Jordan · 4 Days · 18 Moments · January 2016

Fabio's trip to Jordan

14 January 2016

A secret garden can be found on the way up - in spring the oleander trees flourish, however, right now it's just very cold in Petra. Excellent views over the street of facades on the high place of sacrifice. Some Bedouin kids on donkeys offered their guide services at one biscuit, which apparently is equivalent to 1 USD. On the way down I took an alternative path in between the canyons leading to some unfinished tombs - the stone tower is my very own desert gps as these are commonly used to mark trails Finally, I had a look at the excellent mosaics in the Byzantine church before returning to my hotel with the last view of the treasury from the Siq. Tomorrow I'll be heading for Dubai so a new trip is to come
It's my last day in Petra today. The only missing hiking trek was the high place of sacrifice - after venturing through the Siq and passing the treasury a 800 steps ascend awaits.

13 January 2016

The last activity for today - Petra by night! The whole walk is lit by candles and while staying back from the group the only thing you can hear is your own steps in the Siq. The amazing night sky makes up for the hollow setting though! Once arrived at the treasury Bedouin music is played in full silence giving the whole setting a mystic touch.
...which was definitely worth the wait and laying down in the desert hoping not to lie down on camel shit
After some dunes bashing we went to see the sunset and waited for the night sky...
The wadi rum changes its appearance the further you drive into the desert. Also, unparalleled camel experience with my camel driver Suleman. Take me to the lunch place - guide's instructions on meeting point "the Rock where the sun shines" seemed to be sufficient. #bedouingps
Today's agenda - a trip to wadi rum in south east Jordan with a 4x4 with my guide Ahmed and his son - lots of desert to come

12 January 2016

Back in Petra - step count by then 28,000 - once back at the Hotel, steps were at 36,000+. Front view of one of the royal tombs as well as a impression of the amazing sandstone inside of the tombs. Also, more perspectives of the treasury as it changes it's appearance throughout the day. Finally walking back through the Siq and gazing at the contrasts from light and shadow.
Since we couldn't find the way up to the tomb we took a detour offering breathtaking views over various Wadis
About to leave the horse for the final part of the hike or climb, which according to my Bedouin guide are the same
Today's version of #theviewfrommycamel as #theviewfrommyhorse - wadi Araba in the background on the way to the top of mount aroun
Today on a horse riding trip to mount aroun - early morning through the desert

11 January 2016

Another Bedouin kid trying to sell post cards
Portrait of a Bedouin kid on the way to the Siq in Petra

10 January 2016

Night sky shot from my hotel's terrace
Finally found a way to post some older pictures The first picture is on the rural roads leading to Petra The other two are portraits of Bedouin men living in little Petra running shops or selling "antiques" to unsuspecting tourists