Australia · 12 Days · 12 Moments · August 2017

Eve's journi to Australia

7 September 2017

Queensland Cairns holiday Day 3 - 07/09/17 Blackbird = best bloody biscotti. Coffee = just a amazing. We readied ourselves for a day of intensive restocking and retail therapy with a popular cafe. The woolies here have lunch bars and cafes, wouldya believe. I spent the night cuddled with Bella, while mum and dad lived it up.

6 September 2017

Queensland Cairns holiday Day 2 - 06/09/17 Day one of Cairns and by midday I needed an escape from the caravan park and cleaning that was occurring in our home. The city was my refuge, although I now look at my wearing thongs as not the smartest move. I stumbled upon a 'Crystal Ball Bookstore' and stocked up on incense. I think we now have ten years supply. As suggested, I found Lillipad, and thoroughly enjoyed the food. The esplanade was magnificent, at day and night, and Bella was grateful to be invited on our walk to the night markets.

5 September 2017

Queensland Cairns holiday Day 1 - 05/09/17 Temptations Cafe, Mossman. If you ever are in the area, or just live in any part of Queensland, you just have to. It was a beautiful start to our little holiday in Cairns. The Captain Cook was a trip down memory lane for mum and dad, but I was a new comer. I dont think that view would ever not stun you though. I knew even in the first day, Cairns was all I had heard and more.

4 September 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 9 - 04/09/17 Bloomfield ahoy! A few scary stories had us shaking in our boots through Helensvale to Wajul Wajul, and now we have a few of our own scary stories to tell of ol Bloomy. It's true, the other side is beautiful. The Daintree and all it's inhabiting towns, Cape Trib, the Village and then just past it, Mossman. The first night we had internet, and undoubtedly, I binge watched TV.

3 September 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 8 - 03/09/17 Another short day, much to everyone's pleasure. Clean clothes, showers, a swim and pub dinner was a dream come true for us Sheehy's. A special little present for Dad on Fathers Day at The Lions Den Hotel.

2 September 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 7 - 02/09/17 Cooktown, I love you! Your coffee, your botanicals, your beaches. We didn't stay long (much to see) but just out of town was Archers Point. Guess what, paradise. No seriously! It was a dream to stay at, especially with the entertainment of commodore combating a sand slope.

1 September 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 6 - 01/09/17 Tossing up dirt road or the Lakefield Track (more dirt), we decided to ask someone as we arrived at Musgrave. As per his instruction, Lakefield was a go. Dust holes, yes, but we avoided corrugations! Many beautiful spots as well. Finally, we arrived back in civilisation, only to stay at Endeavour River Escape (note: still no reception). A lovely fire to look at though, made by yours truly.

31 August 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 5 - 31/08/17 We weren't eaten alive, hurray!! A quick drive back all the way to Bramwell, no thanks to the corrugations. A necessary stop at Fruit Bat Falls, a frequently recommended spot, and no wonder why. Archer River provided hot showers and a restful night.

30 August 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 4 - 30/08/17 After a night at Somerset, we headed for five more beaches. Historical ruins were the hot topic for the day, we couldn't stop finding them!! As far off the beaten track as possible we found Mutee Head, which is unfortunate because it's a must see. Thoughts of crocs kept us on our toes, but the sea breeze helped blow away our fears and lull us to sleep.

29 August 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 3 - 29/08/17 Finally, the Tip (pajinka)! Great day, beginning with a close call with a bobbing croc at Cable Beach. Visited the Croc Tent before we got all the way to the top. It was a sight for sore, tired eyes. Beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. Somerset was our next stop, and only slightly less impressive. The Aboriginal rock art made up for it.

28 August 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 2 - 28/08/17 Swan in Twin and Eliot Falls in the morning. Drove the other, northern half of the Tele Track and came out at Jardine River. Caught the ferry and found ourselves in Bamaga. Settled in at Punsand Bay for the night.

27 August 2017

Queensland Cape Trip Day 1 - 27/08/17 Left Bramwell, started the Old Tele Track. Met a couple at the first crossing. Completed the southern half of the track and camped the night at Canal Creek.