Germany, Switzerland · 4 Days · 5 Moments · January 2018

10 January 2018

2nd day in Zürich,Switzerland🇨🇭 - Had breakfast in St Josef’s Hotel - Went on Polybahn uphill, then walked around a little - Walked into town to get Dads watch - Had lunch at Sams Pizza Land - Walked to the lake and on the way back to the hotel we stopped off at Joe & The Juices - We chilled at the hotel and then walked back to Joe & The Juices for dinner, I had an avocado, tomato, pesto and mozzarella panini and a sports juice (pineapple, apple and passion fruit)

9 January 2018

Assmannshausen —> Zürich🚗🇨🇭 - Had McDonald’s for lunch - Arrived in Zürich and then chilled at St Josef’s Hotel - Went to “ “ for dinner

8 January 2018

3rd day in Germany🇩🇪 - We went on a 15 minute walk to look around our local town (Assmanshausen) - We then drove to Ralph’s house and then to his parents house (just around the corner to Ralph’s) in Kriftel - We dropped our car off at Carglass to get the windscreen fixed and while that was getting fixed we walked to a nearby park in Gallus, Frankfurt -We drove into Frankfurt and met up with Alex - Walked around to the “old” Frankfurt - Had dinner at “Kiwis” - Then went into Adidas store

7 January 2018

2nd day in Germany🇩🇪 - Drove to Steinsfurt and met up with Ralph, , and Alex - Looked around the car museum, Alex and I went into a 3D ride - Drove to Speyers and went into the Christmas market - We had sausages for dinner

6 January 2018

1st day in Germany🇩🇪 - We drove from Ghent, Belgium to Assmannshausen, Germany - Got to accomodation at 4ish - Left at 5:15 to drive to go to “. “ church in Winkel with Alex, , , and Ralph - Had dinner at “. “ with them