Europe, North America · 22 Days · 165 Moments · September 2016

Fairless/Fuller California Road Trip

15 October 2016

Made it home in one piece. It's cold, wet and horrible. The PJ's are and the sparkly is open. Until next time America 😭
Landed back in Heathrow, holiday nearly over..........gutted
Almost the end of an unforgettable tour of California/Nevada/Arizona BUT maybe one last drink in Vegas CHEERS!!!

14 October 2016

It's 8.45pm and the bar in the airport is shutting?!? Wtf
That moment when Mother sneezes and the whole bar says bless you πŸ˜‚
Waiting for the flight home. Sad times
Sad to be at the airport. What's even worse is the one hour delay ........only one thing for it 🍷🍻🍸
One last gamble in the hotel, then hit the outlet centre beside the airport for some bargains. Sadly heading to the airport now 😭
The last meal
One final trip down the strip for breakfast in Paris. Very very hot today.
Sad to be leaving the USA. Vegas, not so much

13 October 2016

Some Vegas pics and my first ever Harley Pin for my jacket! Need to grow the beard now 😎
A quick trip to Fremont Street, but too tacky and left after a quick bite to eat in Denny's
Getting drunk by the pool.....
Chilling by the pool waiting for the sun to move round the other side of the hotel
Helicopter trip to and lunch in the Grand Canyon WOW!! ( but single pictures can't relay the magnitude/beauty of the place) Another one off the bucket list and for the memory bank

12 October 2016

Went to see Criss Angel. It was a good show but not sure if it was worth the money
Exploring Treasure Island. Dave was impressed by the bike in the foyer
Exploring Ceasers Palace
The Venetian Hotel is pretty impressive! It's massive and so easy to get lost. Rooms are huge with a view overlooking the pool

11 October 2016

Whoooooop Vegas
And then you leave Yosemite and you get this view
At 9000ft above sea level our ears have popped and we can ever see snow on the mountains
Never a dull moment driving in Yosemite. Just had to slam on for deer in the road
No doubt the first of many pit stops on the way to Vegas baby

10 October 2016

2.5 mile walk each way to mirror lake. Worth the walk, even if there wasn't any water in the lake!
Yosemite National Park is so beautiful with so much wildlife. Already seen deer, squirrels and chipmunks

9 October 2016

Another two points to Sam as sitting having a drink and two raccoons just appeared πŸ˜€
Still a lush hotel. 10 points for a wild turkey for Sam!
From San Francisco to the very quiet and peaceful Yosemite National Park. Yosemite Lodge is still a lovely hotel and definitely worth a visit
Pit stop. Just over half way there.
Waiting for the rest of the family to get to the car so we can make our way to Yosemite.

8 October 2016

Auburn is very quaint. Missed the wine festival though as we were too busy in the pool. It's very busy with drunk people from the wine festival .......I am sure Mam will join them soon πŸ˜‚
When Dad met his doppelgΓ€nger
Arrived in Auburn and the weather is beautiful. Hotel even has a pool
Sat in reception of the hotel waiting for the car.............and for Ali to go to the toilet again........ and Dad to take more photographs ........

7 October 2016

Mother has gone to bed and the rest of the familan have went to the pub/ lots of service men to watch over 😜
Best night in SF so far with live music and street food. Captain Planet is loving the recycling πŸ˜‚
Visited the Palace of the arts as seen in the film 'the Rock'. What a beautiful place. Spotted a couple of photo shoots including a wedding party
Fab location at the Palace of the Arts
Lush walking around the park with the Blue Angels flying overhead. A good few days to be visiting SF but glad to be leaving before the crowds arrive tomo
This morning we hung off the side of a Trolley bus to Union Square, did some shopping and then got the bus to the Golden Gate Park. Had a picnic in the de Young Museum garden and checked out the view from the tower. San Fran is hot hot hot today so different to 10 years ago
Shawn's not happy to hear about the local earthquakes whilst Sam and Dave watch the cheerleaders and marching bands
Sunset over another perfect day on our Californian adventure - on the terrace for the afternoon wine tasting

