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Exploring Downunder 2018/19

19 January 2019

The End

18 January 2019

18 January 2019

Overall impression of Singapore? The place is immaculate. Having read a brief history, it’s the product of strategic management of trade and policy, as an independent country and what’s possible if manage properly but strictly. Politically, can you agree with their form of crime punishment? Not so sure. From Sorento Island, to the metro tunnels, defo an eye opener. They are not as squeaky clean as they make out, initial politeness gives cover for repressed human nature. I’ll definitely go back. Much more to explore.
Changi Village Hotel. Not a bad place and reasonably priced. It’s a good 30 mins in a taxi from the city centre so expect to pay in the region of $25 each way. Local transport from here, bus station round the corner. Take the bus to tampines for the metro underground to the city centre. $9 dollars for us both but expect about an hours travel time. Also, as a safety measure when travelling, record your baggage weight every chance you get. If you get your baggage tampered with Singapore law can bring you as much as the death sentence! Singapore Jewel terminal still Isn’t open yet. Not sure when it opens.

17 January 2019

Last night. Major thunderstorms, torrential rain = nae sleep
Sorento island river walk and a little night time wander back into Universals festive walk.
Apart from the food, a great day out. Pay for the express pass, you won’t regret it. Try not to lose it though. Crappy bit of paper smaller than a bus ticket. If you want to go to the casino you need your passport. Bring rehydration too. Humidity is crazy 😝
By far the Worst and most expensive fast food ever at Singapore’s Universal Studios.

16 January 2019

Marina Bay Mall with extortionate prices and crap fashion, average tech, and horrible fast food. Changi prison not far from our local boozer. :D Chinatown and an immaculate metro system.
Marina Bay sands. Impressive boat on top of the tsunami look. Very cool views inside too.

15 January 2019

Ubud A funeral went past so got to see that people Looked happy and were playing instruments. The long white train was to signify a person of importance. And loads of geckos too 🦎 As always, crazy traffic and cool 🚌
Last day in Bali so visited Ubud and had to just indulgene in Bali food again :)) loved the food here. So tasty and good for you. Had no urge for junk food what so ever! And very little alcohol!
Ubud palace. Flip flops and some lovely smelling soap. 😂
Breaking News RadioHead Rockin Bali!!!
Let’s do Some white water rafting....
Say bye to our wee heaven for the past week
Such a cracking little place for breakfast. Love the Bali cuisine.

14 January 2019

Chill out at echo beach with a massage and a beer.
Pedi what?
Mani what?!
Bali art is superb!
Tigers and rice paddies
Bali zoo and it’s uncaged beasts!
Chill out after the mud frolicking
Are we gonna make it safely!!? Crazy Bali Driver!!

13 January 2019

The price of a bottle of whiskey is way more than the average punter earns in a month!!
Easily the best strawberry smoothie I’ve ever had! The owner of this restaurant has the strawberry farm next to the lake.
Gitgit twin waterfalls.
The road to the mountains. This is the haunted villa in the Bali mountains. Uninhabited for over 20 years. Fancy spending the night?
Proper Christmas tree and the best room service money can buy at Domus Villas
La Brisa shore front.

12 January 2019

Crazy Surfers in the storm

11 January 2019

10 January 2019

9 January 2019

8 January 2019

And we’re off!
Bali Bound!!
Palm Cove. We checked out the Surf club last night and had a chat with the boys. Apparently, the Irikanji spawning ground is just behind this wee island. So from there the current takes them all along the Queensland cost to cause mayhem and pain to unsuspecting humanz! Still cant get my head around stinger suits though. They protect you, till you take them off and get stung by the stingers stuck to the stinger suit.....
Rex viewpoint. Apparently a cool place to hangout and throw yourself off the cliff....
Mossman Gorge. Aboriginal ground. You’d think that they got the good end of the stick till you see their houses whilst driving past on the shuttle bus. I think they hope you miss it coz your too excited to see the gorge. It looks like a shanty town! Typical colonial result rite there then?! The visitors centre cafe was a bit of a disappointment. Apparently they just couldn’t be bothered getting us our order... Anyway, the gorge is lovely. The jungle walk great too. Warm and Humid, just like it’s supposed to be. Take swimming kit with you and make sure you take your time!
Palm Cove Pullman, and a cool car ;))

