Europe, Asia · 59 Days · 56 Moments · January 2018

Eva's travel journal

13 March 2018

We woke up and we're taking a bus to Singapore!!! 6:30am 😴😴😴 we have booked a hostel in china town as this was the cheapest option! We have arrived however the bus was late and it's 2 pm. We had to rush to our hostel and drop our bags off and then head straight to universal studios as we had already booked tickets! we went on about 8 rides, grabbed some fries on the way round as we were staving because we hadn't eaten yet!! overall it was an amazing day out and worth it even though we didn't have the whole day there!! This evening we went to the garden by bay light show it was so fascinating and amazing! We then went to a rooftop bar called 1 altitude! It was so scary being up there but had such amazing views! We had 2 drinks each but the drinks were around £12 each 😱 oh well (you only live once) there was a great band on there too so we had a little dance before we went home! 😜

11 March 2018

Today we woke up to catch our flight to our final destination BALI!! πŸ€€πŸŒΌπŸ’› we arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon and got a taxi to the the home stay where we planned to stay. It wasn't the nicest place we've stayed let's just say that 😜 we went for dinner at a local restaurant and I had chicken with cheese and tomato coleslaw and some chips 🀀🀀 we then went back to sleep as we are all exhausted 😴😴 tomorrow we travel to a little island called Gilli T in Bali!! 🌴

9 March 2018

Today we woke up and checked out one apartment into another. This was also a very nice apartment 😍 we went for a little shop to H&M to find Katheryn so new knickers. We also went for another Nando's which was nice! When you walk into the nandos over hear the staff all great you and shout 'hello welcome to nandooooooos' it's hilarious! We then went back to the apartment for a swim. This evening we went for a walk around but didn't do much, we came back and ate some Marconi and cheese we picked up from m&s 😍😍 we then went to bed as we have to be up at 5:30am for Singapore! 😴😴😴

8 March 2018

Today we woke up and went to gravy baby for breakfast I had beans on toast with fried mushrooms and hash brown it was delicious 🀀🀀🀀 we went to the patrona towers today at lunch time to see the amazing views, it was great! we didn't get great photos though because the sun light made the pictures look dark! Oh well πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ we then went for a little mooch and went to Nando's for lunch it was so nice 😍😍 we then went back to the apartment and went to the pool to sun bathe and me and amy went in the relaxing Jaquzi and steam room!

7 March 2018

Today we woke up and went to the cameron highlands! This is where the tea plantation happens. It was a beautiful place with great green scenery! Our uber driver took us all the way around and stopped off at a strawberry farm where we could pick our own fresh delicious strawberry πŸ“πŸ€— he then took us to the top of the highlands where we stopped for tea and looked down over the amazing views 😍 Shorty after we departed to head back to a new apartment 🏑 Our journey home was very eventful our uber driver decided to keep falling asleep and swerving all over the place so me and amy were in the back trying to keep him awake by feeding him prawn crackers and sing to him but he decided to carry on drifting off.. There was no way I was staying in the car so I was like TOILET! And he goes yes 2km away so he stopped and I burst into tears and said we weren't getting back in so he drove off, lucky enough there was a nice Asian man in the services that was nice enough to take us 😭😜

6 March 2018

We woke up and got ready and went to an infinity pool for a dip and for some nachos and wine. The pool was amazing soo we took a few photos 😜 it then started pouring down with rain so we grabbed our stuff and left and went into the shopping centre next door! We bought some new clothes because I've barley got anything with me 😩😍 we went back to the apartment and got ourself ready and went to a Chinese restaurant in the evening. It wasn't English Chinese though it was more asian china food so it wasn't as good as expected πŸ™„πŸ™„ we then took a walk to the patrona towers which is the twin towers in Malaysia the biggest in the world and we bought a fish eye magnet that goes over your phone lenses to get the whole tower in! We got some good photos and made a friend with an Asian guy who took the photos for us 🀀 we then went back to sleep as we were all so tired!