6 October 2016

This is leftovers! How Americans eat this much I will never know!
Following Sams, just around the corner to the Ferry terminal which was a cute upmarket deli selection we all headed back on the big red bus for wine time. Currently eating in Applebees and ordered way way way to much food!
Locked in Alcatraz for the day!!!
Loved Alcatraz in the day light. Would definitely recommend it over the night tour
Been a while since Dave's posted an update so here's a few from the last couple of days in San Fran 😁
Currently on Alcatraz watching the Blue Angels fly over us in preparation for Fleet week #amazeballs
The toughest prison in the USA, Alcatraz. Much better in the daylight and fab watching the air show practice at the same time
Biscuit and BLUES!!
Rock & Roll birthday

5 October 2016

Glad the rents enjoyed Biscuits and Blues......maybe a bit too much πŸ˜‚
Taken by the hotels exec car to Biscuits and Blues to listen to some music for Mothers birthday. Food lovely, just seved a little too quickly
Absolutely loving San Francisco celebrating Mothers birthday. Got up this morning had a quick bite to eat in the lounge and jumped on the red bus. Went over the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito where the navy were singing as its fleet week. Back on the bus, but of shopping and back in time for wine time in front of the time
View from our hotel over the Bay and Alcatraz - perfect location

4 October 2016

So You can take Mother out of Byker but you can't take Byker out of Mother. Currently drinking wine from a Stella glass in the Irish bar. Classy lady
Can't take him anywhere!
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get next 😍
Run Forrest Run!
Sun setting over Pier 39 with sea lions and Alcatraz. Love San Francisco
Lovely terraces overlooking Ghiradelli Square with fire pits and complimentary wine time between 5-6 🍷🍾🍷🍸
So we've arrived at the hotel in San Francisco and it's bloody massive! It even has a doorbell, fireplace and complimentary Vogue!
And back on the road again off to San Francisco
Quick pit stop at the beach so the lads could use the long drop
Love how the whole of the USA is decorated for Halloween
Monterey was very peaceful. Loved the little lighthouse
Bye bye Little Lighthouse we ❀️ you
OMG we just seen a dear outside the house in the middle of the road just running up the street. Hand over eyes when the cars were going past!
Chilling watching the world go by before the family wake

3 October 2016

Lush chilling on the balcony listening to the sea lions on the pier
Lovely drinks, maybe a bit too much for Shawn
So maybe it was a decent bar and worth the walk and the waddle
Found one phew
Go on a bar crawl they said. Lots of English pubs they said! .....and the hubby takes us in the opposite direction and I really really really need a wee!
We have passed this point of interest though
Can't go too far without finding an Irish bar
Pacific Grove, Monterey Aquarium and Canary Row, then evening meal al fresco around the fire pit - really like this part of California (Dad)
Pacific Grove, Monterey Aquarium and Canary Row, then evening meal al fresco around the fire pit - really like this part of California (Dad)
Absolutely loved Monterey Aquarium. Favourite was the sea otters, jelly fish and 🐧
Lovers point.... very peaceful 😍
Our querky accommodation in Pacific Grove, really cute - Not seen many bedrooms with an oar in!

2 October 2016

Made it to Monterey and it's bloody freezing! Wrong time for Sam to leave her coat in Long Beach. House is amazing though with some great shops to check out in the morning πŸ˜‰
Quick pit stop at Seal Cove look out 😍
Quick visit to Hirsts Castle and wow that man had money. Loved that Disney and Charlie Chaplin had been a guest there
Raccoon invasion in Leo's place Santa Barbara but lovely sitting out area. Trip up Big Sur with drop off to Hirst castle (very opulent) and bull seal sands. Now in beautiful Monteray , actually Pacific Grove but on door of aquarium - which I am told is a must see
Just drove through a scarecrow festival. Some of them were definitely scary. Think somebody needs to educate Mother as to what a scarecrow is 'that one looks like it has a broom shoved up its backside' πŸ˜‚
Just visited the most amazing antique barn. Could have spent a fortune but we were good and stopped at a bottle opener
Found the cutest bakery with amazing bagels and lemonade
Pulled over for gas. Dad has had a change in career and washing windows and Dave has put his credit card in the receipt hole and got it stuck.Theres now a big queue behind us! I think we're going to be barred from Los Alamos soon
Left Leo's Place in Santa Barbara and now driving through the mountains to Monterey. The family who were staying in Leo's house (one of which was randomly from Middlesbrough) have just come from this direction and said it's a lot colder. Sam Best Buy herself another bomber jacket soon

