1 Days · 21 Moments · November 2017

Weekend Time

26 November 2017

Bamboo groves mirrored in the pond, so serene.
The streamlined ground pavement design is a symbol of flowing water in the river nearby.
The picturesque river bank is a good spot for meditation
The reflections in the water look like an abstract picture.
Quiet grove
Hanging bridge over the stream
The thatched house just fit the countryside environment.
Nice restroom
How do you feel when you walked in the dark bamboo groves,you unexpectedly came across beams of light penetrating through the dense bamboo bushes and sparkling on the grassland. It's holy and wonderful.
Small oasis in the heart of river.
The winding plank road is just right for him to test his riding ability
The pristine bamboo forests and rivers are the most valuable ecological resource on the site. It must be very cool to walk along the river in the summer.
A pair of brilliant ginkgo trees stand on either side of the ancient stage in the entrance yard,attracting people to come and take pictures with them.
One of the most important session is to celebrate Chelsea's third birthday. Everyone shared her birthday cake and happiness of growth.
Never waste the sunny time in winter. The little ones played sorts of games while we parents snuggled down in the chairs and freely chatted, soaking in the balmy sunshine.
Having lunch together is an amazing experience.
It's lunch time, we retreated from the yard and came outside.The dining area is separated to the recreational area at the opposite side,just one step away to get across the street.
After walked past a not too long bamboo corridor, we entered a traditional Sichuan-styled folk food bar which is managed by a Taiwanese boss. Led by the owner of the restaurant, we came to his backyard and settled down under a sunshade.As we came here a bit early, there were many empty seats at the very beginning, but as the time was approaching to the middle noon and the weather became warmer, crowds of people emerged liked a tide unconsciously.
Had made an appointment with my friends,we drove to a place called Banzhu Lin for weekend escape with our little ones. It is a suburban ecological park which is located in Xinjing district of southern Chengdu. I've never heard of this place before and it seemed that there were not too many cars came here at the moment when we arrived, basically, I am pretty much not sure whether it is interesting enough for children.