5 March 2018

This morning we woke up and went for breakfast at this cute cafe called LOLK near china town. It was really good I had a bacon and egg bagel 🀀 we then we then decided to go to the aquarium which was fun, we saw turtles, sharks, stingrays, fish, jelly fish and more 😜 we then went to the butterfly park which was beautiful. There were so many butterfly's and they were all so colourful and lively! We then went back to china town and grabbed our bags to check into our new apartment which was 5 starts and was amaaaazing! It had 3 bedrooms a kitchen and lounge and the view was incredible πŸ‘…We then got ready and went for dinner at gravy baby and I got fish pie 🀀🀀 we then went for a few drinks at the beach club bar which turned out to be a prostitute bar πŸ˜‚ we then went back ready for day 2 in Malaysia 😜

4 March 2018

Phuket ➑️ Malaysia πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ we got a flight to Malaysia from Phuket, it was only an hour and a half! We arrived however are flight was delayed so we arrived at our hotel at 2:30 pm. We were exhausted! Our hotel was bog standard and in China town! We went straight to sleep because we had to get up early the next day to sight sea πŸ˜ƒπŸŒŠ
This morning we had a lie in till about 1 because we were all so knackered. We then got up and went to a cute cafe for brunch. I got a bacon baguette πŸ₯– it was really good and cheap! We then went to the pool that we had access to through our hostel. It was really nice and chilled out with music on, we just chilled in the pool because it was too hot and there were no sun beds. We then decided we wanted an early dinner because we were hungry again πŸ˜‚ I had sausages chips eggs and beans (Thai food going well) 😍 we then went to the hostel for a rest and then me and Katheryn decided we fancied cake and tea so walked down the road and found a nice cake and tea shop. I had the best earl grey tea with a slice of strawberry tart, deeeeelicious 😝 then went back to sleep ready for 730 am wake up call for our long day travelling to Malaysia, wooohoooo πŸ˜„
We woke up and went for breakfast at this Irish bar, it wasn't the best English breakfast I've had the sausages were chicken sausages, gross!! 😷🀧Another day spent on the beach! We decided to buy a bat and ball from the shop to pass time on the beach with because it gets too hot lying down! This evening we went for dinner with jasmine and Simone at a Mexican and I had chill concarne which was really good! We went back to our hostel and took advantage of the free glowing paint which we pained our legs and arm! We then went to the full moon party which was this massive party on the beach with different music all along the beach.

1 March 2018

we woke up and me and amy went on the bikes at 8 this morning for 2 hours before we needed to hand them back! We went for breakfast and a little drive towards the beach. We then went back checked out our bungalow and went to the other side of the island called Haad rin where the full moon party is!!! We stayed in a hostel 2 minute walk from the beach. We went and sun bathed on the beach for the rest of the day and me and amy decided to get a jet ski which was really good! This evening we met up with jasmine and Simone from the tour and went for a drink on the beach with them, It was nice that we met up with them!πŸ­πŸΉπŸ’—πŸ’•

28 February 2018

Today me and Amy hired out motorbikes for the day because we were in the middle of no where and couldn't do anything!! The roads were quiet sooo it was more safe to do it there! It was probably the best day we've had yet! We went to a view spot on the bikes, went to the secret beach for sunset, went to a beach where you can stand in the middle of the water which was really good!! And found this cool tree palm tree that was over the water 🌴🌴🍍 the bikes only cost £6 for the day which we thought was really cheap! In the evening we went to the Amsterdam bar for a drink which overlooked the beach 🍸

27 February 2018

Ko Samui ▢️ Ko Pangan!! We arrived and had to get a mini bus to our bungalow resort because it was miles away!! We arrived and it was so relaxed and nice! We had a pool and a bungalow to ourself it was lovely! We spent the day by the pool relaxing and tanning! This evening we we stayed at the hostel for dinner and I had chill con carne! It was very spicy but tasted good! We met 2 friends one guy from Canada and another from England from Portsmouth! We then went bed shortly after playing cards β™₯️

26 February 2018

Today we just had another relaxing day on the beach after a wonderful breakfast at the hostel opposite our hotel! I bought a blow up bed thing on the beach for like £4 and it's the best thing I've bought yet and it's soooo comfy! This evening we went to the fisher mans village which was a 30 minute drive from our hotel. We went for a lovely dinner and cocktail on the beach front. I got tiger prawns with spaghetti and a woo woo! We then realised next door was a food markets which was so cheap and such good food we were so angry we got a pizza to share aswell and I bought some delicious banana bread 🍞 tomorrow we are off to Ko Pangan for 5 days for the full moon party!!!! 🌴

