United States of America · 9 Days · 22 Moments · October 2015

Fall Colorado Trip!!!

23 October 2015

In the future... Driving until we get home!!! We have about 3 hours
Holiday Inn Express: A great hotel suite! Breakfast was amazing, beds were comfy, and we had three TVs in our room! Stay here if you can!
The St. Louis Gateway Arch... Beautiful view!!

22 October 2015

Not doing much... Just driving. We're at Chick-fil-A right now. It is delicious and a good stop for food! In the future... Driving for a few more hours Hotel review tonight (we currently don't know where we're staying) St. Louis Arch tommorow. (Before we were just checking out tour times)

21 October 2015

Inside the Air Force chapel!!

20 October 2015

Garden of the Gods!!!!
We went to the top of Pikes Peak yesterday. It was very cold and there was a place where you could get hot food. Amazing views, if you have the time check it out!

19 October 2015

Went to the Cliff Dwellings and saw all kinds of cool buildings! You could go inside them too!! I also bought a hand carved rooster, deer Indian figure, and handmade turquoise earrings at the gift shop. The place was informational and cool, and I want to go back! Pictures of merch coming soon.

18 October 2015

Just arrived in Colorado! Can't wait to get to our rental house!!
Keith is breaking lots of rules... light switches, display stands, climbing on things...
Fun at Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas!
Outside the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City. Keith is breaking the "Don't climb or sit on the outside of the train" rule!!

17 October 2015

Just drove through Red Oak II, it was a cool old place to see. If you're heading our route, check it out!
Precious Moments Chapel. Very sweet- this place is full of adorable Christian oil paintings, statues, and figures. It's hard not to say, "Awww"!

16 October 2015

We are staying at the Honeysuckle Inn. It's an ok motel. Breakfast wasn't great, and there weren't a lot of choices. The room is very nice and the pool looks good, but we won't be swimming until tonight. Overall, a 3 out of 5. UPDATE: Pool was very nice, worth swimming. We went to Starbucks for breakfast.

15 October 2015

So do I. We went to Petsway (by Panera) and it was a great store! A wide variety of products for dogs, cats, rodents/small animals, birds, and reptiles. They also had quite a few nice-looking animals for sale. If you want to buy stuff for your little Snuggles, I recommend it!
Panera is delish!! People are trying to steal my carrot cake 😡
Rainbow!! It's faint but squint and you'll see it
Silver Dollar City- AWESOME! Leaving early definitely helped with crowd control. Even though it could have been more organized, this park was fun for the whole family. The rides and food were good, and the shopping experience was amazing. Pricey, but quality! My favorite ride was Thunderation, and if you are planning on going I'd recommend reading up on the website to find out which rides you should go on. 4 out of 5!
Inside the St Louis Arch Courthouse (and outside)! We will be touring inside the arch in a little less than a week, so follow the trip to find out about it then!
Blue Springs Cafe: Best pie ever! Food was delicious too!!
We left half an hour ago and are on the road!!