Spain · 1 Days · 4 Moments · September 2016

Excursion in Vigo and Isles de Cies

2 September 2016

Fresh Zamburiñas for lunch on Isles de Cies and a peanut butter magnum:) For dinner, went to Curcuma, a vegetarian place. Were the first ones there, and the only ones the whole time. Food was delicious, grilled veggies, eggplant mousaka, and veggie spring rolls w caramelized onions. Super healthy too! Will be looking at more veggie places in future. 😋🍆🍅🌽🌶
Hike up to Faro de Cies - 7km round trip, epic views of the island and the ocean, weather was perfect!
Friday Sept 2nd: Took the 10:30am ferry over to the Isles de Cies, probably the top place to see in Vigo. Tons of people but we were some of the first to arrive so we beelined it to Faro, the lighthouse at the top, and got some stunning shots (as you can see). Gorgeous island, perfect weather, not too hot. Stopped at a remote beach on the way back, white sand, turquoise water - but freezing! Took us a while to build up to jumping in. Headed back around 3 for lunch (scallops!) and take the ferry back. Stopped at hotel to shower & change for dinner, found a great little vegetarian place nearby. We arrived at 8 and were the only people there until we left at 9:30pm & a big group walked in. Those crazy Spanish! Amazing day.

1 September 2016

Thursday Sept 1st: Train to Vigo from Santiago, got into the city around 12:30, checked into Hotel Atlantico - cheap and cheerful. Went down to buy tickets for the ferry to Cies tomorrow and stopped for a lovely seafood lunch of clams, sardines (my first time!), salad & seafood bisque. Restaurant was in a seafood alley where they were shucking oysters & chipping up octopus. Fantastic! Back for a quick rest & change then geared up for a big walk to Samil beach on recommendation of Mairead. Took us about 2 hours, were ready to eat some seafood when we arrived but shockingly they didn't have any seafood places! They said we had to back to the city to find those. We were in shock but starving at that point so just chose a place w a nice sunset view and tried to make the best of it. Calamari & veal chop - quite a let down in comparison to lunch but the views made up for it. Finding a taxi was a bit hard as the place was so busy so we hopped onto a bus which took us right back. Big day!