7 January 2019

Lot to be said about the Great Barrier Reef. The catamaran that took us out was some piece of kit! Staff were very efficient, made sure all counts were done before, during, after, then after again... Diving was great! Always brilliant jumping into water that’s warmer than your own bath! Weird jumping into the water where you can see two sharks swimming about. One literally swam underneath me as I was getting n the surface! They didn’t hang around long though. Saw a few more on the three dives of the day. And the biggest cuttlefish! I would say, wildlife and colours wize, Red Sea, but it’s is the Barrier Reef! Wonder where and when the minke whales thing happens?
Dive details. Couldn’t find my logbook. Padi membership numbers available online so no panic there
Of course I just wanted to select my photos..... 160 Au dollars for the photos on a two quid usb.... I got two printed for 40.
Well serviced and well fitting kit. All modern. The BCD’s even had dive computers fitted!
The bus trip up the stunning coastline to Port Douglas super yacht marina. Perfect weather! Apparently last week it was three meter swells and 30 knot winds! 😎
And we’re off! Funny story, just found out that the film open water was based on a true story that happened on a dive trip out of Port Douglas..... Oh, and there’s a Cyclone out in the Coral Sea as I write this! ;)) #adventure 😘
Heading out to Port Douglas then the Outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef!

6 January 2019

Port Douglas, Cane Toad Racing? Prince Charming didn’t appear ;))
Watch out! Stingers about! And Crocks! Don’t forget the Crocks! Has someone peed in that bottle?
Latest abode in Palm Cove. No bad eh?
New ride and great hospitality! Swarm init!!
The road back to dry land
Leaving paradise island!
Last minute treck to the secret jungle garden

5 January 2019

Can highly recommend the Eyespy DJ catamaran sunset cruise from Fitzroy. Fantastic trip. Great service! The pool at the resort is great, swim up bar with cracking cocktails. We spent a good bit of time on the pier at nighttime. The ocean was busy! Two spotted rays out for a cruise!
Heading out for a sunset cruise. This selfie thing though?..... ;)( FYI we saw loads of big jellyfish All along the coast line and also heard that ‘blue bottles’ or Portuguese man of war, were seen on Nudey beach. Also in the news they caused havok all along the Gold Coast. Couple of thousand people stung. We did see a guy with some Nasty red scar looking lines on his legs. So, stinger suits a go then ;)) 🙌🙌
The last wee bit of our trek! I just wanted to sprint into the water!
Once you come down from the summit, a concrete track takes you to the lighthouse. Next to the weird fenced off buildings.... I wonder.... 👽
The summit walk on Fitzroy. Headed up from the resort end. Hard work but definitely worth every step! Then down to the lighthouse. To be fair if we were heading up from that side.... not sure if we would have wanted to carry on!! ;))
The view gets better and better!
Trek in the jungle. 32 and Oh the humidity.... !

4 January 2019

Such a beautiful place. The ocean wildlife is spectacular. Baby blacktip reef sharks patrol the shallows looking for an easy nibble, this ‘easy’ nibbles with a wee bit more savvy see them coming ;)) Really cool to see the squid too. Definetly not Of this world!
Up and atom! Watch out for the air con in the room. Maybe with the temp outside combined but the room got cold enough to wake us up in the middle of the night :)( felt just like home! Off to the summit this morning.
Fitzroy Island. Lovely looking place. Just arrived so out for exploring. First thing that gets me though with these places, it’s a resort, don’t think of it as any more than that. Everything is expensive. So, if you hire a paddle board etc, beach hut closes at 3.30, dive centre 4pm. Stinger suits, there’s irikanji and box jelly’s about so a recommendation. Dive Center sold out. Some available at the beach hut. Not sure if I can rent overnight? Girl was a bit distracted, thick or may not be able to understand Scottish? Coming here? Buy a stinger suit and give yourself some freedom! Or, just get in the water! It’s a BIG ocean, what’s the odds? What do the locals do? Tips please? Took a walk down to Nuddi beach. Stunning little place. Chill out. Take some photos. Head back to the pool ;)) I’d imagine in days gone by, getting washed up on these islands would have been really difficult. Jungle comes rite down to the beach edge. The resort has made paths so easy going.
Just been on to try and rent a car. Just for a couple of days. However if you indicate that your not an OZ national, prices go through the roof and cars get a lot smaller!!

