Germany, Thailand · 2 Days · 6 Moments · December 2015

Eva's trip to Thailand & Cambodia

7 December 2015

After a quick shower I made my way to the beach. Found a fantastic bar on the beach called Coco Tams and ordered my first cocktail of the holiday. As I sipped my Apple a Day cocktail and sat on a beanbag on the beach I saw a shooting star and took a moment to reflect on the year gone by.
After a stopover in Bangkok, I finally got on a flight to Koh Samui. Almost missed my flight though and had my name called out on the speaker system! I arrived at Koh Samui airport (the cutest airport I've ever been to!) and caught a Minibus to my accommodation: Angel Green Garden Bungalow. Really nice room and a small swimming pool which I dipped my tired feet in immediately.

6 December 2015

Had a stopover in Frankfurt and made use of my time by meeting up with old friends from high school. Jasmin picked me up at the airport and we had lunch at Alex at Skyline Plaza. Then met Moritz and Elli in town and had coffee and a catchup at Vapiano.
Started my trip from Iceland to Thailand in the middle of the night. I had a long journey ahead and already looked and felt tired!