25 February 2018

So today we went to Na Muang waterfall in Koh Samui. It was good but not as beautiful as the one on Laos. We chilled there for a few hours and went for a little swim in the water. The water wasn't as clear and was freezing but it was still fun. We then went to the beach when we got back and chilled for abit before we went out for supper and a few drinks to the night club on the beach. Tomorrow we were going to go to Ko Tao however our parents didn't agree as we heard dodgy stuff happened to back packers in the past and didn't want to take any risks! So we changed our boat to Ko pangan for the day after tomorrow.
We went for breakfast and went sun bathing in Phi Phi!!We booked a boat to Ko Lanta for tomorrow. Today we went to the Ibiza pool party in the afternoon which was better than the day before because this was actually the main day for the pool party!! We met with some friends on the beach!Me Katheryn and amy played beer pong but with vodka lemonade bucket 😹 we then went out back to the fire show in the evening!

24 February 2018

Surprise surprise another day by the beach today!! We went and got breakfast from 7 eleven and ate it on the beach. I got a croissant and banana! It was quite over cast today so the sun bathing weather wasn't the best. This evening we went for food near our hotel, we were sat eating our food and then we saw 2 girls looking at a menu outside only to realise it was the girls we made friends with at our hostel in phuket. 😜 they came and joined us. I got ribs and chips however I wasn't feeling too good. After we went and treated ourselves to a massage it was about Β£6 for an hour full body oil massage πŸ’† we then went back to go to bed 😴😴

23 February 2018

Krabi ➑️➑️ Koh Samui! We've arrived in Koh Samui and checked into our hotel called Chewng palace although i wouldn't quite say it looks like a palace... Today we are just having a day by the beach sun bathing again.. This evening we all went for supper at a restaurant near the beach I had a chicken burger and all you can eat salad! Me and Amy decided to go out afterwards on the beach. There was a fire show which was good. We met a group of friends so we were dancing with them!

22 February 2018

Today we left to go to Krabi, we got a mini bus and a boat to the island. We arrived at our hostel or should I say poshtel πŸ˜‚ we check in and then went for a wonder around the town. We came across a river boat which me and amy decided to do to say we had done something in Krabi. We went through mangroves, went to a cave where the cutest monkeys were! And went to a fisher mans village where we stopped off and grabbed a drink and looked at the sea life! It was a really good day out! This evening we went for dinner at a Mexican which was amazing. We had nachos and fajitas! Then we went back to the 'poshtel' to sleep ready for an early wake up to Koh Samui!

21 February 2018

🚒🚒Ko Lanta we made it πŸ˜† we got to the island 🌴 homeless! We forgot to book ourselves a hostel πŸ˜‚ a lady came up to us and helped us out by telling us where the main bit was and where the hostels were!! We jumped off the tuc tuc and checked into a hostel which was called best stay hostel. We then went for a cute lunch to this little restaurant near the beach which we sat in little huts. My salad was horrible but the orange juice was good! We sat in a hammock went for a walk and then went back to the hostel and planned out where and what we wanted to do next. Like flights, bus and activities. Ko Lanta is known to be quite chilled and relaxed so this was nice.

19 February 2018

Today we got a boat trip to maya bay island 🌴 the beach was so amazing and the water was the best water I've seen yet! We went for a walk around the beach area and a across loads of snakes in the water. We got told not to go down obviously but it was cool to see them, even though I despise them 😳 On route to maya bay we stopped off at the monkey island! The monkeys were so cute but not so cute when they landed on my head from 10m high πŸ˜‚ we then carried on the party boat and went snorkelling and jumping off the boat! It was tipping it down with rain but it made it more fun! we watched the sun set which was amazing! We then carried the boat and got off around 7pm and went home and got ready and went back out for the night!
Today we woke up and checked out of Ibiza hostel and went to a hostel called freedom!! This was abit of a treck from the beach especially trying to carry our heavy rucksacks!! We checked in and then went to the beach for the day and just sun bathed. We went back out that evening to the fire show again on the beach!! 🌴

17 February 2018

Amys better HORRAY!!!! So today we are getting on a boat to Phi Phi islands 🌴 which is supposed to be amazing!! We have arrived and it's so blue and beautiful!! We went and checked into our hotel called Ibiza house which was nice with a pool on the beach!! We then went to sun bathe on the amazing beach and did some swimming!! In the evening we got ready went for dinner and I got beef and black bean stir fry with rice 🍚 it was delicious!! We then went on the beach front and watched these men with fire πŸ”₯ it was really gooooood! Then went bed about midnight because we were knackered!!

