United States of America · 33 Days · 12 Moments · February 2019

Exploring Sydney

17 March 2019

A very happy St Paddy’s day! More memories made with the BEST group of people! Beyond thankful for this opportunity!

15 March 2019

Made our way up to Brisbane for a quick weekend getaway! It was nice to get out of Sydney for a weekend and see what other parts of Australia have to offer! This is only the beginning of traveling and i’m so excited for many more trips!

10 March 2019

Another fun night with great friends! I love exploring the nightlife here and seeing all that Sydney has to offer! Cheers to a great semester!

8 March 2019

Making some more furry best friends! Today we had the opportunity to have breakfast with koalas and hang out with these cuddly creatures!

7 March 2019

Made our way down by the harbour for a night of happy hour and good company! The friends i’ve made here are amazing and I am so thankful for this experience I get to share with them.

2 March 2019

Celebrated the gay and lesbian mardi gras here in sydney! It was such a heartwarming day being surrounded by so much love!

28 February 2019

Finally made a trip to the beach here! Ventured down to Coogee after class one day to soak in the sun and enjoy the views! The beaches are absolutely beautiful!

26 February 2019

Had my first day of classes at my new uni! This place is so beautiful and the architecture is amazing!

24 February 2019

I am loving it here! We don’t start classes for another week so we got to explore some of the clubs around the city. On Sunday, my roommates and I headed to Parramatta for Ultra Music Festival!

19 February 2019

I’m in Sydney!!! I arrived on Sunday and have finally finished unpacking and settling into my apartment! Monday consisted of attending an orientation at the University of Sydney and wow, the campus is beautiful!! Today we decided to make the trip to the harbour and look around at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge! I love it here!!

16 February 2019

Spent my first week in Australia in the northern part of Queensland in Cairns. The week was filled with skydiving, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, and visiting a wildlife park! This was just a taste of what the next semester has to offer and I can’t wait!

11 February 2019

And the adventure begins! Flying from LAX to Brisbane and then off to Cairns for a week long orientation with my program, The Education Abroad Network! I can’t believe that this is finally happening!