Portugal · 1456 Days · 11 Moments · July 2013

Explore Lisbon and learn surfing

30 July 2013

Hotel Lutecia For my last night in Portugal i booked a single room in a 4* hotel, breakfast included. I payed 50€. Spacious room, clean bathroom, friendly personnel (like everywhere in Portugal). I had around 4 drinks at the bar and went out with a married couple from Sweden. I really don't remember what they were for in Lisbon, but I think it had to do with furniture :) In the morning I had something like a hangover breakfast, which helped me to survive the flight back home to Vienna, Austria.
Back to where I started After three days of surfing I felt like Kelly Slater. My whole body was a huge stiffness, because my muscles weren't used to that kind of sport. I was in pain, but happy. The Surfcamp offers free rides to Lisbon once a week, so I took it. It's a 60 Minutes ride on the freeway.

29 July 2013

Mellowmove Surfcamp Like I mentioned, I really wasn't planning to learn surfing. But I'm very happy I did. The Mellowmove Surfcamp in São Lourenço / Ericeira. I took a bus from Sintra directly to the camp. I booked a mixed room and three days of surfing lessons. The breakfast and diner was included. I payed around 400€, which is a very fair price for what you get. The surf camp is actually a big new house with a spacious outside area (hammocks, chill areas,...). Inside there is a huge living room, a bar and a dinning table. You can buy sodas or beer for just 1€. The rooms are very comfortable und clean. Every day we drove with two or three vans to different surfing spots. The teachers were very patient and professional. It was a perfect way to start surfing.

28 July 2013

Restaurante D`adraga After my beach session I decided to eat a fish, I think the ocean made me to do it :) Right at the Praia da Adraga is a restaurant. I had a very delicious sword fish. The prices were ok, the service friendly. There are a lot of different seasonal fish dishes. You don't have to worry about the freshness, because even the cook looked like he went fishing by himself in the morning.
Praia da Adraga After my trip to Cabo da Roca I took a bus from Sintra to Almoçageme - a small town near the coast. Then a walked down to the beach, it's a 20 minutes walk. Don't take a cab, just walk. The road goes through hills and typical portuguese mansions. Watch out for fast cars ;) The beach is clean, quite and well hidden from tourists. The water is pretty cold, welcome to the Atlantic Sea :)
Cabo da Roca If you are in Portugal you have to visit the westernmost extent of Europe - Cabo da Roca. You don't have to pay an entrance fee and there are a lot of buses from everywhere going to Cape Roca (english term). There is a beautiful lighthouse and a monument. The cliffs and the surf are good motifs for pictures. You can walk directly to the cliffs, it will raise up your adrenaline level. Girls, don't wear loose skirts, it's pretty windy out there. Unless you want to become a good photo motif as well :)

27 July 2013

Nice Way Sintra Palace I was lucky to book a bed in the Nice Way Sintra Palace Hostel. It's listed on every hostel website. The hostel is a very old building (maybe even a castle) which was redecorated not a long time ago. Nevertheless it didn't lose the medieval character. There is a huge garden with a lot of places where you can spend a quite afternoon or evening. There is also always a shared dinner. A great way to get to know other travelers from all over the world. The view from my room was unique. I would recommend to stay at this hostel to everyone.
Sintra In the morning I took a train from Lisbon to Sintra, it was a 40 minutes ride. Sintra is a lovely small city not far away from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Sintra is famous for its very old castles, palaces and museums. The Palácio Nacional de Sintra, the Castelo dos Mouros, the Palácio Nacional da Pena and the Museu de História Natural de Sintra attract tourists from all over the world. There are also a lot nice restaurants and bars in the heart of the city, like Loja do Vinho, Restaurante Café Paris, Café a Piriquita or the Village Café. The atmosphere in Sintra is very easy going, despite the overrun by the tourists during the day. Most of them leave in the late afternoon and it becomes very pleasant to explore the city and its hidden beauty. Old houses, tiny streets and walls decorated with glazed tiles dignify Sintras character.

26 July 2013

Pois, Café Around noon I walked into a nice-looking restaurant in Baixa called Pois Cafe and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the owner was Austrian, like me. While chatting with her and her boyfriend about Lisbon, the topic of surfing came up. I'd never done it, in fact, I had never once thought about surfing, but they recommended that I take lessons at Mellowmove Surfcamps up north in Ericeira.

25 July 2013

Lisboa Central Hostel I spent the nights at the Lisboa Central Hostel. It's very well located and at a cheap rate. The hostel was awarded with a couple of awards, which made my decision where to stay easier. There was free WIFI and a 24 hours reception. The rooms were clean and the kitchen more than enough.
Instinctus Wine Bar & Castelo de São Jorge I took a flight from Vienna to Lisbon. After arriving at the airport I took a bus into the city center. I had a snack at the coast near Praça do Comércio and I went afterwards to the Castelo de São Jorge. On the way I tried to avoid the tourists, so I took the small and tiny streets. The building were made of different stones with different colors. Combined with the natives of Lisbon it's a great mix for pictures. Near the castle I stopped at a small cute wine bar (Instinctus Wine Bar) and got different wines to taste. The owner was very friendly and we had a short chat about wine and Lisbon. I bought two bottles of red wine and continued to walk to the castle. The castle is based on a small hill and the view over Lisbon is awesome.