16 February 2018

Amy is still ill today so we had to stay another day in Phuket and delay our travelling to Phi Phi till tomorrow. We took amy to the doctors because she wasn't improving and they gave her an injection and loads of drugs! We couldn't find any hostels near the central area that were available, so we ended up booking a hostel called paradise backpacker hotel which turned out to be amazing. There was a private beach with a swing on the beach which was really cute and our room was rather nice. We all sun bathed for a couple of hours and then me and Kathryn went into the town via shuttle to book the boat to Phi Phi for tomorrow and to grab some food. I got Coconut noodles which were nice! We went back to the hostel with water, banana and croissant for amy as she hadn't eaten yet!

15 February 2018

Today we woke up and got a banana and Nutella crepe, amy was sick so she had to go back to the hostel. Me and Kathryn went to the beach to sun bathe for a couple of hours and then went back to see if Amy was okay. We got ready for dinner and me and Katheryn went out with the 2 girls from the hostel. Amy stayed at home because she wasn't able to come out. We went to the street market and I got prawn pad Thai which was delicious πŸ˜‹ we then went back to the hostel.

14 February 2018

We arrived in phuket and got a taxi to our hostel which was called hip hostel. It was rather nice and quiet and we made friends with this 2 girls from Lancaster who were sisters! Kathryn was ill, so me and amy went to the beach for a couple of hours to sun bathe and chill. We then went back to the hostel and got ready for supper. We ended up getting a kebab because the restaurants were quite expensive. We then went for a drink πŸ₯ƒ it was very weird there were ladies dancing on poles it felt like we were in Magaluf! We then went back to the hostel to sleep because we were exhausted!

13 February 2018

The next day we woke up and went for breakfast to... McDonald's because we couldn't find anywhere that did a nice breakfast. After we went back to the hotel to check out and say our goodbyes to or group it was quite sad because we made such good friends! Me Kathryn and Amy then went to Bangkok centre hotel where we saw Laura for the day and sat and catched up with Laura about our trip. We then said bye to her and went to get our over night bus to phuket. It was not so bad however a guy was snoring the whole way which was very irritating!

11 February 2018

Today we went to the elephants in chaing mai. It was sooo amazing! The elephants were so friendly and cute! The place we went to see them was really ethical they don't ride the elephants or do any harm to them. They look after them so well. We fed the elephants bananas 🍌 and sugar cane. They eat approximately around 300 kilos a day and drink around 200 litres of water!! We then took them for a walk it was really weird because they were gigantic compared to us! After we took them for a mud bath they would use there trunks to put mud all over them as it was apparently looked for there skin. Then we went to the swimming pool and we were all in the pool with the elephants it was so cute but a little bit scary πŸ˜‚ we all had lunch at the sanctuary and had pad Thai which was included it was really good. we then went back to the hotel to sun bathe for the rest of the afternoon before we had to leave for the over night train.

10 February 2018

Chaing Khong ➑️ Chiang Mai!!We woke up at 630am and had a 7 hour bus journey to chaing mai. We stopped off on the way to the white temple which was really pretty. It was built in 1997, the reason it was built was because it would attract many tourists. It was made out of marble. Stone and glass. The glass was the reason it was made shiny and sparkly. It was the prettiest temple we've been to yet. We then carried on the bus journey and finally arrived in chaing mai at our hotel called chaing mai gate hotel. It was a nice hotel and had a decent pool which we decided to sun bathe for the rest of the day. That evening we went to the local food market which we went and got an Indian. The food was really greasy but we still enjoyed it. We then went to a Thai boxing match, it was a great atmosphere and it was really tense. We were expecting something like Anthony Joshua but in reality it was people around are age fighting πŸ˜‚

