach and it's so warm here...-.-

17 July 2016

Today we stayed the whole day at the Banjaard beach. And now I have a sunburn -.-

16 July 2016

Wonderful beach, relaxing there is very great :)
The beautiful mill in our little village <3
We arrived in Wissenkerke Well, I missed this wonderful little village
Before we continue the trip, here are two sweet pics... (Our dog is the cute brown dog <3) Her name is Debbie :)
Good morning everybody :) we had a very good breakfast and now our trip will go on. Our dog is very sad, he must say goodbye to the dog from the grandparents. I will post the next photo or note when we arrive the Netherlands. Bye bye, you little traveler :)

15 July 2016

After 2 and a half hours traveling, we will sleep by the grandparents from my little stepbrother. Tomorrow the trip will go on.
Bye bye homeland, We will see you in three weeks :))
Lets go to the Netherlands, I'm very excited :)