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2017 & 2018 Family stories of Debbie

1 October 2018

Back home we go.

30 September 2018

Hot Air balloon festival at Câmpul Cetății in Târgu Mureș where we learned how to unpack, set off, control and pack a hot air balloon.
Blessed time in Harvest Târgu Mureș and even more blessed time in conversation with people (Laura și Marius) afterwards. Coming to the end of the holiday, the one thing we can see with confidence is that we made amazing new connections and build on old relationship and this beyond anything else was the real blessing. We have met people that made us thankful they we are who we are and we have met people that have pushed us to want more from ourselves and eachother...

29 September 2018

Târgu Mureș, cetatea cea veche. Târgu Mureș is a sad city. Old, not very well maintained with cold people. Perhaps it was the rainy day or just our perception, perhaps it is the truth.

27 September 2018

Thursday we said we will give Băile Figa a try. On arriving we found the place deserted (just our luck!) David leaped with joy when we discovered one internal pool heated and waiting for us! We enjoyed the place like we were millionaires and this was our own private pool.

26 September 2018

Wednesday stop 4- Bistrița. Covrigi from the famous Gigi (nom nom nom), a walk in the old village of Bistrita and food after a full day of travels.
Wednesday stop 3- Cave count Bethlen. We decided to give caves another shot and this was close by so hey...why not. Breath taking history (look it up) but it turned out to be completed abandoned. After having visited so many caves with histories of bears, mountain lions, thieves and much more and after seeing this cave has been abandoned, we decided to inspect the depths of the cave... on another day... Because hey... Why not...
Wednesday stop 2- Colibita. What an amazing location and food so good!!! ❤️ On the mountains you can see the snow mentioned earlier. Who knew that also that Dracula's castle is within a few minutes drive of this gem!
Wednesday stop 1- Releu. After getting lost and walking aimlessly for a while we gave up on finding the Releu (TV post) looking over Ilva mică Andreea decided to move to stop 2

25 September 2018

Tuesday life just got to much so we gave the word "chill" meaning. From youngest to oldest we truly chilled.

23 September 2018

From Transalpina off we go to Peștera Muierilor. During the Romania war with the Turks, here is where the wives and children use to hide, hence the name; Wives Cave. This must be my favourite cave as of yet. It is still so raw and close to it's original state, absolutely stunning. May I also mention; full of bats! Yikes.
We really wanted to make it to Transalpina with this amazing bunch and it feels like God stopped the snow so we could enjoy His amazing works. Sunday we made it on the mountain and when we got off, the snow started. What an awesome God for creating such wonders, for bringing us together with such amazing people and for keeping us safe. He truly loves us beyond measure.

22 September 2018

Saturday is a busy day: shopping la piata then fish at Adi's followed by Pizza at Elise's, last visit at Avraam's and finally... bed because tomorrow another busy day!!! What a life

21 September 2018

The old village of Alba Iulia. 100 years ago this is where the union between Transilvania and the south of Romania was signed. It is a beautiful village preserved within the city.

20 September 2018

Pe munții Rodnei ❤️

19 September 2018

Quick visit to Cluj to see this town too!
Peștera urșilor (Bear's cave) just me and my love.

16 September 2018

On our way back from Mărișel to Bistrița we found some of the scenes shown in Top Gear-Transfegarasan video
Cascada Valul Miresei with the family

15 September 2018

First family reunion with the Mureșani-a weekend away in Mărișel Romania. Here we also got to meet the beautiful Angela and Gusti which are Cristina's parents. Although we have just encountered them, it felt like we have known them for decades. Here is to alot more fun with them!

14 August 2018

Dinner time with Flavius, TRY 1. Beef cheek, kangaroo meat, patatas bravas and chorizo followed by crème brulee all in Pimento in Carlow.

21 July 2018

Amazing day out for Bogdan's 30th in Glendalough

7 July 2018

Avoca Cafe for breakfast, Go quest family activity on Saturday and Adventure rooms family activity on Sunday. Blessed day! Thank You.

1 July 2018

Roxy and Darius were gone for 2 weeks and a half in Romania and a holiday in Cyprus. We collected them from the airport in Belfast and the day after we spend an amazing family day together. Breakfast at Avoca, canastra at home (they won) and BBQ. Can't wait for Miriam to return from Spain too!