9 February 2018

Laos ➑️chaing khong!! This morning we arrived on the boat at 530am. It was cold on the boat and we were all still so tired so we went back to sleep on the boat for a couple of hours. We woke up around 8 and had breakfast I had a jam sandwich because the eggs were cold. We passed the day by playing snap with the cards. 10 hours later we arrived in chaing khong around 330pm. We had to cross the Thailand boarder which took around an hour including the bus journey. We shortly arrived at the hotel and checked in. We then got ready and went out with the group for a buffet at a restaurant Sony recommend. It was so good we had mash chips cheesy pasta everything you can think of really!! We had a few drinks then went back to the hotel.
Today we woke up at 630am to get on a 8 hour boat to the home stay. On our way we witnessed a boat sinking it was so sad 😭 our boat pulled over to see if we could help but there was nothing we could do. No one died thank god but they will lose loads of money from their company. After 8 hours on the boat we arrived at Ban Pak Ngum Village which is the home stay in Laos. It was sad to see the living conditions people stayed at, but they all looked happy enough, but it's such a shame to see how poor they are and how they survive. It just shows how lucky we are. We watched how they made seaweed, and we wondered around there village. Before we ate supper we gave the kids a book and a pen each to help and encourage them with there education! They were all so grateful. We then had supper and then went to bed shortly after which was a thin mattress on the floor with a blanket under a mosquito net it wasn't the best but it was for only a night so we didn't mind.

7 February 2018

Today we woke up and went for a 9k treck. We started off at a local village at the mountain. Here we visited a locals house and the school, I played with the kids with the skipping rope they made out of the tree branches bless them 😭 it was so nice to see the kids. Then we walked for ages until we arrived at the spring waters for lunch. It was beautiful here. We had chicken fried rice for lunch 🍴we recharged from the food we had ate and then carried on until we arrived at the astonishing waterfall. The waterfall was called Kuang Si. The water was clear blue and beautiful. It was soo cold though because it was natural fresh water. πŸ’¦ this evening we went for food at the local restaurant and then wondered through the night market on our way back to the hotel. The things on the night market are soo cute I want everything but I don't have the room in my ruck sack!!! 😭

6 February 2018

Today we woke up early once again and got a long 8 hour bus from Vang vieng ➑️ Luang Prabang!!! we stopped off on the way to see some incredible view spots however the weather was so overcast so we didn't manage to see anything 😭 the ride was so bumpy and windy we all felt so sick! once we arrived in Luang Prabang we checked in and then rushed up a mountain which was 350 steps to see the sun set. It was beautiful however it was nothing on Rutland water 😜 after we freshened up at the hotel we then went for super at the coconut garden which me and amy got a salad.. we wish we chose the πŸ•

4 February 2018

We had a free morning this morning so a group of us decided to make the most of the capital and go a do some touristy things around the capital. We went to Wat sisaket temple, Patuxai (laos arc de triumph), Pha that luang ( the gold temple) and cope ( which was a treatment centre for victims of UXO's during the Vietnam war). The temples were amazing and the Patuaxi had beautiful views overlooking the capital. Cope was found the most interesting. This is because it was really nice to see how they offer to save life's by treating the people. However the facts and figures were shocking to see how many people died during the Vietnam war. We then got a tuc tuc back to the hotel and had a quick bite to eat, I had beef with rice, the sauce that came with the beef looked like slime.. 😷 we then checked out the hotel and had a 4 hour bus journey to Vang Vieng. We checked into our hotel and met for super at 730pm. We then went to the local club called Sakura for some drinks.
Today we arrived in Laos via plane. We arrived at our hotel called treasure plaza hotel, it's really nice and the weather is great. I went on a bike ride with Cameron Chloe and James around the markets and past the river here. I bought a top and a bag which was really cheap, we then came back to the hotel to get ready for this evening. We went into town with the shuttle from the hotel which was free and went for a meal. Me and Katheryn shared beef hot pot and a tikka masala rice and popadoms which were soo good! We then came back to the hotel on a tuc tuc and went to sleep ready for the next day.

2 February 2018

Today we had a lie in even though I still made breakfast, obviously Amy didn't..πŸ˜‚ we went around the lake again today and went to a coffee shop, I waited 40 minutes for a cup of earl grey tea. 🌚 following on from there we went to another prison called Hoa Lo prison which was used by the French colonists in Vietnam for political prisoners, and later by North Vietnam War!! It was very interesting, but very spooky, there were people in cells obviously not real but still spooked us out 😳 this evening we went for a meal to a local restaurant to get a hot pot. It was very interesting to be honest I thought I was going to have food positioning today because it just didn't seem safe at all. He said cook the chicken for a minute and a half but normally you would cook chicken at home for about 10 minutes. Anyway I'm alive and well so it clearly was okay to eat.. me and Katheryn were still hungry so we went and got a burger πŸ” it was the best thing I have ate in ages it was so good!!