1 October 2016

Evening visit from a family of raccoons
Sitting in the garden watching the hummingbirds
Dave got a bit too burnt and has a bit of a t shirt tan!
Following the champagne brunch we hit the beach. It was a nice cool breeze and sam now has panda 🐼 eyes!πŸ˜‚ Slightly worrying to find a random guest staying in the garage of our condo though
Day in Santa Barbara, the coolest day we've had since arriving in California and yet we've all burnt! Beautiful pier and beach!
Santa Barbara - perfect place to spend a Saturday!
Brunch with a view
A day relaxing on Santa Barbara Pier and beach. Bliss
It's barely 9am and Daves just asked Ali if he wants a beer. Happy Saturday
Our adopted pussy for a couple of days
Six Flags (Magic Mountain)is officially rated worst theme park of the trip. BUT Leo's place (our accommodation) in Santa Barbara is No 1 for everything ( so far)

30 September 2016

Arrived at Santa Barbara and what a beauty. Went for food on a well posh street and Sam and Dave felt way under dressed. Never mind we had some lovely food and then back to the house to chill in the garden with the cat
And Daddio is joining in to.......SOS
Oh god, now she's strangling a cat
Worst car journey ever! If you ever want to torture anybody lock them in a car with Shawns smelly feet #Vom
Interesting day at Six Flags although roller coastered out for the next couple of years! Wouldn't be hurrying back as it's missing character and not maintained well. The fright night is all set up tonight which looks like it will be mega scary. Think we will give it a miss though and carry onto Santa Barbara to chill
Sad to leave this place as it's so beautiful, cosy and with the comfiest bed. Hopefully tomorrow night we can use the terrace later than 9pm
Day 6 and we the parents, are virtually on our knees but 6 Flags is calling our names. Painkillers at the ready!

29 September 2016

Still love Disney!! Standard picture with me and Walt
Another busy day today. This time it was Disneyworld! Queues weren't too bad, although waited for an hour for Splash Mountain. 10am-9pm covering two parks means that everybody is knackered
Universal Studios - let the show begin! Where the movies come to life

28 September 2016

Now stuck in nose to nose traffic. Don't think we will be making out 8.30 reservation for Lebanese
Loved Universal. Water world was awesome!
Lovely day in Universal Studios. Harry Potter World was amazing as was the Water World stunt show.

27 September 2016

Arrived to a beautifully furnished condo in Long Beach which is only a three minute walk to all of the bars and restaurants. Sam was ID'd for her pint and very nearly had to have a coke! We ate in a very expensive restaurant, the Mac and Cheese was lovely but service poor and boy did it show on Mothers face😝
Today we arrived in La, what a difference to San D!! After getting mixed up in the 7 lanes of traffic we made it to Hollywood for a bit of star gazing. Found my Hero Burt Reynolds!!
Sam, Ali and Dave dumped the parents in Long Beach and went on an adventure to LA. After getting lost........ a lot, we found the Chinese theatre and the stars. It's a lot more up market than ten years ago but still has the seedy side. Dave was happy to see the Hollywood sign and Sam and Ali were happy to see Universal
Just a few lanes
Second visit to Denny's, still have eyes bigger than bellies!!
American size breakfast in Denny's #stuffed
San Diego, you've been awesome! Until next time ......
Last day in San Diego - view of Pacific Beach area from our roof top terrace
Chilling with Mother watching the surf

26 September 2016

Oh yeah, this is why the pizza was so expensive!
Walked all the way to the funfair and it's only bloody closed! The pizza shop was closed too. Found an alternative shop and we've just had to remortgage the house for 5 slices of pizza! They better be good!
We left the condo this morning and headed to Bilbao park for bagels and cream cheese where it was el scorchio! Only a mere 103 degrees Fahrenheit and 36 degrees celcius!!! After looking at the hot house and artists studios we headed to Old town where we had a Mimosa. Sam, Dave and Shawn fell in love with some local art work. Let's hope we can get it back on the ✈️. We then went to Gas lamp district, which had loads of fab looking bars but no time to check them out. After stocking up on beer, wine and nibbles we headed to the marina. Since Shawn wanted a surprise birthday party, she doesn't really take surprises well πŸ˜‚
So Shawn's surprise was a private charter around the bay at sunset. We had some amazing views and was great seeing a sea lion trying to get the fish out of a passing fishermans boat.
Starbucks run from the parents