3 January 2019

Those are the washing machines in the distance!! 😂😂😂
Viewpoint stop off on the skyrail. The Skyrail from Karunda is well worth the trip. Although I’d have loved to have seen more of the twin and it’s surrounding area. There’s always next time.
The jungle has always got surprises. From the most dangerous plant in the jungle, the gimpy plant, to the one that’s good to wipe your arse with, and instructions strategically placed in case you forget how to ;))
A wee jaunt through the jungle in ‘duck’ boat car thingies...
Always good to get some ideas but not so sure the kangaroo bikini would Go down well in Scotland?
Sex and erotica books , rite next to the iching kit?! Biker vets and stunning art and photography!
Two hour train ride from Cairns to Kuranda. We left at 8.30am. The station is at the rear side of Cairns central shopping centre. Old fashioned, relaxing and spectacular scenery. Kuranda seems to be the old hippy art colony village. A little market in the town centre. Great food at Cafe Azure. Barron Falls is spectacular.
Breakfast then off to catch the train.

2 January 2019

First day in Cairns. To be honest, first impressions, nothing to scream about. It’s northern Queensland’s tourist hub so it’s really the base for exploring the region. Spent the afternoon wandering and since we’d been up Since 2 am we were knackered! Your surrounded by jungle clad hills and the ocean on one side. No ones in the water, big bitey things and stingers galore apparently. Many things booked for the coming days. Met Fi from the whitsundays boat last Nite and had a chat and a beer. There’s a tree of bats in cairns city Center. Thousands of them take off at sunset. Certainly a site to see. It’ll be a busy week ahead. Cruiz Coffee is definetly worth a visit too!
Touchdown in Cairns.

1 January 2019

Fantastic time in New Year’s Day. Good friends and family. Couldn’t ask for a better start to the new year.

31 December 2018

Setup for new year visitors and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

30 December 2018

4.30 am up and atom.... Ok so I’ll chill for a while, ok, 5am, train, rain and tie to get up :)) Franky wanted the bed last night so he’ll no be long getting up this morning!

29 December 2018

Cracking day down at the most southern point of the Mornington peninsula. Point Nepean, Rye, Hotel Sorrento, Blairgowrie, Julianna and Tony’s house, cracking sound system. Great Italian food in Sorrento.
Frankie having a sit down protest and typical ozzy stuff ;))

28 December 2018

Always good to get on the beach, knackered though. Long flight, managed to get a wee bit of sleep but there was of course the obligatory children on their super sugar juices all around us.... Managed to stay up till 7pm then hit the sack, out like a light of course. Possibly ready for the ozzy early start :)) checked out St Kilda too. Looks good for the kite surfing.
Here at last! Ma wee pal Frankie!
There’s some crazy things in this airport. There’s also two terminals so that twice the amount of wandering/shopping also the Dubai international hotel spa and pool. £20 per head. For two hours. Just the ticket. FYI It takes 35 mins to walk the length of one terminal. Also, got an N26 card with a view to getting the metal account. This lets you access the airport lounges free of charge apparently. Other wize it’s £40 per head. You must have the card with you so don’t leave it too late like we did!
Burger, medium, hopefully not regret that later. Not the best burger, but it is the HarRock Cafe....
Two hours in the middle of the night chillin in the pool and spa. Perfect.
Come to Dubai airport for a Long walk and a poke

26 December 2018

Dubai airport. Carnage! Oh look the BIG RED SIGN for Connecting flights....
Foods no bad. Weird it got dark so quick . Coffee, disgusting! Forgot how bad uht milk is. Loads of movies and they have freakonomics podcasts. WiFi is non existent, mobile phone just connected so I probably just got charged a mortgage to receive a text!
A good read. Time to pass it on. @lukesband Apparently the plane is travelling backwards...
At last! Seated and chilled, next? A wee chillled rum ;))
Breakfast of champions.
First heartbeat moment, got to departure desk and the carryon is 7kg max! Wonderfull. Forgot my flippin watch too....
Up and atom! #longhaul Time to go!

25 December 2018

Christmas Day, or the day before :))
Christmas wae the fam
From blazing sunshine to freezing fog in 20 mins. Happy Christmas!

24 December 2018

So here’s what happened the day we left home #sunshineathome #bluesky

22 December 2018

Too much Stuff!
Packing and getting all the gadgets ready. Just thinking about all the possible reasons and things I’d need. The whys and where’s.