Asia, Europe · 11 Days · 30 Moments · May 2018

European moments

25 May 2018

We had another pizza at airport today as lunch.. 😍😊😋

24 May 2018

We had amazing pizza 🍕 today.. it's better than the best.. 😍😍😍😍 Sorry we didn't take our phone there to add pics and stuff!
Another world wonder today -Colosseum 😎 Unfortunately we could go inside, I really wanted to go inside and check with the sets of Gladiator (I'm a movie buff, okay! 😜) We had our guide explaining about the colosseum,beforehand and aftermath and it's facts. But the only regret is that I couldn't go in.. other than that it was really cool
Ice cream is ❤️
Today we went to Rome and visited Trevi fountain. It is 86ft high and 160 ft wide! (Yeah it's big 😎) Coins are purportedly meant to be thrown using the right hand over the left shoulder as a promise that we will visit Rome again.

23 May 2018

Post our visit to leaning tower we headed to florence and enjoyed the guided tour given by Leonardo(no he isn't Leonardo di caprio 😂😜)
Post lunch we went to see the famous leaning tower of Pisa 😎 As usual it was crowdy but we had fun there clicking photos and posing for them especially 😂
We had proper Italian lunch today.. pizza 🍕 pasta 🍝 Yum yum 👅😋

22 May 2018

So we finally reached Venice at 4 in the evening. It was kinda cloudy so, we carried our umbrellas, but of course it didn't rain because we were prepared 😒( you know that feeling?) So we went to St.Mark's square and shopped a bit(or at least tried to) because 1) my brother is ALWAYS hungry 2) we had soooooo many options But Venice kinda disappointed me, they were many people and it was kinda not that neat! And everything is overpriced.But we had out FIRST REAL Italian pasta there 😍 Then we had our dinner on the cruise back to Tronchetto island. It was a whole new experience 😊😍
Now we are heading to Italy 🇮🇹

21 May 2018

Today is really special because we had 3 different meals in three different countries (it was on my bucket list 😃) We had our breakfast in Switzerland 🇨🇭 Lunch in Liechtenstein 🇱🇮 Dinner in Austria 🇦🇹 Isn't that fantastic! #Dream_come_true_moment
So we went to swarvoski crystal show room , it was fantastic 😍 The crystal world was just amazing! You get to see the biggest crystal and the smallest crystal and many other crystal! You might think I'm little overboard now.. Guess I am 😉
We had our lunch there and continued our journey to Austria 🇦🇹
Then we went to shopping in Casa grande and then headed to Liechtenstein 🇱🇮 So basically it's a really small land locked country with no airport, so the main tourism office stamps in your passport for exchange of 3£ which serves a good memory 😊
Today we started our trip with the lion monument which was dedicated to soldiers of king Louis.

20 May 2018

Tujhe dekha tho ye, jaana sanam... yes, we visited the famous ddlj railway station. 😊
At 12:30 we had our train booked to go to Jungfraujoch, which is the highest peak in the Europe. We had our lunch and went out to check out the rides but since there was a heavy snowfall,all rides were closed and all peak view points were clouded completely making them useless and the temperature was around-4 degrees which was not helping at all. But yeah we did go to watch the ice palace and the famous Lindt chocolate making stuff. Then again back in the evening we are back in train to Grindlewald grund station.
Today we are in interlaken,where the famous DDLJ shooting happened. Can you believe it Yash Chopra is the ambassador of Interlaken! How cool is that?!

19 May 2018

Glacier 3000..! It was great, I mean that was my first time touching, seeing and feeling the real snow ❄️ ( if you exclude the snow formed in fridge of course! 😜) And the weather was extremely supportive, it was kinda sunny which helped us when we had the snow fight and stuff but later in the afternoon it snowed! Yes, snowfall happened which i was so grateful for and not to mention the extraordinary ride- alpine coaster. Let me explain from start.. so we went up there in a cable car, then we had the snow bus down there to roam us around the glacier. We played with snow till 11 or something and then we went to ride the alpine coaster. Trust me it gives you such an adrenaline rush to your veins. It is a self operated roller coaster and you can adjust your speed going through the snow and it started snowing then soo it made the whole experience little exciting and unforgettable! Then we had our lunch up there, And then we went up the bridge for snow walk but the weather worsened.
So we stayed in Alpine classic hotel, and we had this big chair near the hotel with city name, so it's picture time 😃😉

18 May 2018

So we had dinner at an awesome place where we could sit on the opposite side of the river and have our food looking at france! It was cool, I mean the view and the food wasn't bad either.
So we went to the famous waterfall- Jet d'Eau. Here are some fun facts about it- >Five hundred litres of water per second are jetted to an altitude of 140 metres. >On 25 August 2016, the fountain celebrated its 125th anniversary at its present location.
Today, we started moving to Switzerland 🇨🇭 from Paris in bus. It was a long journey.. we reached Geneva nearly at 5pm.

17 May 2018

Later we went to visit one of the worlds wonder - Eiffel Tower. We went till the second level of Eiffel. Being said it has the best view of the city. We went in a cable car till the second floor but we went down on stairs and went to first floor where we have some graphics and stuff over there. They were really cool 😎
The second day in Paris, we went to the DISNEY LAND!!! Yeahhhh!!! But we had only 3hours there,so we could not enjoy completely. Highlight was PETER PAN, but of course I could not meet him PROPERLY! But if you count chasing after him for a photo then yes I did meet him 😂😂

16 May 2018

We went on a cruise on river Seine and enjoyed the view of the buildings and other monuments.Going under the tunnels and bridges was really a cool experience, and top up was that by the time we finished our cruise tour(or whatever you call that) we were greeted by the light show happening. It was spectacular! No words would describe that experience. So if you visit Paris,don't miss the light show at Eiffel tower.
We went to our hotel an hour early, the check in starts at 3pm, so we waited there in the lobby till 3. The rooms were comfortable but there was no restaurant there, so make sure you have separate arrangements for lunch and dinner.(they serve breakfast only till 9 or something, in case if you are wondering) 😜
Reached paris on may 16. We had wait really long for the immigration process and stuff!
Waiting in Dubai

15 May 2018

Bye-bye kuwait 🇰🇼