25 September 2016

Very jet lagged brother!........and sister
Father struggling to get into the condo in the dark
Lovely food in the Alehouse. Dave's eyes were bigger than his belly!
Pacific beach sunset
Lush afternoon sitting in the sun people and red arrow (or the equivalent) watching from the balcony. Sam and Mam had a plodge in the sea, spotting a man with a parrot on the board walk whilst the lads played cards on the rooftop. After a few more drinks on the terrace we went for a bar crawl up the beach. The parents were convinced the guy beside us was a dealer, turns out he was in stocks and shares, worth a fortune and on a three week vacay....shows what they know. Following the crowds we watched the sunset on the beach and with a few failed handstands by Dave we got some great photos. Currently sitting in Pacific Beach Alehouse. The Mother is happy as we all got ID'd and Ali and Dave are happy as there creeping on the waitress. πŸ˜‚
Roof top beers, hopefully the next 7 locations will have somewhere as nice to drink
It's all going on in San Diego. Surf, skateboarding and Paddle board competitions. Grabbed a quick (and expensive) drink watching the guys of the wave machine, now back on the condo changing into beach gear and setting off in search of a Margarita 🍸Sam
Sam's like a pig in shit. Lemonade and pancakes at Denny's....nom nom nom
Surfs up - view of Pacific from our "condo"
Sun's up on San Diego appartment
Jet lag is a killer.......except for Ali who is still in bed. But look at the views! The sun is rising over the marina behind us and the joggers and the wake surfers are in front.
Clear blue skies all the way to San Diego Even a fantastic view of a glacier BUT battery was dead - one for my personal memory bank !

24 September 2016

So after taking a few wrong turns, a few arguments and the difficulty getting a SUV into a small carport we found our home for the next three nights. I've already told Dave I'm leaving him and setting up here. The house overlooks the beach and we are currently sitting on the roof with a slice of pizza and bottle of beer watching the two bonfires on the beach. The houses right on the beach are massive with plenty of beach parties in full swing. We've now been up for over 24 hours and the tiredness is starting to kick in so I think it's time for bed to see what this beautiful place has to offer in the morning.
Just a small car then! The bonnet is bigger than Ali's full car! We haven't even left the car lot and the lads have already worked out the closest pub 🍺🍻
Still waiting!
Waiting for the boys
Made it through customs at San Diego! On the shuttle bus to pick up the hire car 😁 tired and dehydrated is an understatement!
After 11 hour flight and one hour in customs we've finally made it to San Diego! Currently on the bus going for the hire car. Weather lovely and warm even though it's 7.10pm. Already don't want to leave!
Ready steady - --- and we are OFF ( if we we were not in plebiscite class) 10 minutes later and - - there are only 150 in the queue 5 min later and its ALL GO FOR CALIFORNIA!
The gummie bear trail to the gate (b32) has been laid, checked and verified! Now back to spoons for another beer! Wahoo
Westminster Abbey the tower ( maybe not) big Ben ----- A beautiful day to start our adventures. London from the plane to Heathrow
Westminster Abbey the tower ( maybe not) big Ben ----- A beautiful day to start our adventures. London from the plane to Heathrow
All aboard!
After Dave causing a big queue for Travelex, we're through security. Ali must be ill, he's on the coffee! #airportselfie
It's never to early for a pint when you're in an airport! Next stop Heathrow!
Shawns ready to go, 60th birthday trip here we go!
Martin In amongst the luggage, doesn't look like much for 5 people on a 3 week holiday!
It's finally here!! Travel day!!!!!!! Only one hiccup this morning, the taxi company didn't book a mini bus! All sorted, now playing the waiting game!

23 September 2016

So it's 23:43, Chinese ordered and ate, champagne finished and Shawn in bed. Typical Friday night at the Fairless'. Me and Ali on the beers, Martin and Sam trying to work out this app, useless!! Did I mention we fly to San Diego tomorrow?? :)