1 February 2018

Today we got up and drove back to Hanoi, The capital of Vietnam. Our hotel beds were so comfy, I could of laid in the bed all day and it didn't help how cold the air temperate had dropped since we arrived here due to being so far up north! we all went for food together at this local restaurant and got caramelised chicken with chilli and garlic. In the afternoon we went to see a lake called Pagoda. It wasn't as nice as Rutland water or Eye Brooke if you ask me πŸ˜€ we didn't really do much else today as we were tired. That evening we went out to a club called local bar then went to a place called hangover bar after. We had a good old dance until the club closed πŸ’ƒ

31 January 2018

Ha long!!!! we got off the over night train at 530, Sony woke us up (tour guide) good morning babi' we then had a 4 hour bus journey to ha long bay as the over night train only took us to hanoi. We arrived at the hotel in ha long bay it was very nice. Our balcony overlooked ha long bay itself and a theme park. That day we got on a boat which was included on the trip with lunch and went to ha long bay. We had a lovely lunch I had seafood so I had shrimp 🍀 crab πŸ¦€ squid πŸ™ fish 🐟 rice 🍚 noodles 🍝 spring rolls. After we ate lunch we took load of photos and went kayaking this was an extra €11 each. But was so worth it to have a little wonder further off the boat. Amy got some cool pictures on her go pro also. We also went in a cave there which was really big. We had such a fun day so it was definitely worth the drive there!! That evening we were knackered so we just went for an Italian and a drink and came straight home. I treated myself to a steak because why not πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

30 January 2018

Today we didn't do much we had a lie In at the hostel and then went to this restaurant called are you tipsy yet? I had tomato soup which was delicious. That evening we got on a bus to the over night train to ha long bay. The over night train took 14 hours it wasn't very pleasant. This is because people were getting off the train as we were getting on so we never had cleaned bedding or anything. We got given a meal on the train but it looked vile so I'm glad I took a takeaway pizza on there with me.

29 January 2018

Today we woke up at 7 and had to leave by 8:30 to go on a 5 hour bus journey to our next location. Bye hoi helloooooo Hue. This was our first hostel stay, it had 6 beds so all the girls went in one room. Any got bit on the bum and her bite was massive πŸ˜‚ that afternoon we went for a massage and asked for a facial but ended up eating a full on stone body massage because the people who did the facials were already doing someone elses. The massage was really good and the hot stones were really relaxing didn't realise how hot the hot stones would be though! Me and amy have planned every Sunday we will treat ourself to a massage just for fun and relax time;) that evening we went to a karaoke bar and amy got on the mic 🎀 and sang sweet Caroline πŸ˜‚ we all went to a bar on the way back to the hostel and me and amy shared a bucket of alcohol 🍺 then we went back to the hostel bar and had a few more drinks and played some pool and then went to bed.

28 January 2018

Today we woke up and went to oodles of noodles and watched how noodles were made and we got free lunch that day which we got noodles and seafood it was very good. Cycling tour we met an old couple who had been married for 75 years they were soooo cute! We also got to sit on a water buffalo that was fun 😹 but a little scary. We got the chance to try and catch fish 🐟 but I didn't want to do it because it was boiling and I didn't wanna put the thick clothes on and also I didn't wanna smell of fish and I get scared of fish πŸ˜‚ we also went to coconut island 🌴 which we went on a bomboo baskets on the water through the jungly forest it was amazing! That evening we went for a meal to streets that support a local charity I got a baguette but didn't eat much because wasn't feeling so good. Then went home to sleep.

