Europe · 6 Days · 17 Moments · August 2014

European Road Trip with Jim, Di and LéSpy

14 August 2014

Here in the Italian riviera. Bueno...

13 August 2014

Here we come rain or not...
Tunnels everywhere must have gone through 30at least

12 August 2014

On our way
Start of day 4

11 August 2014

Pitched up in a fab little village on the river. Beer, cheese and wine. Perfect, oh and the suns shinning cheers
Luxembourg here we come....

10 August 2014

A spot of supper ...
LéSpy makes a stop in Bruges Belgium. Fab architecture
Well are got hut by hurricane Bertha here in Bruges, lashed if down with rain an high winds, a big like being in the Lake District in mid winter. Fab Eh?...
Getting of the ferry in France
Time to relax on board
On the Ferry. DFDS bound for Dunkirk

9 August 2014

The tent is up in Dover, ferry tomorrow at 10.00am so up at 7.00am. Should Best Regards fun...,
The trip so far, stopped for a burger. Yum
Well, here we go.... Our European Road Trip starts today.... 9 Countries, 3000 Miles, 2 People, 1 Inflatable Tent and the Beautiful MX-5 aka LéSpy.... Our journey starts with a small turn of the ignition key, and LéSpy bursts into action, her new exhaust glinting in the morning sun... All aboard, let's go ....