25 June 2018

New friends new memories. Lekan and Peggy-Tramore beach Waterford

3 June 2018

New beautiful home (what a blessing!) and new jobs at Brogans bakery again. Work is crazy but life at home is beautiful

8 May 2018

BBQs, zoo trips, 4D movie trips and more BBQs. When will life finally calm down? 🌞

14 April 2018

Early 2018 we decided to put our life in God's hand. 'Seek first the kingdom of God, and all of the other things will follow' was our motto. Little did we know what path that will bring us on. Within a couple of days, we receive a job in Dublin, moved to Dublin with the dogs, then got kicked out of the apartment because of the dogs, moved to Mum's house, sold the dogs, found a new place and continued working like crazy for Brogans, to get them out of a deep hole. The road back into Dublin, to us, was an answer to prayers from God. He was telling us to move back and get involved in the new church which dad and others were opening. It wasn't an easy path. The job was hard, we lost the dogs and were left without a home but all these matter not. We remained faithful in God on all our paths. What will be...will be. These are some of the last moments captured with the crazy ones.

7 April 2018

This lady is the gorgeous soul we are in love with 😍; and then there's Dio.

22 March 2018

Blessed family... ❤️

19 March 2018

Getting to know eachother over and over again day by day.

4 March 2018

Your first week home; -1 meter deep snow -Lola at 10 months weights 14.5 kg -Dione at 3.5 months weights 15 kg

26 February 2018

25 February 2018

17 February 2018

15 February 2018

Quick family photo before another day begins

14 February 2018

Who's who. Roxy, Debbie and Flavius

12 February 2018

Family ski holiday in Austria
First day trying out the 🎿

11 February 2018

7 February 2018

Having a man loving me as much as you do is a sure sign of God and His love for me. I do not see any other possibility, any other explanation for what we have. We are truly blessed. He deserves all the honour!

29 January 2018

We took a Wednesday off and spent some time together. What a blessed life we have to have each other. God is good to us!

26 January 2018

My love is working hard to get his new business up and running!!! ❤️ Proud of him

22 January 2018

Back in full swing!!! ❤️

19 January 2018

There were 2 weeks of loneliness too. Going to bed alone because my love is too caught up in technology. If I don't end up destroying the project, his phone and laptop I'm doing good...

16 January 2018

Amee came to stay over for a week of training, walking and socializing. Boy she's a stubborn dog!

14 January 2018

Sunderland days in Dublin!!! These are my favourite people in the universe! 😍

11 January 2018

2018-The year we planned to start exercising together so that one day us and the dogs may run 10km without stopping. This is us crashing on the stairs after our second 5km quick walk... :)))

4 January 2018

Aaaaand more time together ❤️

3 January 2018

Spending time with our loved ones yet again

2 January 2018

Perfect day together

31 December 2017

The passing of 2017, we didn't spend it just with the 2 of us but with the whole family. Happy New year!!!

10 December 2017

The time we actually got some snow

7 December 2017

When teaching gets too much

6 December 2017

When grandpa falls, mum and dad leave to Romanian and we move to Dublin to look after things while they are gone

2 December 2017

When Miriam meets God

18 November 2017

Ice-skating with the family

6 October 2017

26 September 2017

24 September 2017

Some of the best food ever eaten! Date night in Oradea with my love.
Băile Felix 2 days of lingering to gather our strength and take on the world again.
Exploring together
Curtos colac... Yum!!!

21 September 2017

Working on the go...

18 September 2017

My handsome one. Fixing the roof after the storm.

17 September 2017

90km an hour winds blows roof of house and created an electricity fall over the entire city. What do we do? Wait for it to pass and go to the mall to eat and charge our phones. Thank goodness they have generators!

14 September 2017


13 September 2017

Shaking bridge. Because hey... Why not?

11 September 2017

Upgrading grandad's kitchen

10 September 2017

Traditional Romanian food

9 September 2017

Good old Romanian food! ♥
Beautiful Raisa 🛬🌝

6 September 2017

Proud moments

12 August 2017

Picnic time! Drove 40 minutes to altamond gardens just to find out dogs are not allowed in! No worries. We can find a dodgy forest somewhere to finish our plan. Picnic time!

3 August 2017

Scarecrow festival

2 March 2017

Love spending time with you

12 February 2017