Europe, Asia · 59 Days · 32 Moments · April 2018

Exploration around the Black Sea

25 June 2018

On my plane and about to take off towards my home in Seattle. (A330, Delta Airlines) it has been a good trip!

21 June 2018

Loaded the motorcycle in the trailer and headed to Heidelberg.

19 June 2018

Currently in Bad Tölz south of München. I stopped in the hospital to look at my swollen ankle. My trip is over, the ankle is broken and I need to start thinking about getting home and surgery. I have a temporary cast on and I hope ADAC will transport my motorcycle to Heidelberg and I will hobble onto a train in that direction. 😢
Sedation in a perfect town for it while hurting.

18 June 2018

My battery expired in the middle of nowhere, Czech Republic. Thanks to ADAC for being very helpful in finding a replacement!

15 June 2018

The Bakkara hotel on the river.
Kiev traffic is crazy. Yeasterday was truest a difficult day. Crossing the border between Russia and Ukraine, the Russians found that my motorcycle importation paperwork had missing details. That cost me over 5 hours at the border. I was finally free to ride into Ukraine at about 21:00. I tried finding three hotels that were listed in the Sygic app that all had gone out of business. Then it started raining really hard. The roads here are not lighted at all and pools of standing water on the rough road in the complete dark was challenging. I eventually found an open motel on the main highway at close to midnight. The guy wanted US$ for payment and in the morning there was no power in the room and the shower did not function. I got a better place in Kiev.

13 June 2018

Started the morning visiting “the Motherland Calls” monument in Volgograd and then rode up to Volonezh, Russia. A little rain in the afternoon but overall quite a nice ride.

12 June 2018

On my route to Volgograd. I tried to ride up to “the Motherland Calls” statue but the police had it closed at all entrances.

11 June 2018

I crossed into southern Russia. The military road on the Georgian side was incredible with all the views.

9 June 2018

I took the gondola ride up to Narikala Fortress, which looks over the city and is guarded by Kartlis Deda (the large sword weilding woman.) Sorry for the blurry gondola image.
Walking around downtown Tblisi on a early Saturday afternoon. Currently sampling some Georgian Beers and planning the route back to the hotel.

4 June 2018

The view from the Tasbasi Butik Otel.
A day in Ordu before heading to Trabzon to hopefully meet up with my passport with an added Russian Visa.

3 June 2018

Two days camping on the beach for free. The campground was scheduled to open the next weekend and nobody was there asking for a tent spot fee.

31 May 2018

A strong military and police precence in this town west of Van. A big political type was coming to town for dinner and they were not taking any chances in Kurdish territory. We ventured into town looking for food but were quickly stopped and escorted out of town. Just too odd for them having a German couple, a Dutch guy and an American show up in town that day on motorcycles.

30 May 2018

A visit to Mt. Nemrut and rode around the mountain thinking we would make a loop of it. We had to backtrack.

26 May 2018

Stayed at an interesting cave hotel in Cappidocia. Unfortunately it was too windy for Balloon Rides.

25 May 2018

I arrived in town looking for a specific hotel in heavy rains but ended up at this pension that was 450 years old.

23 May 2018

A couple days in Istanbul to try to get my Russian Visa paperwork completed.

21 May 2018

A nice stay at the Motosapians Motocamp. I met a couple Dutch riders that were headed to Greece. They were both on carbureted F650’s. That night we were invited to all the British ex-pats BBQ down the road. Nice time in Bulgaria.

19 May 2018

I met Dimitri Vasiliadis who works at VolksWagen in Germany on a Greek Beach Campground in the north. We had a lot in common, we were the same age and had very similar work experience.

17 May 2018

I kept bumping into this Spanish rider on a Triump Tiger traveling the world. He seemed to be going to the same places I was visiting.

14 May 2018

An art opening in Athens. Elena dragged me along and had fun checking out the works. And meeting an old friend later.

10 May 2018

Long time since we saw each other last. Always good friends!!

9 May 2018

A better day in Greece riding in the mountainous costal areas in the area south west of Athens.

5 May 2018

Welcome to Greece. Two sessions of very heavy rain and hail. I was looking forward to some time on the sunny beaches down there.

4 May 2018

This is actually Albania. The ferry saved a lot of time just cutting straight across the bay.

3 May 2018

I couple day in Split with my Newfounderland Riding friends.

2 May 2018

Incredibly fun roads going into Slovenia.

28 April 2018

Köln is for Kölsch.

27 April 2018

Eva met me in Heidelberg. I ❤️ her so much!!