United States of America · 17 Days · 50 Moments · August 2018

Fall motorcycle trip 2018

7 September 2018

My father in law was poor taxi driver
Dinner last night in Dodge City, Kansas. Gonna be a wet day today as we travel to Springfield, MO

6 September 2018

38 degrees

5 September 2018

Drove through sleet and then hail to get here on the million dollar highway.
Million dollar highway bound!

4 September 2018

Gas stop
Up and at 'em. Changing trailer tires

3 September 2018

Deserts and sand and salt and sand and salt and sand and.........

2 September 2018

Great breakfast on the way to Yosemite.

31 August 2018

Hanging out in Lake Tahoe for two nights 👍
Gas stop, almost 80 degrees
Gas stop, 68 degree already. East bound and down with many stops along the way. Lake Tahoe being are next.

30 August 2018

Stopped for the night, headed to eat and laundry.
Highway 1 from the avenue of the giants.
Just wow!
Avenue of the giants
Look at the trees, that is Carl in the black and me in the orange.

29 August 2018

Night shots
Stopped for gas
Photo opportunity. Got pictures of them taking pictures!
Hotel above Carl's room. Roof optional.

28 August 2018

Headed toward California this morning. A cool 54 degrees and light fog.

27 August 2018

At 6000 feet

26 August 2018

Do e for the day
Oregon on the other side of the river. Washington where we are standing.
Just went on part of the original Oregon trail. Mountain views were incredible

25 August 2018

24 August 2018

Stopped for the night. Saw antelope, cattle in the road, moose, mountain views and incredible waterfalls today. Been a good day.
Cattle in the road
Scenic detour
Wow! 10487 feet elevation.
Windshield cleaning. 56 degrees and clear skies, gonna be good day tater. Right Dwight.

23 August 2018

Cheyenne, Wyoming. 1260 miles from the house.
1200 miles and this shirt tells it like it is.
Gas stop. About an hour out of Cheyenne, Wyoming
Lunch stop.
Getting ready to head out, going to start with the rain suits on. Cheyenne bound today

22 August 2018

First hotel stop. St. Joseph, Missouri 693 miles in. Now off to eat barbecue
Stop to study the map, after our first u-turn.
Gas stop number 4 at 533 miles and our first DQ stop. ICE CREAM!
Gas stop number 3, 416 miles. Past through St. Louis and the Arch. Just got done grilling a can of beenie weenies.
267 miles in, second gas stop.