22 Days · 15 Moments · January 2018

Europe Interailing 2018

29 January 2018

Somehow managed to walk into the first class carriage, and noones even questioning me. Bringing me food and drinks on demand!

27 January 2018

Met Niek and Angie in Utrecht, great seeing them again, went to some winter day festival in Utrecht, was great fun!

25 January 2018

Copenhagen round 2, bumped into these two knobheads. Went and saw an underwhelming mermaid, then wandered round Copenhagen.

23 January 2018

Had a great few days, went to a trampoline park which was great fun, en route to Copenhagen now to meet mum and Rachel.

22 January 2018

Met Amanda in Gothenburg, went to an aquarium/rainforest/museum and saw a huge electric eel! Then went to these old time baths where there were saunas and cold showers and baths. Was really relaxing!

21 January 2018

Arrived into Trondheim two nights ago and met Marianne and her husband Sverre and the family, Tone, Christine,Henrik and I can't remember the name of the other one (doing nursing). Went and met Karen (jannick twin sister), her son, Ellias, and Ingrid (Jan's wife). Wandered round Trondheim yesterday and tonight going for a meal in a rotating restaurant tower. Then heading on an overnight train to Oslo changing and ending up in Gothenburg tomorrow morning where I will meet a friend I met in Australia for a couple days. Left the family, and to top it off saw a glimmer of the northern lights again!! Not as strong as Bodo and very on the horizon but again great to see!! Again camera couldn't really pick it up but can slightly see the green on the horizon.

18 January 2018

So finally on my last night after trekking up and down that cold mountain on my lonesome I have finally seen the northern lights!!! Wasn't the strongest of auroras as the solar activity wasnt high. But I couldn't give two fucks it was amazing to see! Camera really wasnt very good and as it wasn't the strongest aurora but is on the horizon and can just about make it out on the photo, looked loads better in person, amazing!!! Wooooooooooooop! Stars also looked amazing! Glad I don't have to go up that mountain again, was a bit creepy all by myself in the middle of the night, especially wandering past that creepy cabin every time! Lost a glove somewhere aswell, so sock glove made an appearance, was warmer than my actual glove, although I look like an amputee. Heading to Trondheim now.

15 January 2018

Walked over to an abandoned fort, this fort was used in the early 1800's during the Napoleonic wars to protect ships carrying wheat from Russia to Norway from the British. Had a chilled night and stole more food from the breakfast buffet for lunch, and found some cheap as noodles, food is so expensive here it makes me want to cry. About 12 pounds for a shitty takeaway kebab! Luckily noodles are still a pound for 5!

14 January 2018

Arrived into Bodø. And entered the Arctic Circle! Is very cold haha if I take my gloves of to check my phone for more than a minute my fingers are feeling freezing! Walked round the harbour and met a girl who was going crazy as it was the first time she'd seen sun here in months, she gave me some tips that the top of this mountain is best to see the northern lights! Looking at the weather it's not looking fantastic for the chances for the next week, but going to still go up to this mountain and to the harbour to hopefully see them, definitely not seeing them staying in the hostel! Has amazing scenery all around Bodø. Photos were taken at 12:30 in the day! Hiked a mountain this evening hoped to see the northern lights but no luck :/ got all my fingers and toes still, and stood on a dog poo but it was frozen so win win! Also found this creepy cabin in the middle of the forest ooooohhhh

13 January 2018

Today I met jannick? Who came round who is Ellen's sister, so grandpa's niece. Lovely meeting them all, enroute to Trondheim now where I'll meet Marianne for a few hours and hopefully see the northern lights! Update:no northern lights unfortunately but Bodø is the better place so still hoping! Marianne gave me food and crisps for the journey so very grateful, also met Henrik? The son, same age as me, both lovely people! On the way to Bodø now, hopefully see the northern lights up here, again expectations firmly on the ground, still an amazing trip even if I don't see them!

12 January 2018

Went into the centre of Oslo today, Ellen kindly gave me her travel card so it was free travel. Went to the folk museum where I saw lots of old Norwegian buildings from the 1500's to the 1800's. Mainly farmhouses and barns, but felt like I was in age of empires mythology! Then saw the stave church which was incredible, been to the fanciest churches in Rome and some amazing cathedrals but I actually thought this was more amazing, built in 1300! Went back to the house and went for a hike in the winter wonderland and then went for pizza at the other daughter's house (forgot name) met her husband and family.

11 January 2018

Left Copenhagen, en route to Gothenburg, the train broke down the town before so we had to get off and wait for a coach, so didn't see any of Gothenburg in the transfer time but will be seeing it properly on the way back down. Made the train with 2 minutes to spare so was all good. On the train to Oslo and meeting Norway family. On the train in Norway and Sweden was amazing, snow everywhere and properly how I imagined it to look like. Got to Oslo and ended up going to skoyen and not skogen. Managed to finally get to the right place which is right next to the forest where its just forest up till northern Norway. The family are really nice and went cross country skiing, which was great fun, fell a few times but was actually okay, must be my Norwegian blood! Feel like I'm beyond the wall in game of thrones!

10 January 2018

Went round to another part of the city today called Christiania. This place was an old army base that got taken over by hippies in the 70's. Buildings were a bit shit and run down and seemed to make their living of selling weed and weed paraphernalia. Apparently the police just never go as they're happier knowing it's contained in one part in a relatively safe tourist spot rather than rampant through the city. Was a cool place, but fuck living there. Also visited a nice church, alert grandad.

9 January 2018

Left Hamburg and it's abundance of kebabs to Copenhagen, much more excited about seeing copenhagen. Train goes on a ferry across the sea which I didn't know about until I woke up to the ticket man asking me to get off the train. Copenhagen is a lovely city just had a wander round by myself and have very much enjoyed it been to some of the castles and the royal buildings. Have a really nice view from the hostel room!

8 January 2018

Left London on the Eurostar, changed in Brussels and Koln and finishing in Hamburg. Having some currywurst for tea, and just gonna chill tonight, hostel seems over run by school kids, will have enough of their shit when I'm back in the UK never mind on holiday! Hamburg is weird, I've not got much time to explore as I'm leaving at 9 tomorrow. But you come out the trains station and there's just kebab takeaways and weird sex shops everywhere, and saunas but I don't think it's the nice type like in Scandinavia, I think it's like prostitute saunas, seems a bit of a sleezy city :/ had some nice currywurst though! Haha