27 January 2018

This morning we went for breakfast at this nice cafe called green mango, I had an American breakfast which was interesting I got given about 10 beans drizzled on my toast πŸ˜‚we then went and to a tailors shop to see if we wanted anything making.. I decided I didn't because it was so expensive for something that you may not even like.. also the quality was quite poor. We went round the old town and looked in shops and bought a few dresses and I got some new shoes. Then we went out for dinner to the lantern restaurant with the group and then went to tiger tiger bar which was good. Someone kicked my foot by accident and my toe nail ripped in half 😫

26 January 2018

Today we just had another relaxing day by the beach trying to cure are hangovers. Me and Kathryn got a peng pizza from sailing club again I got spinach and feta was peng!!! Then that evening we got a sleeper train to hoi an. We stayed at paradise hotel. We are here for 2 nights.

25 January 2018

Today we got breakfast with the group super early after the over night train at like 7 on the beach at a sailing club it was delicious. We then decided to just relax on the beach and get a sun tan because we were all knackered and weren't bothered for the optional activities. This was good fun I went in the sea and the waves were massive haha. We went for a mud bath mid afternoon and there was like hot and cold pools aswell, it was really fun. We went for food that evening and decided on go out to the sailing club for a night out it was such good fun!

24 January 2018

The next day we went to the war tunnels which he viet Cong had built in the Vietnam war to escape from the Americans. we got a chance to go under the tunnels I could only bare going under ground for 25 metres as i got very hot and panicky! I got a change to shoot 5 bullets with an ak47 war gun that they would use during the war. It was so powerful and scary. We went to Ben tahn market that day also which we tried abit of haggaling πŸ˜‚That evening we had an over night train to Nha trang. The overnight train was not as bad as expected, although there were bugs next to ours beds such as cockroach πŸ˜‚

23 January 2018

Work up at 6 to go to the floating market.. was good fun boats would come and tie onto your boat to try sell you stuff such as coffee tea or coconut water etc) we then had a 5 hour bus journey to Hoi chi mai city in Vietnam. We went and got a Burger King πŸ‘‘πŸ˜‚ and me amy and Cameron went and got a foot massage for like Β£7 each it was sooo good untill they flip you over and start massaging your bumπŸ˜‚ we then went out to the food markets with the group and I had mash potatoes and gravy with a passion, mango and banana smoothie 🍌 then we went for a drink at a bar called tiger the place was so busy because Vietnam got accepted for the World Cup!

22 January 2018

We woke up at 630 and currently on the bus to Vietnam πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ we are on the bus for 9 hours and this evening we have a home stay at someone's house.. it's going to be very interesting G U L P. We got there mossies everywhere.. had to sleep next to amy under a mossie net, it wasn't the best experience I've had. we got shown how to make the pancakes out there with bean sprouts and had rice spring rolls prawn crackers and pork aswell. We all then played ring of fire ( me amy Cameron Justin harry Laura and Kathryn. We went to bed and it was so cold and sticky and noisy from animals outside (crickets mossies etc)

21 January 2018

Today we got up and had to be ready for 830 for the boat trip, we stopped on the way to grab some breakfast, we for breakfast lunch drinks all included with snorkelling for just €25 it was a great day out we stopped at 2 islands. I was abit scared in the sea though incase I stepped on the black spikey things that can get into your foot. we came back and chilled in the pool for abit with a passion mojito and I got some brussetia, it was so good. We went for dinner after back at the hotel after walking about an hour in the hot weather and couldn't find anywhere so we just decided to stay safe with the food at the hotel. I got chicken wrap with chips 😝 we then went to bed because we needed to be up at 630 the next day.

20 January 2018

Today we travelled to the next hotel which was near the beach and very nice in a place called Sihanoukvillie. We had the afternoon on the beach and went for dinner later on it was really good we got a jug of vodka and orange for just €5 it was so strong, we were on the beach for the sunset in our bikinis which we got some good photos of, we had dinner at the restaurant on the beach I had chicken kebabs on sticks. We then went home to sleep!

19 January 2018

We got up early and went to the prison and the cambodian killings fields with loads of mass graves was so sad, and then went to the S21 prison which is where people got tortured before they went to the killing fields - met a Cambodian genocide survivor and he was so sweet me and amy bought one of his books for 10 dollars talking about his experience there. After this we went back to the river side restaurant and got chicken club sandwich it was soooo good. We got fed up of eating the Cambodia food but damn the English food is so good here. We then returned to the hotel and went in the pool for a bit, amy fell down the steps of the pool and wacked her head, so we had to get ice for her and try and clean her head up. Anyway she was fine thank god. We then got ready and went to another English restaurant for a meal I got a Mexican burger which was so good.😍😍 we then met everyone at the sky bar in phem phen which the view was incredible and they had an amazing infinity pool!

