Japan · 4 Days · 14 Moments · November 2016

Fall in Japan

22 November 2016

@mimicafe. Enjoying drinks with mt.fuji across the lake. It was great!
Along track 19-18 there are lots of trees with red leaves. Also a long walking track to enjoy the trees and lake
Took the sightseeing bus @1200 for 2 days. Passes all the track along kawaguchiko lake. This is Mount fuji view from station 22

21 November 2016

Onsen!! Finally got a chance to try what was said to be one of the best onsen in Japan. Yukata was free to choose, they got lots of colors and patterns. It has foot bath with all the torturing stones in it 😵 The temperature was feezing. No cloths allowed inside the bath. it has got indoor and outdoor bath. outdoor is better. the shampoo, conditioner and even the face moisturizer was prepared for us. love love this place, definitely worth the price.
Venus Front Ferris Wheel. haven't got a chance to try it. But will definitely try next time.
Gundam front! went across the river to reach this place. Its raining but the gundam show was amazing. It really moves!
Finally, Sensoji temple @asakusa. Prayed for all the best.
Lunch @Tenka Sushi. Recommended by our host Roddy. 5 years of living in Japan, he said this is one of the cheapest and one of the best.
Day 3 - Sunshine City, Pokemon Center. Lot's of cute plushie. But still not all kind of pokemon is available. Bought jirachi mini plush 😍 and substitute hat.

20 November 2016

Day 2 - Tokyo Sky Tree. The weather and the view over here is definitely one of the best. Went to 350m and get a 360 degree view of tokyo! Christmas themed park was great! wish I had more time to spend here.
Day 2 - Visited Akihabara Pablo Mini was a legend !! Love it to the max. Everyone of us agree that matcha is the best! Akihabara - Mandarake sells all the anime stuffs
Day 2- visited Shinjuku Gyoen The ticket fee was 200 yen. Definitely worth visiting.

19 November 2016

Day 1 - arrived! amazed with the weather. would definitely want to come back again. From narita take the keisei line to oshiage. Ate yoshinoya. prefer indonesia's than the original japan's Got lost lots of time, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Saw Tokyo Sky Tree from far away.

18 November 2016

First time boarding this kind of plane 😍