18 January 2018

Today I felt very fragile when I woke up.. we had a 8 hour bus journey to phem phen . On the way we stopped off at the floating village this was really interesting to see all the houses they has built on the water, they would have to get a boat from their house if they wanted to get anywhere, it's weird also seeing how they live we saw a man washing himself in the sea with shampoo and soap. After this we carried on to phem phen. The bus journey took hours, we finally got there and went for dinner at the river side restaurant which was located on the river it was really nice I had carbonara with garlic breadπŸ˜‹ we then went home not long after and went to bed.

16 January 2018

SO EARLY. Today we had to get up at 4 to go a see the sunrise at Angkor WATTTTT! πŸŒ… we visited 3 temples the first one being ankor waaaaaat, this was the best one, and on our journey around we came across a monkey which was soooo cute! We then went to 2 more temples which were slightly more boring, I think once you've done one you get the idea. After this we got back to the hotel about 3 and sat by the pool till about 6. Got a few drinks and played piggie in the middle In the pool. We then all went to a rooms to get ready for the night. We went to pub street again, and went to yolo bar it was the 'big night out' on the itinerary. Everyone met and had a free shot on arrival and a drink for just €1 I got g&t. We then went to temple night club which will all played ring of πŸ”₯ we had a little dance and then made our way back to yolo bar for the rest of the night.
The next day we got up super early because we had a long drive to Cambodia, we went to a place called Siem reap. Our hotel was called Aprgus hotel. We arrived there about 3:50 and we decided to go on quad bikes which stared at 4. We had so much fun, we went on the bikes round the country side and managed to see the sun set. Me and amy took it in turns to drive. We then got tuc tucs out to a restraunt that was part of g adventures and I believe the money goes towards a good cause helping build schools for children, are meal was included this night and we got chicken noodles vegetable won toms, steak (which didn't look nice) and rice. Me and Amy also shared a bottle of wine. After this we went to the pub street for a drink and all shared a jug of blue lagoon, it was nice, the pub street was lively and had a good club which we decided to go to the following evening.

15 January 2018

The next morning we got up and had breakfast which was €5 dollars we had pancakes orange juice watermelon rice toast.. it was cold but edible πŸ˜‚ we decided to treat ourself to a massage because we thought we're only here once we may aswell, we asked for a foot massage but it turned out to be a full body massage it was hilarious, she had us in all sorts of positions head locks.. back breaking.. legs in the air me and amy couldn't stop laughing. It cost us €11 dollars. After that we sat next to the pool for an hour and got a little sun tan then got a bus to bankok centre hotel which didn't cost much. We put our bags in our room and then went for a wonder down the street and grabbed some pad Thai it was nice but a little spicy. We went back to the hotel and met our group and they were all really nice, we went for food with them all and then stayed out for another drink with velocity and Charlotte,We went to bed around 11 ish ready to get up early the next day.

14 January 2018

We arrived in Dubai and had 4 hours to pass so we got a smoothie called travellers recharge which was €9 😱 anyway it was very nice.. then we got on the next plane to Bangkok and again I was sat next to some old weird man again.. anyway we slept a little more and this time I got fish with noodles which wasn't the nicest, so I asked if I could get a chicken noodle pot noodle instead πŸ˜‚ we arrived in Bangkok and took us about half hour to find our shuttle run. We finally found it and he took us to the hotel which was a couple of miles from the airport. The hotel was sooo nice and we got room service and got 2 pizzas, chips and Calamari, it was way too much and sooo greasy 😷ooooh well! Then we went to bed.

13 January 2018

Our parents left us at the airport just as we were about to go to security ,it was sad waving by the we prepared ourself so it wouldn't be so bad. I didn't wanna leave mum crying aswell because that would have just been worse. 😫 We then went and checked in our bags and then went and got a glass of wine at Jamie's bar in the airport, we sat and played cards for a while until we had to go and find our gate number. We boarded the plane and I was sat next to some strange man anyway the journey wasn't so bad as we slept abit and the free drinks and food was a bonus. I ate braised beef with mash potatoes which was delicious.